Nice day for a…surprise wedding

I’ve never been happier to be on the couch, soft rain drizzling outside, movie on for the kids and early night planned than I am tonight. I am positively exhausted. Months of craziness and business are catching up with me and I have a strong desire to hibernate in a quiet cave somewhere. But somehow I don’t think that is going to happen…with Melbourne Cup on Tuesday that officially heralds the silly season in my books – lots of socialising until January.

Last night we went along to the wedding of my gorgeous agent Lorraine. Her and her (now husband) had arranged a secret wedding! Their families didn’t know until Thursday night when they were out celebrating her 30th Birthday and they announced it. Lorraine’s family were over Β from Ireland for her Birthday so they decided to throw in a wedding at the same time. They were married with just their immediate family on the steps of a house in Newtown where they met years ago. Something romantic about her waiting at a wrong house or something when they first met. Look at the flowers I did for them on the way to the ceremony!

Ahhh…young love!

We were invited to her 30th Birthday/surprise wedding reception in Bondi in the evening with all of her friends. It was a wonderful moment seeing them tell all their friends that they were in fact at their reception and not 30th party – plenty of tears and drinks spat out!

I witnessed Eden Riley in a pair of killer heels.

Caught up withs some fabulous bloggers, had a chance to meet their husbands and generally just soaked in the love. Remember that complete and utter adoration on your wedding day? Me too. It looks like this:

And then 7 years and 2 kids later looks like this. A little silly. A little older. But still just as much fun as I remember it.

Do you love weddings? Got any coming up?


  1. I love so much that Lorraine has a surprise wedding! What an awesome way to do it! Beautiful flowers too lovely.

    And Beth please don’t tell me you were married on September 17th 2005 too. We already share a birthday – sharing a wedding day would be just a bit too freaky πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the idea of a surprise wedding! I’ve heard of a few from friends of friends, but nothing in my immediate circle, what a fabulous idea! I have a wedding on the 24th, a wonderful couple with so much love to offer, I cannot wait. I have an extra love for weddings now that I am married, it brings back beautiful memories. x

  3. I love a good wedding, and sadly we don’t have any coming up. I love getting up for a dance, and soaking up all that joy with the people you love. And being amongst all the romance is good for your own relationship too! We have a theory that EVERYONE gets lucky after a wedding!!!

  4. Oh how lovely! Congratulations Lorraine! And Beth, you and Rob look pretty schmick, love your kaftan

  5. The complete and utter adoration on my wedding day never looked THAT hot. Lorraine is smoking- that dress! Insane.

    xo em

  6. The bride looks beautiful and so happy – love the idea of the surprise wedding and on the steps of house too. Love the colours in your outfit – fab!

  7. Our anniversary is on the 26th March as well. A very luck day!

  8. OMG! I love weddings! The love and closeness of the bride and groom. The reminiscing about your own wedding. All fab!
    I have two weddings coming up this month!!

  9. I think Kester and I looked more like you and Rob last night … was SO much fun. The flowers … the bride … the love!

  10. Congratulations to the bride and groom!

    I love weddings.
    We don’t have any coming up…that I know of anyway…maybe there will be a surprise!

    And PS you and Rob are so super duper cute.
    And PPS those flowers that you did are gorgeous.

  11. Love that they got married on the steps of the house! What an amazing idea!

    Flowers looked amazing and the whole gang looked beautiful. Must have been a fantastic night πŸ™‚

  12. So cute. Your kaftan is awesome.

  13. Beautiful bride, beautiful flowers, beautiful friends. xA

  14. My own! And it too will be somewhat resort style…

  15. I love the detail and the focus on the things that are important. This wedding is about the marriage not the marriage being about the wedding. So glad to see Bev doing such a great job on the flowers!

    All you bloggy ladies looked gorgeous!

  16. That’s awesome! I love weddings. Haven’t been to one in ages πŸ™

  17. Aww the bride looks stunning! I have only been to one wedding…and I was 5. But I have one coming up next year. I cant wait, I have no idea what to expect

  18. A fantastically romantic story. The last wedding I went to was that of my eldest granddaughter and no more wedding in sight either. You lead such a wonderfully adventurous life that I cherish reading all your stories. Thank you for sharing it all with us. xx

  19. Please don’t leave us to be a florist… Thank you x 1,000,000 to you and your mum. Our flowers were out of this world – killed me to fling my beautiful bouquet across the room!!

  20. so, so beautiful. nice to see a wedding about the meaning, not the pinterest board. i wanna have another wedding now! we are going to one on the weekend, and despite it being in the next town, we booked a room. yeah. no kids! :)sarah

  21. How romantic! i love the notion of suprise weddings! I think it makes the occassion a more exciting and happy one πŸ™‚ The bride looks stunnig πŸ™‚ The flowers do look amazing…

    Sophie xo

  22. I luff weddings too! Especially the speeches.

    This one looks beautiful. Love the flowers, love your outfit. The bride looks wonderful.

  23. What a great day! Lovely shots. I’ve never been to a surprise wedding – sounds like a hoot!

  24. I love how you love my heels!!!! May have to write a blog post just for them. I think I’ve turned over a new high-heeled leaf.

    Do you know how lovely it is to catch up with Beth Mac in the flesh? VERY. Xxxx

    Beautiful, beautiful flowers, for a beautiful lady. Xxx

  25. If I had my chance again I would do this idea. I love it!!

  26. What a beautiful story, beautiful bride and beautiful flowers, well done on putting those babies together. Love the pic of you & Rob, just a couple of hornbags really xo

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