Dettol Mission for Health

Just before Christmas the Dettol Mission for Health Website went live and because I was up to my eyeballs in pre-Christmas family festival, I didn’t give it the attention it deserves. Now that I’ve caught my collective breath I thought I’d send you over that way to read some great stuff from a pretty good group of bloggers that are on board. Here’s us! The photographer made me turn my back on Matt from Dad Down Under I promise…how could I do that to that beautiful little Max otherwise?

There’s Matt, then yours truly, Nikki, Sarah, Christie and Kat (not in shot).

Here’s a video telling you a bit about who we are, what we’re writing about and some background on the site.

I’ve written 4 articles over there already if you wanted to check them out:

The SuperMum myth
Easy Healthy Lunches
Getting kids to help clean up
Christmas decorating tips

I’ll let you know when anything new pops up along the way.


  1. I’m off to read your articles now Beth. You busy little bee. You achieved so much in 2012! So many writing jobs and creations. Well done.
    I see we’re both on the Cenovis Good Stuff Guide together. Are you continuing with them in 2013 too?

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