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I’m a good girl and I usually do as I am told. So when Mrs Woog put up on Facebook that everybody needed to buy these jeans from Trenery and I knew I was in the market for some new jeans because my old favourites had just ripped in the knees (again) I found myself adding to basket. And purchasing. And they arrived a few days later. They are very good jeans. Very good indeed. I am officially now middle aged because a high waisted pant that holds in the gut is now appealing.

This is them. In my bathroom. Classy like. Slimming on the leg don’t you think?

Also another sign of my middle agedness is the glasses. I’ve had to start to wearing them more and more as I actually squint and push things way back before I read them. You know like how your parents do? Must get onto a cooler frame.

More details in this shot. Remember, go a size down. It’s good for the self esteem in any case.

BEVERLEY is in full on production mode. And by that I mean that I am working all day, every day on it. As is Rob. And I’m freaking EXHAUSTED. And distracted. We have production meetings around the kitchen island bench whilst wrangling a 3 year old. I’m really proud of how it’s looking so far – bigger and better than the last. It should be available in the next 2 weeks…watch this space!

My exercise has gone to shit this week as a consequence of being busy. My eating has been good, even considering a kid’s party and all that extra sugar around, but the exercise just isn’t happening. That’s OK. I’ll get back into it when things get a little quieter. I’m not listening to any of the negative talk that so easily gets into your head “why not just stop? Who cares? You look fine like this. This will do”. I’m not listening to it at all. So there stupid head talk.

Can you feel autumn coming? I can. I’ve seen a few leaves on the turn and I just know it’s a few weeks away and that crispness will be back. I adore autumn. My favourite of all the seasons. Bring on the transeasonal items of clothes like cardi’s. Transeasonal is a very good word don’t you think? Actually, is it a proper word? It is right?

I’ve got plenty of work on this weekend for BEVERLEY and a trip to a tree farm to FINALLY get round to planting some trees that we lost last year. Other than that, a little bit of couch time. And some pork belly to eat. Maybe some exercise.

You? What you got planned?
How do you talk yourself BACK into the swing of exercise?
What’s your favourite brand of jeans?

Happy Weekend!


  1. The jeans look fabulous. I ma in the glasses league with you as i too have to squint and pull things away to read. Hence too much time on the computer. I have had my glasses since October.

  2. NYDJs – and if Trenery were closer, those ones! We are moving our eldest into uni … I’ll be ok, I’m sure.

    • I can assure you there is no Trenery close to me…online lady! Risky I know with a jean without trying them on, but they were fine! Good luck with your big boy. Sheesh! x

  3. yes I got those jeans too and they are fab! I’m going to get the light ones too just so I’ve got a pair when the dark ones are in the wash and I am not a skinny jean person

  4. PS. Bring on more Beverley!

  5. NYDJ normally but I went to the Trenery website and love the look of them plus they are much cheaper! Exercise. Sheesh. Sometimes it is just so hard to walk the miles but my Labrador is my incentive.

  6. Jeans looking hot! I’m in need of new jeans now that I’ve lost 10kg!!! Not fitting into my jeans was my motivations for getting my running mojo back. Plus I find having something to aim for (fun run) and a set program helps, rather just “going out for a run”. But that’s me – I like to be told what to do and I like something to look forward to. And I sit here typing wearing my brand new reading glasses. Sigh.

  7. I have a pair of Trenery jeans that I love, also (somewhat surprisingly) a pair of 7/8 Esprit ones that will continue their seasonal workout once it cools down here a bit – no sign of autumn in Perth!

  8. Love the jeans! Always wondered, why is Beverley called Beverley?

    • Beverley was the name I gave my alter ego when we moved down to the country. She likes to make jam, make beds well, is kind of like a modern day Mrs Beeton and I’ve worked out that there’s actually more of Beverley in Beth than I realised! The magazine focuses on entertaining in the home, home management, food and cocktails…it was the perfect name. Or so I thought anyway!

  9. They look great – are they true to size?

  10. Those jeans look fantastic on you.
    I was only thinking today that Autumn is only 2 weeks away!
    I can’t believe it……I’m still waiting for Summer!!!
    I love Autumn but Winter gets a bit long and a bit sad for me.
    Happy weekend!
    Tania xx

  11. I bought the pants too! Actually i said ‘get me those for my birthday?’ and Paul happily obliged. I’ll take a selfy soon. You know, when I look okay! My legs don’t look THAT good though!


  12. Those jeans look great!
    My favourite brand is whatever my fancy pants sister puts in a box and sends to me! Sometimes they are new and other times they are her old pairs…I don’t mind either way!

    And I hear you on the glasses…I should really wear mine as the world looks so much clearer when I have them on. But I am in denial.

  13. No real plans. Don’t exercise much but should. Haven’t worn jeans for about 40+ years.
    Just love to try and keep up with all you are doing. Wears me out just reading about it!!
    The glasses look good.
    In Perth we have little show of autumn as there don’t seem to be many deciduous trees grown here…probably a trifle too hot. I remember when in NZ in the 1980s during autumn. The scenery was so beautiful with the all the beautiful autumn colours. Enjoy yours.

  14. Looking good lady, nice jeans. Yeah, I’m back at the talking myself into exercise stage, it’s bloody hard. Getting up with the sun to go running is not my idea of fun… BUT… I always feel so much better afterwards. Keep telling yourself you’ll feel better afterwards, that’s the key xo

  15. You are making me giggle again…. I love high waisted jeans! Wow that first photo of you just looks like Andy Warhole, cool glasses.

  16. You look great! I’m just getting back into exercise after having my second child & it’s so hard but I tell myself that I’m doing it for my kids, I want them 2 grow up knowing that exercise is a way of life, the norm, just like eating well. Last night I brought my 4 yr old down 2 the oval while I jogged. The cheek of her, sitting in the shade, drinking all my water & telling me “don’t give up mummy, I want to see 10 laps, u can do it mummy!”

  17. Love me a pair of high waisted jeans. I have a pair that are so high waisted, that tucking in is the only option. SO flattering. Middle age is on its way. But loving a pair of jeans that you can order online and they fit! Amazeballs!

    Looking good Beth! x

  18. Love the jeans and you look fabulous but I am fascinated by the babushka tooth brush holder and soap dispenser!! They are truly amazing. I love my babushkas…can you please let me know where you got them from?!!

    • Oh thank you! I think I got them from a shop in Bowral called Barbara’s Storeroom. I have seen them at other places though too…maybe google? It was about 2 years ago though now…good luck! They might even be Maxwell Williams…

  19. Just had to pop in and say thank you so much for the jeans recommendation… I don’t have a Trenery at our local shopping centre, but today, I had to head up the freeway to another one and knowing they had Trenery there, I popped in quickly just to try on these jeans and I am in love!! Bought two pairs and got 25%off too which was a total bargain!

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