Getting our garden on

Yesterday Rob and I hit the garden. We hadn’t really planned on it, but we realised that it’s just a week until guests arrive, so we didn’t really have an option…we just got out into the hot sun, and got stuck into it.

Weeding. Weeding. WEEDING. Pruning all of the trees that needed it. Mulching the trees. And a very big job of cutting back the grasses that are on our septic tank. Gardening is hard work, but when you look back at your efforts, and they look good, it makes it a very good job indeed to do.

These are some of the plants that we picked up last week when we ran into Costa at the Nursery. Harper and I were even filmed for a small segment which will be on Gardening Australia. Costa was SO wonderful, just as you would imagine him to be – bubbling with joy and a pure zest for life. Yes, yes they are red and white flowers. I have officially gone Christmas crackers this year.

I have 5 Christmas trees down the verandah – look at the jasmines! They smell amazing and look pretty good too.

These are the grasses that needed pruning. They live on the septic tank and in summer are the perfect place for snakes to hide out. It’s a once a year job – a BIG job – and I’m so proud of Rob and I getting it done in a few hours. Now I know the kids, and Kevin Bacon (my little sister’s dog) will be safe when they come for Christmas.

Trees pruned of stray branches and mulched. Looks good!

There are a few more hedges to trim, and weeds in the driveway to spray, lawns to mow and then we will be done. I’m going to create a run sheet this week with everything that needs doing, cooking to be done and whacked in the freezer, shopping to be done etc. This time next week I’ll be putting a turkey in the oven for our big Christmas lunch we are doing on Christmas Eve this year  – how has that come around so fast?!

Hope everyone has a productive Monday and a fabulous week! x


  1. Those jasmine Christmas trees are just divine! WOW. Better than cold wet snow covered ones anyday.
    Your garden is just beautiful. x

  2. Jasmine trees which come with their own decorations! Beautiful.

    On a practical note, move the mulch back a bit away from the trunks of the trees. This will discourage mould and other nasties. About 10 cm all round should do it.

  3. Oh you are seriously making me miss my old cottage garden something chronic! And a Saturday spent in the garden with the hubs and our dogs, my idea of a great day.

    Looking lovely Beth, your visitors will be calling you Don Burke!

  4. Ah jasmine. Love that smell. It has a lot of childhood memories attached to it

  5. Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead…all that AND school finishes up…..Good Luck 🙂

  6. I’m exhausted just reading that, I struggle to keep my two Ikea pot plants alive!
    I can not believe its Christmas in one week. How did that happen? I also can’t believe that I haven’t bought a single gift yet.

    PS – any tips for a small Chrissy lunch, this year it will be 3 adults and 3 kids. I’ve never catered for such a small number before.

  7. Garden looks amazing. Smiled at you making a run sheet. I have just sat at my desk to do the same thing and thought I would hop on the net first. my friends laugh at my run sheets but they make me feel much calmer….

    Unreal how fast Christmas has come around.

  8. A run sheet. I SO need this. Am planning on staying up after the last overnight feed early tomorrow morn to get.shit.done. So jealous of your jasmine, gorgeous.

  9. You are both to be commended on a wonderful day’s work and your garden really is magnificent..jealous, me. Beautiful jasmine and can imagine the glorious perfume.

  10. Nice work team. It’s all so neat and tidy! So satisfying to sit back and admire, i bet.

    We have an acre and it’s constant work just to keep it under control… for Sam at least. i like to watch and provide creative input. Makes me realise what a breeze the tiny inner city block we used to dwell on was.

    rachel ox

  11. 1.I LUFF Costa

    2.Luff your garden- all that sun.

    3. Gardening is the best thing ever, plus you absolutely cannot eat while doing it. x

  12. I met Costa at the SBS food festival last year! He’s so lovely! He’s on Instagram too – are you following him?
    We keep in touch via Facebook. He is so passionate, and I love that!

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