Bev & Mrs Woog’s Excellent Evening

Yesterday I escaped normal life for a quick trip up to Sydney to see my dear friend Mrs Woog. We had a lunch to attend in the city and then an evening cocktail soiree in Point Piper. We were both quite excited by the prospect of frocking up together and heading out for the night rather than feeding our kids and sitting on the couch. We turned up the tunes, popped a bottle of sparkling, did our make up together like a couple of 19 year old girls. It was just like New York all over again.

Of course after we were ready we had a photo shoot. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE DO. Mrs Woog was resplendent in a fabulous kaftan. I sent her husband a text message informing him that I may have my way with his wife. He didn’t reply strangely enough…?

I tried to have my photo taken but they kept looking like this. Attractive isn’t it?

She was trying to explain to me that you need to put your hands on your waist as it makes you look thin. I think the look here is deranged Mother drunk on freedom.

Here. I tried again. It’s a bit better. Do you love the frock? I LOVE THE FROCK. It was so comfortable and it even swished when I walked. I felt like a lady in it and I look forward to many wears of it over the years.

Sydney traffic was particularly nasty. I CURSED it knowing that the 35 minutes that we were late were 35 minutes we were missing out on fancy champagne. I thought there might be some French on offer you see, and my thoughts were realised when I was handed a glass of Piper as I exited from the LIFT in the house outside to a perfect Sydney evening.

Show pony.

The house was extraordinary. Every where you looked was some FANCY. And you know how I like me some fancy, it just didn’t disappoint. Art work that was beyond comprehension. Sculptures (the real deal of original sculptures), paintings, views, gardens. I particularly liked the number of staff willing to pour me another glass of champagne. The crowd was pretty tame. Lots of grey suits and lots of pants suits on women. I looked around at my old world of finance and was very glad with where I am now.

You know you are in a fancy house when it has an entertainment SECTION. Dealing specifically with entertaining it had a full bar (as in like something out of a night club), lounges in and out, and many toilets for guests – ladies and men of course. I trotted in there after my 23rd champagne to ‘freshen up’ and was blown away with the 3 or 4 MARBLE CUBICLES. Who has that? In a private home? I was sitting there, looking around when I noticed something peculiar on the floor. WHAT WAS THAT?

Upon investigation, and of course photographic evidence, I realised we were dealing with a pair of knickers! SAUCY. Those grey suits had a bit of fire in their belly yet!

The sun set and we were eventually ushered out (of course we were some of the last to leave). It was very nice to spend 2 hours pretending that this was a completely normal thing to do on a Thursday night.

The champagne may have been flowing but the food was a bit light on so Mrs W and I headed straight for some Chinese on the way home. Because we are classy like that. We went and checked on our plate that we forced poor Stanley, the owner, to let us sign when we had dinner there a few months ago. The cabinets are usually filled with Rugby League stars and ACTUAL celebrities, but we now have our very own plate in there too. See?

And then we made the waitress take a photo of us with our plate. See how Mrs W still manages her fancy pose? Even after 45 Cloudy Bay’s? I look less than fresh, it’s safe to say.

We stumbled home eating our honey prawns straight out of the container because we couldn’t wait a second longer, burning our mouths, laughing and talking the night away.

Mrs Woog is giving away one of the kaftan’s that she wore…be sure to go and enter her giveaway here!


  1. So funny. That plate cracks me up. I must have been drunk as I could hardly write, obviously!! Pmsl.

  2. Sounds like a fab night and you both look gorgeous 🙂

  3. BBWWHAHAHAHA! I just finished off the prawns. Am as seedy as fuck xx

  4. Good effort girls!!

  5. Love your dress Beverly.
    I’m looking for a ‘little black frock’ and love the timeless look of yours, can you share the details please?
    You and Mrs Woog are a great pair.

  6. Knickers in the toilet? I’m blushing. Laughing so hard at ‘ deranged mother drunk on freedom’! I have a photo of myself from our last girls weekend drinking wine from the bottle for breakfast- I might frame it and borrow your caption!

  7. So what were you ladies doing at Big John’s house anyway?

    • We are both doing some work with Aussie next year and somehow that meant we got invited to his Christmas drinks?! Good result I thought…apparently he finds our blogs ‘intreresting’

  8. Love it! Al and I managed to get invited to an end of the snow season school sports club drinks at a house with a Lift in it, and yes, marble guest toilet and Absolutely Fabulous View. I frocked, drank and pinched myself at the sunken bar etc. A lot of white trousers, nice shirts on women, smart casual men in that parallel universe. Glad you two made the most of the facilities!!

  9. Great night! LOVE your dress too.

  10. Lots of fun ladies. You both make me smile.

  11. Looks like a tres fun night! Love me a glass of Piper.

  12. Sounds like you guys had a great night 🙂

  13. You sure do lead one exciting life. Great story 🙂

  14. Bloody hilarious. Had my lovely mans Christmas Party tonight. Had some photos done before we left the house. I thought I would try out your poses – he thought I was having stomach cramps, so funny 😉

  15. What a great story! I especially loved the knickers in the bathroom! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you – I LOVE THE DRESS too!

  16. Because I am not wearing my glasses your last sentence to me just read “Mrs Woog is giving away one of the kaftan’s that she wore…be sure to go and enter her”. I thought wow that is a crazy giveaway, but ok I will give it go, but not sure how Mr Woog will feel about all of the bloggers out there trying to enter Mrs Woog to get one of those amazing kaftans!

  17. Love it!
    You two both look smashing! Yummy mummies!

    How great is getting ready for a night out sans children!
    And I love your plate!

  18. Looks like a fab night! Did you know that Clint’s family is famous at that Chinese restaurant – there are the lamb pancake Drapers and the yum cha Drapers. xx

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