Another post about my garden

Yesterday we spent over 5 hours in the garden (Rob even got 6 in). I even cleaned out the garage (the worst job ever, quite frankly). Spring growth has well and truly taken over and we tackled it all sometimes on our own, sometimes together but each time with gusto! It was hard, exhausting, hard work but when we sat down on the verandah last night with a wine in hand and looked at all our hard work, and made plans for the future, it was worth every bit of sweat.

Nice buxus trimming Roberto. Your lawns are looking pretty good too. He takes them very seriously you know. Ride on’s will do that to a man.

There are no hardly any weeds left in my main flower bed. I discovered more bulbs popping up in there.

Why yes it is another freaking picture of my white wisteria. I cannot help myself.

And my roses will survive the “harshest pruning ever pruned by my Mother 2012” that occurred when I was in NY. There’s growth to be seen! It’s good news.

I’ve been tending to my crabapple tree which always looks a little sad. There’s been liquid fertiliser. There’s been mulch. And now? JUST THE BEST FLOWERING IT’S EVER HAD. That’s what.

It’s hard to believe that the only garden we used to have was a small inner city courtyard 3m x 4m. No grass. Just a few pots to water. Now with half an acre to keep maintained I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. I’m sure we could do it better, neater, have more of this and less of that, but it still looks pretty good to me.


  1. Highly jealous full stop! Looks stunning. I would have had a bottle of wine after that!

  2. It all looks amazing…I can almost smell the freshly cut grass πŸ™‚

  3. So beautiful. As I am preparing to get out in my own wild wilderness this morning to start a spring clean n weed this is great inspiration. (PS My mum was an incredible gardener & was also into the harsh pruning. It always yielded good results.)

  4. Looks pretty good? It is amazing, but I know how much hard work goes into maintaining it!!Hope you are having a good weekend:)

  5. So pretty, you’ve got to love spring. & I think the lawn thing is universal with husbands.

  6. I just love this. LOVE. And mother’s prune roses to within an inch of their lives and then they thrive. It’s like the ultimate in tough love. Well done pookie.

  7. It’s picture perfect, Beth! Well done guys… maintaining such a wonderful garden sure takes commitment and pride x

  8. Great photos you have a lot of space which is great. It feels incredible doesn’t it to take some time In the garden and create a ordered and beautiful space. I’ve been busy planting out my veggie garden and posting DIY’s on spring planting. It’s my favorite season when new life, lots of lush greenness and growth appears in the garden. Just lovely.

  9. Looks beautiful. Nothing like the hard physical tiredness after a day in the garden – so good for the soul!

  10. Love a good country garden. We have 10 acres (not all garden!) and it is slowly changing from “house in middle of paddock” to “house in semi garden”. Enjoy the results from your hard work.

  11. LOVE the white wisteria! And the crap apple! And…..well you get the picture! Love your garden!

  12. It looks just lovely, well done! x Laura

  13. I love your white wisteria! And I have major hedge envy!

  14. It’s absolutely beautiful

  15. Beautiful! Absolutely lovely. We spent a similar day in the garden yesterday. At the end, when you’re sitting with a drink admiring your hard work, it is a great feeling.

  16. There’s something very primal about gardening, IMO. I love being outside in my garden. Yes, it’s bloody hard and exhausting at times, but it’s honest and incredibly rewarding. And there’s nothing better than looking out at the fruits of your labours at day’s end. WITH requisite coldie, of course!

  17. It is gorgeous! Dream garden for me.

  18. Your garden is amazing! Immaculate! You put me to shame…

    Sophie xo

  19. Oh my goodness it is so beautiful! Bet the wine tasted extra good after all that work!

  20. It looks pretty damn good to me too! I loev your garden. We’ve had a weekend in the garden too, a little less mundane though, like rabbit proofing the fence. Enjoy those spring nights wih your view.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your really beautiful garden. Words really aren’t enough to describe it but will have to do. You don’t perhaps hire yourselves out do you? Our front garden is OK but the back yard is a shambles. The roses will survive; they often enjoy a severe pruning. Just lovely all round and that wisteria. Wow! xx

  22. Beautiful gardens Beth.

  23. Simply gorgeous. Well done. x

  24. more, less, better, neater? Hedges, lawn, wisteria and willow trees…some magical fantasy enid blyton garden :). lovely.

  25. Looks pretty good from here too! Full points for hubby’s lawn and border hedge too, very lovely. I keep wishing I’ll turn into a gardening person but alas, my thumb remains black.

  26. Your garden always looks spectacular lady, after all that hard work and manicuring, it looks even better! The lawns look incredible and that white wisteria, just magic xo

  27. I am totally in love with my garden at the moment as well! It is absolutely gorgeous and I am waiting for my new wide angle lens t arrive to show it off. Gardens can make or break a home sale and to me they are the icing on the cake, have you been to many open gardens? I have found that the over the top ones have the most dilapidated homes attached- they seem to spend all their efforts outside! My inside house gets totally out of control when I have been concentrating out in the garden, and i hate to tell you what teenagers do to the kitchen while you are out there slaving!!!!!

    Let me tell you that ride ons do it for me too!

  28. Beautiful. COVETING your lawn …. man I wish we had some. Even just a patch.

    I love your love for old-school things, I wonder if you even know how cool old-school you are, e.g. your passion for wisteria. The only other person I know who loves wisteria is my mum.


  29. good post

  30. I LOVE your garden pictures. I covet a bigger garden. Even my non-gardening partner is starting to get it. We bought veggies on the weekend to fit in our tiny veggie patch. He kept suggesting others we could get while I had to explain that no a pumpkin would fill our entire yard, it is not possible.
    For now I will just live vicariously through your pictures.

  31. love your garden and would kill for all that sun!

  32. *Sigh* I have told you before just how much I LOVE and WANT your garden lol. My husband’s aunt is Shirley Stackhouse from the old Over the Fence Garden radio show and I have a complete freak out everytime there is a family gathering at our house as I fear she is going to cast a critical eye over my garden. If it is alright with you I am just going to make our family catch ups elsewhere and send her pics of your garden but totally pretend it is mine. πŸ™‚ I can see myself earning some major inlaw brownie points with this charade. Can never get enough of that white wisteria – keep them coming! xx

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