One of these things is doing it’s own thing

A few weeks ago when we were staying up in the city I had dinner with one of my oldest friends from School for dinner. Given that I had just had my Kanye undercut done she brought with her a snap taken at her place before year 8 dance we were heading off to. Clearly, this trend of me cutting my hair is not new. In fact, it’s over 20 years old.

I remember this SO well. The outfit. The opaque tights teamed up with the docs. The striped swing dress and the beads. The haircut? Well, I went and asked for an Adriana Xenides do, as you do when you are 13, and this is what they came up. The rat brown colour? I can only curse the gods for.

Did you dabble in a pirate shirt in the early nineties? A patterned tartan tight? A bad hair do? A velvet choker with pearl drop? I know I sure did!


  1. oh man this could have been one of my photos with friends between year 7-10 – that would be 1988 to 1991! but I didn’t do the short hair, I had the long hair and fringe totally hairsprayed in a kind of wave thing or my other favourite was half teased up fringe and the other half of the fringe down. A nice look:)

  2. Aw love, great minds and all – I JUST had the most fabulous night in on FB no less, last night strolling down memory lane with the most fabulous BFFs a girl could ever wish for.
    I give you my pirate shirt (and hat to complete the outfit, courtesy of Tharens in KX) for your viewing and laughing pleasure :

  3. For a time when I was 13/14 I wore my fringe gelled to within an inch of it’s life and pointing to the heavens.
    Then there was the time in final year at primary school when I thought it was cool to just crimp one side of my head, from the side parting across the centre of my head. I had short hair so it provided ALOT of bulk and I possibly also had a rat’s tail… it was 1986 and I lived in country Tasmania. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  4. I had a mullet when I was 12…..spiked on tip and layered and long at the back. Not a great look. I remember I asked the hairdresser for haircut of a celeb in a magazine and when school returned that summer all my classmates had long luscious locks and I felt so odd. Now I look back and think it was just the beginning of my fashion obsession.
    You were clearly ahead of your time…looks a little Demi Moore Ghost to me πŸ˜‰

  5. flock of seagulls style tipped masterpiece with a serious side parting, battling with my natural curls required a lot of dedication. That was a big mistake haircut wise for me

    Love looking at old photos though πŸ™‚

  6. I rocked all of the above in the early 90’s! A particularly bad hairdo has still got me scared of short hair

  7. I’ve had long to my bum, the DIY fringe, the Farrah Fawcett flick, the mullet, the bob, the bodywave, the spiral perm, the Jennifer Aniston layers….and sometimes around three of the above all at the same time!!

  8. I was rocking a Thompson Twins style haircut. Shaved on one side and as big and as high as possible on the other. I also coloured my blonde hair to black . Hmm this got me a two week suspension from school. Which I thought was the best thing ever, I stayed at home reading listening to my records.

  9. Ha! I was all of four or five in the early nineties, but that doesn’t mean I was immune to bad hair. I was lucky enough to inherit a blend of my mothers ringlet curls and my dads dead straight mullet, in a delicate shade of rat shit brown.

  10. You’ll have to recreate this photo exactly with everyone in the same positions… See how much more style you have now!

  11. I loved a bit of crushed velvet in the early 90s. A waist coat was quite the thing too. Definitely had a choker too. Ahhh the 90s, good times.

  12. Patterned tartan tights! Yes! I had a tartan hat too that matched, a la Blossom, remember that show???

  13. Is it now safe to admit to asking for a Daphne from Neighbours when I was 11? Adriana was hot.

  14. I embraced all the bad trends with what can only be described as Enthusiasm and Gusto.

    I reckon your outfit looks good.

    I’d wear it today.

    Check out Mr FF’s 1979 formal outfit on my latest blog post for a giggle.

  15. I had a habit of wearing 2 pairs of tights, different colours, & cutting holes in the top pair so that the bottom pair would show through…then I’d wear a pair of denim shorts over the top…trend setter or what?!

  16. All of the above PLUS overall shorts… *shudders*

  17. First of all you were…and are…so cute!

    i used to get constantly told that I looked like Chelsea Clinton…which, given that she was going through a terrible White House awkward phase, was NOT a compliment.
    I still am a bit bitter about it…we both have curly hair and that is where the resemblance ends…people can never see past curly hair!

  18. Haha too funny lady… and made me totally cringe, as I recently stumbled across some of my old snaps from early high school days, not pretty. And the velvet choker, with silver heart drop in my case, that featured. You all look so cute in that pic! xo

  19. Yep, if there’s a bad ’80s and ’90s trend I was on it!

  20. You’re gorgeous!

  21. looks like one of my high school pre-dinner shots! funny! xx

  22. Ha! When I was 13 I asked our hairdresser for a “Scott Carne” haircut. My mind goes all WTF just thinking about it. It looked horrific, but you know, I am a girl and he was not. I think you look gorgeous – wish I’d asked for an Adriana. It couldn’t have been any worse than a Scott Carne. Kx

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