Spring Saturdays

Saturdays in Spring are for lunch outside.

For soaking up the sunshine.

Blossoms in jugs.

Having friends over.

Cooking some Spring lamb.

Chasing that sunshine all around the lawn to stay warm.

Buds just ready for bloom.

And taking it very easy indeed.

I quite like them. You?


  1. I like them too.
    Mine involved paint.
    That lunch makes me want to cook ;o)
    Tania xx

  2. Traci Sparkle D says

    OK I think it is officially time for me to move out of the big smoke. I NEED a backyard…..Sitting in a concrete courtyard, despite the sun, doesn’t have the same appeal somehow….

  3. Really if you keep posting beautiful photos of amazing looking drinks and food and gorgeous places to consume said drinks and food, some one of these Saturdays you are going to find me sneaking in your front gate!

    Looks like a wonderful day!

  4. Beautiful way to spend a spring Saturday. x

  5. Lamb lollypops and a glass of vino? Sign me up x

  6. What a lovely afternoon. Again, thank you for sharing your days with us – they really do look magnificent. Am so lobbing up on your doorstep one afternoon for lunch 😉

  7. Perfection.
    Shites all over my Saturday of cleaning, ballet runs and groceries 🙂
    I love your love for Spring Beth!

  8. My husband sits/lies/sleeps in that exact position. Constantly. Hand in shirt, on chest/shoulder/neck area. Just the same. There are photos of him sleeping as a toddler just the same, as still the same as my 26 year old husband. Bless.

  9. Oh sweet lord, I want to be where you are! How glorious Saturday seemed through your lens.


  10. Oh stop it! What a beautiful post… You could start your own house & garden magazine, no jokes lady. Your words & keen eye behind the lens, very impressive xo

  11. Whats the yummo salad beside your cutlets?? looks delish.

  12. The lamb looked sooo good and I love your fire pit. A really lovely way to spend any day… Jx

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