The 1st of September

Outside it looks a little like this. Some words that spring to mind are..

: Freezing
: Icy
: Wintery
: Cold
: My poor frozen flowers and new Spring growth

Inside it’s a little warmer and I’m taking Spring seriously. Outside can do whatever it pleases, but in here it’s a balmy 21 degrees and it’s SPRING GODDAMN IT.

Why yes I did put some blossom into a vase. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

She knows that even though you put on a spring frock, a jumper is required.

Welcome Spring! We’ve been waiting for you, and so looking forward to seeing you. Now, come curl up by the fire where it’s nice and warm…


  1. Lucky you hadn’t planned your spring soiree lunch for this weekend…;)

  2. Ahhh!!! It is beautiful and springy outside here! A bit of a nip, but not bad! However we are all a bit under the weather, nursing the flu and tucked up under heated throws or in bed here.

  3. Beautiful! Hurrah for Spring!

  4. Gorgeous photos as always! I lurve spring so, so, so much.

  5. Love the blossoms, my favourite type….its so bright n sunny today (not) we all went back to bed at 2pm!

  6. My 5 year old daughter put on a sun dress too today – wishful though the sun was shining here this morning, a beautiful blue sky has been replaced by clouds now.

  7. So strange as we approach our Autumn! Lovely photos :))

  8. Spring is a tricky bugger. She entices you, and promises much with her blossoms, and her sunny skies…then BAM….here comes Mr Frost to remind you, ha…still a bit of winter to go.

  9. I won’t post any pictures of today on the gold coast you might actually die a little inside I was definitely jealous working inside occasionally starring out the window in utter devastation it was beautiful!

    Loving the blossoms! X

  10. Gorgeous post lady. Love your take on Spring in your beautiful home. It was ridiculously cold here today, so can just imagine how bitter it is down in your part of the world. Keep up the warm vibe xo

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