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You know how it takes something strange to make you feel a certain thing? Like this: I was a “grown up” for many, many years but it wasn’t until I signed my first loan documents for a mortgage that I “officially” felt like a grown up. I was a parent for many, many years, OK, only 5, before I truly felt like we were parents. With kids. And that’s when we decided to get our first grown up family purchase for the kids. A trampoline.

Living down in the Southern Highlands meant that our choice of a “family” investment was fairly limited. It couldn’t be a pool – unless we were planning on an indoor heated job, which we were not, and an outdoor pool is not an option given that it’s too cold to swim 10 months of the year. I scoured Pinterest for amazing tree houses and tried to convince Rob of their merits. My brother and his wife invested in an amazing cubby house with slide and climbing stuff and swings, which was great – but as soon as the kids were past 5 or 6 it just didn’t get used as much. Next in line was a trampoline. Yes, that seemed to fit the bill.

Like any major decision in my life I did what I always do: ask my blog Facebook readers for their opinion. What was the best one to get? What one did most people think would be most suitable for us? We needed something that was safe, and sturdy. That would last at least 10 years of serious jumping. We needed one that could handle the elements down here – ferocious winds, heavy frosts and ice most mornings in the winter, and a reasonably hot summer. The one suggestion that came up over and over again? Springfree Trampoline.

So I did my due diligence. Flinched at the EXORBITANT price. Looked at other, cheaper versions, and tried to convince myself that they would be suitable. Then I would have conversations with someone who told me that there’s had blown away down here, that the net had broken, that their kid had fallen off or out of one and I was back to square one. I pondered some more, tried to discuss with Rob and then eventually bit the bullet putting safety and quality first and ordered the Springfree online (bonus!). I waited until Rob was a few drinks in before telling him that I had just spent $1300 on a trampoline and just how and why this was the best option for us. As a family. The old justify a purchase to make yourself feel better. Yes, that one.

The packages arrived by mail 2 days later and Rob had the job of putting that sucker together. I “suggested” that he get a mate over and they do it together. He “suggested” to me that as the Father, he could do it. We then proceeded to have one of those fights you have when constructing things for your kids. You know the ones right? Like the bike, the night before your kid’s birthday when you have had 3 too many glasses of wine? Or the cot? When you are emotional, and pregnant, and nesting? Yes, those fights. He could do it…DEAR GOD HE WAS GOING TO DO IT BY HIMSELF…and he did. In the rain too for extra misery. I watched through the kitchen window as he miscounted the underneath shock absorber thingy’s not once but twice, which meant he had to start all over again. I kept the girls inside as much as possible so their questions are “is it done yet?” for the 56th time stopped adding to the drama. I went out and begged him to let me, or someone help, but it got done. A number of hours later. And there she was! A vision in all her Springfree glory! She would want to be given her price tag. And I’m still to understand why after all that money you don’t even get a ladder for the price? But there she was! In all her put together by a cranky husband glory!

Pretty much each and every day since October the trampoline has been used. That’s a pretty good amount of use for kids who usually lose interest quickly. I have only JUST stopped myself from using a padlock on the net and locking the buggers in there on a few occasions, and I’m sure broken the “recommended” weight use when all 4 of us hop on there, lie down, and look at the sky. With all our visitors we have down here it’s something fun to do – and as a bonus it’s outside so most of the time I can’t hear the noise. That pre-bed time feralness is jumped out of the girls, the early morning burst of energy is taken out of them. There’s peace of mind knowing that the only injuries that will occur from playtime in the Springfree is from pulling each others hair out and over zealous tumble turns. Standard playtime around here. Almost a year on I’m saying that thing will be close to being paid off in cost per use. Even Rob might be convinced.

Want to know something exciting? 2 lucky people are going to be given the chance to win one Springfree trampoline worth $1385 for your own backyard! That’s right, no costly purchase justification required – just smugness and glory in your win! If you visit the Facebook Page from the 12th to the 24th September you can enter for a chance to win. Right before summer too – the perfect addition. 
If you are in the market for a ‘grown up family purchase’, I highly recommend a Springfree Trampoline. The quality, the safety and the aesthetic are just bonuses on the good old fashioned jumping fun my girls have each and every day. I just wish I’d known about this competition a year ago. I’d have a really nice selection of winter boots by now I’m sure. 
Go on then, off to Facebook you go! 


  1. Great prize Beth – these are expensive but I think they’re worth the $$$ – for safety and all that but also because the cheaper ones are so damn ugly! We have one in our backyard and it’s a total eyesore – lots of nasty looking bright green plastic – I shudder every time I look at it – plus we had to replace it after about 4 years – so wish I’d bitten the bullet and got the expensive one.

  2. What a great giveaway….and a timely post. I have been thinking about a trampoline for my little man. I think he’ll be ready for one in 6 months or so I suspect. Not sure if I’ll have room for one though. I’m keen to check springfree out and see if they have one small enough. Thank you. Jx

  3. What a great investment and prize (although the link comes up to a blank page) We are in the market to a new one, we went with the cheap option, it was good when the kids were little but has just made a trip to the dump so we are in the market for a new one.

  4. When we moved into this rented house the owners left an old small trampoline. We didn’t let Aidan get on it until he was almost three and even then he can only go on if Dadda does. I hate the thing and I know it’s dangerous because I had one as a kid… and the scars to prove it.

    My friend bought a cheapie design knock off and it’s crap. She’s had it a month and the nets are gone. I wont let Aidan on it. My poor child will never bounce because $1400 is a lens 🙂

  5. um so do you still qualify for grown up status if you really just want to buy a trampoline for yourself? i heart trampolines. they make the BEST summertime beds!

  6. We bought our Springfree tramp 5 years ago. It has been used pretty much every day since by the 3 monsters and often by drunken parents re living their youth…….
    Freakin’ awesome purchase, the best thing we have ever bought our kiddies. Most of our friends have bought cheaper options and they’ve all fallen apart! Money well spent I say.

  7. What a great competition, and perfect timing as we are also looking to make our first big “family investment”. Thanks for sharing Beth! xx

  8. The trampoline is great, but look at those CHAIRS! My god. Perfect chairs, perfect setting. Under the tree.

  9. Bloody hell I need one of these! Our second tramp is busting springs off left, right & centre!! My boys , 9 & 12, use it more as a wrestling arena now but it still does the job – burns off all that feral boy energy!!!!
    Gosh I hope I win!!! B

  10. We are thinking about a tramp for the kids for Christmas this year.

    WE actually bought a beautiful (western red cedar) cubby for our 8th wedding anniversary present. We figured if we got 5 minutes peace each day when they played in then it was money well spent. My kids are 9, 6 and 4 and it still gets a run most weekends. It also has the novelty factor for visiting kids.

    Once it is no longer used by the kids we are going to have the flashest chook house in Qld.

  11. Another Springfree purchaser here and my daughters are now teens and still enjoy it and it does look cool in the garden and I am sure my nieces will inherit it.
    We got a guy to erect it and they will take it down and set it up apparently so, friggin win win…so money well spent.
    I lied to my husband and just worked a couple of extra shifts to cover the cost of the large trampoline and setting it up!

  12. Be careful, those suckers fly like kites on windy days, we had on neighbour knock on our door very early one morning asking for help to lift his springfree trampoline that flew at least 100m in the wind, off another neighbours car. Very funny for us not so funny for the car owner or the trampoline owner.

    • That must have been some SERIOUS wind Des! We have ferocious winds down here and on days where we have lost big trees and pots smashed it’s never moved. Lucky us I guess?!

  13. Ha, we don’t have the space for a springfree tramp – so my kids are reliving my 70’s childhood net free on a tramp in our back yard!! I hate the net, and so far its been fine – they just learn boundaries! The only person to come a cropper is my niece who has a springfree. The other great thing about no net, we can flip it up and have more space for parties!

  14. We have ben pondering the purchase of a ‘springfree’ for about 3 years. This post has brought me one step closer. Our plan is to give it to our three kids as a shared Christmas present, one way to justify the price! I’ll pop a few smaller things in their stockings as well. They already have rooms full of Barbies, cars, lego, etc etc, the last thing they need is more, so I feel better buying them something they can share, use everyday and bounce out some of their energy! Thanks for the review. X

  15. Beth … we have one on layby for Christmas. I look forward to testing out my pelvic floor muscles after a champers or two on Christmas Day x

  16. our trampoline has ‘died in the arse’ after daily use and abuse over several years to heading over to enter this comp. Could do with Santa bringing one of these this year. Great for laying on counting the stars (or canoodling….just saying)

  17. Your description of the construction fights is spot on!
    I remember crazy, pregnant me making Daddy R put the cot together on what was perhaps the hottest night of the summer of 2011.
    He was NOT impressed when a few weeks later I changed my mind about which was to be Baby C’s room and made him dissemble and it construct it again in another room!

    I think we are a few years away from a trampoline, but I will definitely keep Springfree in mind when our time comes!

  18. I want it. I want it!….

  19. What a brilliant prize! I wish we could have one, but alas not here.

    Oh those construction fights. Know them SO well. x

  20. What a fabulous prize. We are in the market for a trampoline (our first) for Christmas. Ours kids are 4, 3, almost 2 and due in about 5 weeks. I reckon we could justify the Springfree if we get 10 years old of it. Definitely going to enter for a free one though!

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