No oil painting

So I’m currently down here in Melbourne for the Problogger conference and we are all staying in a lovely 3 bedroom apartment down in Docklands. The apartment suits our needs – it’s got 3 bedrooms, lots of space for 6 people and is walking distance to the conference over at Etihad stadium. The decor is just as you would expect – in a Mirvac apartment kind of way. It’s best not to think about how many bucks groups of men have stayed here – how many people have slept in the beds. It’s getting a little tired around the edges, like most hotels do over time.

The one thing that I really love though. Is the art work. THE ART WORK. They are pieces that pick up the hues of the couch. The cushions. It’s all very red. And black. I thought you might like to have a look at them. A tour, if you will.

I call this Witchetty grub, an ode to 1986.

This reminds me of something from a Church, from 1981.

I suppose this alright.

We all I know I love a tulip.

But this one, this is my favourite. It’s above the bed I’m sharing with Eden. It’s small, too small for the room. It’s black and white and red and even a little shiny down there at the bottom. It’s kind of like the black hole in space. The jazzy black hole in space.


  1. Now they are all somewhat different but I’d have to say I could live with the tulips. Not sure about the others and certainly not #1. Hope you are having a great time. Enjoy!! xx

  2. I’m sitting in my office (channel 7) waving at etihad if you look over here you’ll see me 🙂

    docklands is super dull. dulllands.

  3. They’re rool classy mate!

  4. Gee, I’m not sure if it’s the lighting but they all seem a little dull too me… I’d agree with you regarding the artwork that ‘the jazzy black hole’ is the pick of the bunch!..Not really a fan of the Mirvac style, however they do good apartments for short term stays! Pleased your enjoying Melbourne!!

  5. Are you getting friendly with Eden the way Mrs Woog is getting friendly with Nikki? ;O) Really, just kidding.
    Have fun girls ;O)
    Tania xx

  6. Loving the second one. Not too sure about the grubs though!

  7. I could sorta go your churchy one, but only if I was desperate for a fill.. I am a Bromley and Knight girl.. well I will be a night girl one day currently only have Davids…

  8. That last one looks like a sliced watermelon rind. Do you see it too? I would call it The Left Overs of Summer.

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