Fairy Tales for Hope

I got a message from one of my BabyMac readers Sally, who wanted to share something with you guys. I just know you will love it, and it’s for such a great cause.

Sally &  Simon’s first child and daughter, Hope Angel Heppleston, was stillborn on 19th August 2008 at 40 weeks and five days after a robustly healthy pregnancy. Every day in August 2012, four years after her tragic passing, talented Melbourne-based artist Tonia Composto created an illustration based on a popular fairy tale in her honour, because reading fairy tales was one of the many simple pleasures in life that Hope was denied.

Think about that for a second.

A limited number of these gorgeous prints are available for AUD$20 each with all proceeds donated directly to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. ALL PROCEEDS!

They are pleased to provide flat rate shipping of $12 for the illustrations within Australia, and $16 for overseas postage.

You can purchase them from here. Read more about the Project on Facebook here or on the blog here!

Sally, thanks for sharing these with us – they are beautiful and I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of them. Every time I look at them, I will remember Hope. I’m so sorry for your loss. She won’t be forgotten. Not ever.


  1. How sweet of the artist to do that…gave me shivers reading this post.

    xx Karen

  2. Oh Beth, thanks so much for supporting our little project. Thanks to kind bloggers and social media friends, it is rapidly turning in to a big one.
    You’re too kind.

  3. I missed out on the Thumbelina image that I was wanting to get, so if you want one of these images – be quick!

  4. what beautiful illustrations, and what a gorgeous way to remember their baby.

    I always think it would be one of the saddest things ever to have a child born still, because you have all that that hope, all those dreams, and then the devastating consequences.

  5. I’ve just read Sally’s story about Hope on her blog, and it’s beautifully written and utterly heartbreaking. I’m just so sorry for her loss. There can be no greater pain that a woman can go through than losing her child. I can’t imagine how people find the strength to go on after something like this happens to them. I’m going to go hug and kiss my 3 children and be thankful that they are here with me.

  6. This is so heartbreaking, and hits home as I think of my second child waiting to be born, and the fact my first came into the world one day after Hope. Life can be so damn inexplicably cruel… I wish Sally and her family so much peace x

  7. Beth,
    My girl and I have just ordered ourselves The Ugly Duckling – so cute. This cause resonates strongly for me, I suffered a late miscarriage which was soul shattering and cannot imagine the desolation of your almost there baby being ripped away from you. I am so happy to be able to support this cause and my heart goes out to these families.

  8. What a gorgeous idea! Thanks for sharing Beth.. Well worth the visit x

  9. How lovely and sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing them x

  10. I just ordered these exact two pictures for my son and daughter, in loving memory of their big sister Lucy born sleeping at 41 weeks. An amazing project, Thankyou Tonia and Sally!

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