Fathers Day

I wonder what it is that makes a good Father? Just what the exact requirements are that provides a girl with a strong role model to what a man can be. I’m lucky enough to have not one but three Father figures in my life. A Father, a Step Father and a Father in law. Each of them teach me different things and have done so in different stages in my life.

My own Father who shines with eternal optimism and joy for the simple things in life – a good meal, a beautiful spot to sit in the sun, a good book, a cracking bottle of red wine, sitting by the fire watching a good game of football. Time spent with people that you love.

My beautiful Step Father who is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. A quiet, hard working, decent man, who cares for others and loves deeply. A wonderful cook and entertainer who always in genuinely interested in the things that I do in my life.

My wonderful Father in law who is one of the funniest and generous people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. With such charm and wit, a man who takes pleasure and joy from spending time with his family – soaking up time on his beautiful farm, enjoying a bottle of wine and a simple meal nattering and laughing for hours.

I suppose all someone really needs from their Father is love. And support. Genuine interest in all that you do. A willingness to be a part of someone’s life – whatever they have chosen to do, in whatever form that you want them to. For girls I think the relationship is such an important one. You get your first understanding of men from your own Father. Ideas are formed from the way your Father treats you, is interested in spending time with you, about the way he treats your Mother – it gives a young person an idea of how things bigger than you in the world work.

These girls are lucky.

They certainly were blessed with the Father they have been given. He is kind – so patient and kind and caring. He loves. Them and me, deeply, with a strong, quiet passion. He is smart, teaching them more about the world than I ever could. He’s silly, and funny, and lets them be whoever they want to be – that confidence and ability to be comfortable in their own skin – that’s all you want for your children isn’t it? They see a man who treats his wife and partner with love and respect. They see a man in love with a woman, sneaking in cheeky pashes in the kitchen if he is lucky enough, and if they treat me with disrespect he will always stand up for me. I want them to remember and see that married relationships can be really great, and I hope that never stops. I really do.

So to my own Dad’s – Happy Fathers Day – I know you will all be reading this, like you do most days. Thank you for all your love and support that you give to me and my own family now. For being good men, hard working men, men who love me – warts and all. Thank you.

And to Rob, Happy Fathers Day! I am so proud that I get to call you my husband, and that my girl’s have a wonderful male role model in their lives. We all adore you. We hope you have a lovely day x

And to any other Dad’s out there – Happy Fathers Day to you too! 


  1. You are blessed!

  2. Beautiful. I’m a bit teary now!

  3. Really beautiful post Beth.
    I unfortunatly lucked out in the father & step father department but boy did I choose I good one for my boys. I could not be happier for my two boys that they have such a wonderful dad & I am rather pleased with myself for choosing such a cracking husband!
    Enjoy the day with the all the father-folk in your life xx

  4. Beth, that is beautiful through and through. Loved reading this tribute to Fathers. I wrote a post about my dad today & some things he’s taught me. He & I are peas in a pod .., we get each other but sometimes I need him to understand that I’m a female version!! Enjoy your spring Father’s Day! Xx

  5. What a beautiful post Beth, brought tears to my eyes. I don’t have a relationship with my own father, but I absolutely love my father in law, he has always treated me like I am one of his own children, loved me unconditionally. I am so lucky to have him in my life. Enjoy this special day with the wonderful men in your life!

  6. What a beautiful post…and so true!
    Fathers are so important to their daughters aren’t they?
    My father and his relationship with my mother showed me exactly what I wanted for myself.
    I was lucky enough to find Daddy R…and now that he is a wonderful father to Baby C I consider myself luckier than ever before!

    Enjoy the day with all of the fathers in your life!

  7. Oh man, I love when I read stories like this and to know that you really appreciate these Father’s in your life. I don’t have a strong relationship with my dad cos he is none of those three things you mention. I feel it keenly some days but not as much as I did when younger. My Mr is a strong and loving Dad and my boys are learning similar things about marriage to your girls. I learned from my dad what kind of man I didn’t want to marry which I am very ggrateful for indeed.

  8. Just beautiful. You and your girls are very blessed indeed. xx

    PS- I was reminded that it was Father’s Day by Clint just after he made us all breakfast and was about to leave for work. Ooops.

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful post! I lucked out a little in the father stakes, but I have most certainly made up for it with my fantastic husband and my father in law. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and loving men, arent we just so lucky?
    Happy Fathers Day to all the dad’s out there that just get it…..love unconditionally.

  10. What a beautiful post Beth. I love the love you and Rob have for each other – hopefully I will find that love one day soon. I was touched by the words about the three father figures in your life – what lovely men.

  11. A gorgeous post. I’m lucky to have a father who is everything and more. And a husband who, god I hope, will make a beautiful father one day. Thank you for sharing your Dad’s with us for this moment. xo

  12. What a beautiful post lady. Love the words, heartfelt & so incredibly true too. Fathers are so very important & a good father is an absolute blessing. Loved reading all those things, like sticking up for their wife/partner & sneaking in cheeky pashes…things that both my Dad used to do for my Mum & now Scott does for me. Gorgeous pics of your gals xo

  13. Gorgeous post, gorgeous girls. x

  14. Really gorgeous post. Yesterday my girl had 2 barbie dolls in the bath. One was daddy and one was mummy. She had them walking along holding hands and occasionally stopping to give each other a kiss. I love that at 2 years old she already sees her mum & dad are in love. My dad left when I was a tiny baby, I never saw my parents in love. I was lucky later in life to be blessed with a step dad that rocks though : )

  15. A beautiful post Beth. I love the photos of your dancing girls! I hope you all had a lovely day celebrating the Dad’s in your life. Jx

  16. A truly beautiful post Beth. I sat for a while and considered different roles fathers can play in a child’s life and was so glad my adopted dad was so great and the one thing I remember (he died in 1971) was his wonderful sense of humour, his sense of the ridiculous. I am thankful for that and I still laugh when I think of him and some of the wee stories he would tell me. I miss him still. xx

  17. So nice to hear you have wonderful men in your life on father’s day!!!

    Can I ask Beth if you know of a website or software that I can blog my girls diaries. I currently do them in a word document, print them out and add them to a folder with bit and peices from their adventures and school.

    I have been inspired by the way you write and add photo’s that to make my life a little easier and only write one diary instead of one each I would like to capture their lives similar to the way you do on your blog but at the end of the year print it out like a photo book would be done.

    I know I could do it all in word and then at the end of the year cut and paste it into a company that does photo books but I thought you may know of a site that I could add to the diary over the year and more or less hit print at the end of the year and be sent a beautifully binded diary for each of my girls????

    I hope this make sense and look forward to hearing your ideas or solutions.

    Have a wonderful afternoon.
    Kind regards

    • I know on Macs that you can create books online through iphoto. They have space for text as well as photos and you can add to them throughout the year – like an ongoing project. Not sure if there is something similar for windows? I’m sure a company like Memento would have something online? Good luck with it all!

  18. I’ve read some very sad posts about Fathers Day but this one is refreshingly uplifting. I’m glad you and your daughters have such wonderful men in their lives. As for my daughters, my only concern is that no guy out there will measure up to Dadabulous.

  19. Beautiful, just beautiful. Happy Fathers Day x

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