The sweaty business

I’ve had a few people ask about my new burst of activity in the exercise arena. I’ve started doing it for a few reasons – mainly because I need to – but also because someone congratulated me on my (non-existent) pregnancy on Christmas Eve. I’d had a big lunch sure, but it still made me feel pretty shit. It was just the kick I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I made it over the 100km’s run in January yesterday. And by run, I mean a Cliff Young shuffle with walking breaks in between. But it’s movement, and I’ll take it. I’ve started to notice MUSCLES in my legs! And while I have only lost 800 GRAMS (I wish I was kidding) I feel so much better. Exercise does wonders for the clearing the mind, and dear lord I’ve had some clearing to do over the past few weeks. I can go further, I’ve stopped wetting my pants (again I wish I was kidding, thank you child birth) when I run, and for some reason, this time, I just want to keep doing with it. I’ve been doing it for almost 1 month, and I hope I can do it for another 3, and then 6 and then the whole year. I’ve never stuck with it before, so I’ll just keep making little goals along the way and see how I go.

I use the Runkeeper App. Which is free. And awesome. You can track lots of different kinds of exercises from walking to running to rowing or skiing. It also helps you track weekly & monthly exercises that you’ve done. As you go you get splits every 5 minutes telling you how far you’ve gone and what your speed is. If you have a track that you do each day, it’s a good way to compete with yourself and beat your time, or like me, you can mix it up and just make sure you get 5km’s done a day. So far I’ve been trying to do 5 or 6km’s a day 6 times a week. I’m sticking with it, for now, but who knows what will happen when we are back into the swing of normal life.

This morning my legs were sore so instead of just having a break Rob suggested I do a workout on his phone on another (free) app that he uses. It’s called Nike Training Club and they have HEAPS of workouts for you to do. You can choose different types depending on your focus, different levels and durations,

I completed a 30 minute Get Lean one this morning and I can safely say I have NEVER sweated quite like that before. It was quick, there was a instructions on all of the movements as I had NO idea what a limited burpee was, or lunge squat, but I did it and I think it must be good because it made me woozy and I had to have a lie down afterwards. For something that’s free, in your phone, and can be done in your bedroom, I think it’s pretty good.

I’ve never been one to join a gym, I just fumble as I go, but so far, these have been great tools to get me moving.

Have you been exercising in the new year? How’s it going? Anyone ever congratulated you on a pregnancy that didn’t exist?

And this was obviously not a sponsored post because it didn’t say as such at the top of the post right? I don’t get anything other than sweat and a toned arse for telling you about them – just thought you might like to know.


  1. Last June, I was asked if I wanted to join a group of Mum’s from school and have a go in the local netball comp. I jumped at the chance to do some exercise and it had been 20 years since I had played. Well, as you mentioned, my pelvic floor went into shock, my bladder was hard to control and after playing 2 quarters I nearly vomitted – so, so unfit!! I now play a whole game and feel fantastic and it’s the only exercise I do – running around a court for a pretty intense 40 minutes and I want to do more πŸ™‚ Enjoy your Australia Day weekend.

    V x

  2. Hi Beth,
    I’ve just got Fitocracy which from what I can tell does personal challenges and gives you a swift kick up the arse if you don’t go any exercise for the day.
    It has points and achievement levels as well. Finding out what happens today at lunch when I try it out for the first time.

  3. I use Run Keeper too and love it. Though I found the five minute updates annoying, I wanted to know when I’d done a kilometre, so I changed it in the settings to update me each km instead (I wish I could say I did a km every five mins, meaning I’d not needed to have changed it, but that’s not the case. But hey, I have been running 10km now so hard to maintain that pace!)
    Keep it up, you’re looking great xo

  4. Ah the good old pregnancy congratulations… I ordered some Zumba DVDs and while I’m sure I look hilarious my kids join in and I’m sweating like I’ve never sweated before!

  5. Went to the hairdressers pre Christmas (actually just hours before the DS Xmas special masterclass!!!) and sat down on my chair in front of the mirror with my cape on waiting for my hairdresser. Then the (skanky) receptionist came over to offer me a drink and said ‘can I spy a little bump under there?’ uuummmmm NO?!?! So awkward!!!

  6. I feel better just reading about your exercise! Oh all right then, I’ll start doing some too:)

  7. Just downloaded them both. Now, waiting for them to work:-)

  8. I swear by the pedometer….if you do 10,000 steps throughout the day….everyday….you WILL lose weight.

  9. Good for you. 800 grams is 800 grams. I know you live in NSW so you may be interested in the get healthy program. Where you get a free phone coach for 6 months and loads of info on how to eat healthily. I have lost 15kg in 15 months by eating in a sustainable way but just can’t shift the last 5. This program is motivating me to get back on the wagon.

    I was once asked.”when’s it due?”. My answer he’s 3 months old and it did not feel good.

  10. I’ve started regularly doing pilates in the morning. There is a great site which has heaps of routines on it from beginner up and her own YouTube clips so you can follow along. I haven’t lost much weight but I can say (as can my other half) that my butt is definitely perkier and my tummy is flatter.

  11. I’ve been actively trying to lose weight since just before Christmas. I’m 7kg down so far and lighter than I’ve been in forever! I’m glad that I’m now at the stage where exercise feels GOOD…after I’ve found the motivation to actually get into it. I use the My Fitness Pal app in conjunction with RunKeeper and a heart rate monitor/calorie counting watch. That way I know if I eat too much crap, I have to exercise until I make up for all the calories I’ve shoved in my mouth. Well done, don’t let the 800g discourage you, it’ll come πŸ™‚

  12. ooh interesting apps. I’m seeing a personal trainer tonight for the first time in ages as I need a proper kick up the bum. for the food side of it I can’t recommend myfitnesspal highly enough. another free app, looks at your cals in/out and a good community on there too. πŸ™‚

  13. Well I’ve started back at the gym since New Years, going every morning for 30 mins before work and I’ve PUT ON half a kilo!!! FML that is so depressing πŸ™
    But well done on not only your weight-loss, but also the sense of health and happiness you are obviously getting from the exercise πŸ™‚

  14. Oh Beth, I love you and your pant wetting honesty. I’m back into again this year. Last year was a disaster for me with health issues, surgery and subsequent weight gain. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to have a look at Nike Training Club for the days that I can’t face the park/treadmill. xx

  15. I still remember when my mother started running.
    She used to walk every day and one day she just started running.
    We lived out in the country and from my vantage point on the couch I could see our long, hilly driveway, all the way out to the road. What I saw was my mother, dressed in her walking gear which consisted of a polo, khaki shorts with a belt and her glasses, running…but only down the hills. When I first saw her break into a run I thought she was being chased by something.
    But then I realised that she was running.
    And she hasn’t really stopped since.
    She is now 65 and runs marathons…thankfully in proper running clothes and not in her khakis.

  16. Well Done Beth! You’ve inspired me. To answer your second question, yes I have been congratulated on a non existent pregnancy- 4 days after giving birth, during the ravages of severe mastitis, collecting antibiotics at the chemist. X

  17. Yup at the tender age of 23 I got congratulated on my pregnancy. Needless to say I’ve never worn a wrap around dress again. I’ve done the couch to 5k work out – was fantastic – and I went from not running at all to being able to run 5k in 8 weeks. Gonna try that nike one fo sho ( hope nike give you heaps of money for the shout out too x )*s*

  18. Awesome Beth! Well when I have recovered from this op which in my eyes better be next week (and it won’t be) I plan on getting back into half marathon training. This running thing is addictive! Have you ever thought of doing a half Marra ??

  19. That is awesome lady, you’re killing it, well done. And geez I never understand the pregnancy questions, just why would you ask someone that?? xo

  20. Oh the “I’ve stopped wetting my pants” made me laugh out loud and spit out some of my coffee……thanks!

  21. Good on you! I’ve started the walk/jog thing AGAIN…… I really wish I could keep it up but once winter comes along I usually give up. I’m also off the booze til Easter so feeling fab.

  22. Do you know if you can get these apps for an android phone?

  23. I’ve been on a health kick since October, when I went to my 25 year school reunion the heaviest I’ve ever been. Then I joined a cult (Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation) and lost nearly 10kg.

    I started running using the Couch to 5k app (also free!) and now use Runkeeper, except my hubby just (in late January) got me my Christmas present – a Garmin GPS watch! Yesterday I ran 10km for the first time ever!

    And (because I joined the cult) I know that losing weight is 80% diet and you can’t outrun a bad diet, hence the diet tonic in my gin.

  24. I hit the gym hard last year, ate well, worked out hard with weights and cardio and all sorts of things. I lost two dress sizes officially and loads of cm’s. People often ask WOW, how much weight have you lost? I tell them 5kg and they almost die when they hear the answer, look confused, like it does not compute… But well, health looks different on everyone.

  25. Melissa064 says

    Thanks for all the tips your blog & instagram feed are keeping me motivated!

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