The cat mint is out at home and is so pretty – whack some into a vase or jug and it’s instantly pretty. Is it that cats love or hate this stuff? I can never remember. I can’t say I’m a cat person (don’t judge me). I’m scared of them like frogs – I think it’s the erratic jumping thing. The cat mint? I like very much.

I keep thinking about how beautiful New Zealand was. Seriously. How did I not know it was SO beautiful? I’m plotting another trip back with the girls and a Maui van. Yes, we are going to be those people.

My sister went to the Aria’s last week and took this snap for me. I wondered where Dan Sultan was! He’s my serious crush – such a spunk rat and totally on my ifIcouldshagsomeoneelse list. Who’s top of yours?

Speaking of my little sis – look you guys! It’s Kevin Bacon! He got big! Handsome dog isn’t he? A Novia Scotian duck tolling retriever (because I know someone will ask and I like saying the name whenever possible).

I’ve got a fancy cocktail party on tomorrow night up in Sydney (Point Piper nonetheless thankyouverymuch) and I purchased a new frock for the occasion! Pay no attention to the dishevelled unwashed thing modelling it, I promise I will look better tomorrow night, but thought you might like a look. This was a photo taken by Daisy.

And these selfies by me to send to Mrs Woog for approval of new said dress because she will be going with me. I quite like the 1950’s shape and it’s VERY comfortable. Figure I’ll give it a thrashing over the years without it dating too much. Think red lips & nails, smoky eyes and hot shoes/bag. Classic Beverley.


Today I ate my first, ahem, 3 fruit mince pies. I will not buy anymore until the big day because they are my weakness. Big time. Do you love them?


  1. The dress. love it. please spill the beans and tell me who……. promise I won’t wear mine to the same gig as you

  2. I’m in your corner re cats and dan sultan!
    just bought a dress similar but it is stripey multi coloured and doesn’t show cleavage ( actually it’s nothing like yours). was told by sales girl to wear wedges with it.
    pass on the mince pies… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bec x

  3. Love the dress. Looks great on. Cannot wait to see you all ready to go. Have a fabulous time.

  4. Ah, Dan Sultan!! I saw him in the audience at The Cruel Sea at the Metro and I Did Not Know Which Way to Look!! Tex Perkins up on stage, Dan behind me being photographed. It was a first world problem! What about Dan’s tattoo?? Oh yes, I do like him! I also like your new frock! Enjoy!

    • I fell in love with Dan at his Kev Carmody tribute night at the State theatre for the Sydney Festival a few years ago. Saw him again at Syd Uni after that….SERIOUSLY spunky

  5. That dress is beautiful. Really gorgeous! We had cat mint in pots at our front door in Canada and it was always up for discussion when people came to visit. I spent the entire time calling it catnip and have just read the first sentence of your post and thought “oh shit”. Why didn’t anyone correct met??? Suffering from delayed embarrassment about now.

  6. Alrighty, that dress = fucking winner!

  7. nice dress! i think your gonna get loads of use out of a classic LBD!!

  8. Love dan. Love your flowers. Interested in doing a flower arranging course in jan with some posh American florists? In syd for three hours one evening. Gorgeoufreeport garden flowers we would both loooove. Bit spensy but you could claim I’m sure…enjoy the posh party! Xxx

  9. Do the Maui campervan – we did it round the UK with my 4 year old. It was fantastic! As a Kiwi I REALLY recommend you do the South Island with your children. You will have a blast! And yes I am rather partial to the Christmas mince pies – I like to slightly heat mine, delish! Love your dress!

  10. I love the dress!
    It will look perfect with a few accessories and some of your trademark red lippy!

    I think Mark Ruffalo might be at the top of my list…I just think he is so cute!

  11. lovely dress spill where its from? Mince pies yucko not so lovely

  12. look forward to seeing the red lips with your beautiful dress. and YES to fruit mince pies. I had them for breakfast three days in a row last week.. enjoy your big night out! x

  13. That dress is va-va-voom-tastic! De-lish. Have fun for me, won’t you?

    I made my own fruit mince pies one year. Big mistake. HUGE. Only because they tasted so damn good, I couldn’t stop eating them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. You look gorjus……the mince pies, not so much ;O)
    T xx

  15. Love the dress, you are going to look hot.

  16. Jon Bon Jovi. Ever Mine, Ever thine, Ever ours.

    PS an investing in a hair brushing for tomorrow night. I am fancy like that. And spanx. Xx

  17. The dress is fabulous. Point Piper, take lots of photos!
    I make my own christmas pudding and love fruit mince pies, but have been very good and not had any yet. The smell of christmas pud will fill the house tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

    V x

  18. The dress is gorgeous. Yes, mince pies are my weakness and I am known to demolish a pack in a day!!!

  19. Oh lady, I simply LOVE your frock, very timeless and you will surely get lots of wear out of it. Have fun at your fancy soiree. Kevin Bacon is cute, rather entrancing eyes. And your pic of NZ is incredible, bit of tourism photography right there, a new calling perhaps?? xo

  20. i love a mince pie warmed up in the microwave with a dollop of cream….

  21. love the dress, hate mince pies

  22. Looking good Beth! Have fun tonight. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Claire

  23. My record for mince pies is 6. Although, if more than 6 came in a packet, my record may be higher.

    Now I want to get a dog, just so I can call him Kevin Bacon.

    Nice dress.

  24. Beth – I look forward to your blogs each day. Your blog is my favourite to read each day! I think your blogs and you are just fabulous! Keep them coming x

  25. Love Dan Sultan.
    The flowers are super pretty.
    You WILL get heaps of wear out of that dress. And yes, red lips are a MUST!
    Fruit mince pies- NEVER HAD ONE. Don’t judge me.

  26. Maui van, yes, I will tune in, that’s more my type of holiday, not that lush posh one you just had…
    Who is Dan Sultan?
    Mince pies….yes I am also not buying any more until Xmas, love love love them.
    Point piper, posh posh but you enjoy! I do love a 50s style frock myself.
    (yes I do suffer from posh-ism, in case you had not noticed)

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