Down that Little Lane GIVEAWAY

I have long been a fan of Down that Little Lane. I love the concept of shopping through 550 boutiques online in my pj’s, having a selection of some of the best stuff out there, all in the one place. It’s smart. It’s fabulous. It’s stylish. What’s NOT to love?

Tessa, who runs the company, and who is exceptionally beautiful and kind, has been a long time reader and fan of BabyMac so I was SO excited that she wanted to give something to the BabyMac readers to celebrate the 1st Birthday of DTLL. And she hasn’t disappointed. Oh no, she knows what I love, and thinks you guys might too!

I give you….THE PRETTY. I know, right?

Want that lamp? Worth $315? Oh GOD. Me too. You guys get ALL the good stuff.

Want that quilt? That soft, pretty, beautiful, fluffy quilt? Worth $319? SAME.

That’s $635 worth of goodness, just because. Um, HELLO BOYS!

So. Want to get your mitts on those pretties? Well you can! Let me tell you how. It’s a game of skill – go to the Down that Little Lane Website and tell me your favourite find on there and leave a comment below. Simple! One entry per person. If adding a comment anonymously make sure you leave your name in the comment at least. Giveaway is open to Australian residents only and entires will close Wednesday 3rd October 2012 at 9am. Tessa will choose the lucky winner and I’ll announce details on the blog shortly after.

Note that I moderate my comments so if it doesn’t come up straight away…don’t panic, it will just as soon as I get around to pressing the OK button. Sometimes I’m actually away from my laptop!

You can find DTLL on Facebook here
Or on Twitter here
Or on Instagram @downthatlittlelaneshop (products)
Or on Instgraam @downthatlittlelane (Tessa’s personal)

And yes, you could get your hands on that bed head if you wanted. See? My DIE. Thanks so much Tessa and Happy Birthday Down that Little Lane!


  1. BARCELONA – Tan leather duffle, love the size, the colour and the pattern, gorgeous bag!

  2. Love the drapers chest. Would look great in the living room.

  3. OMG I have died and gone to heaven – what an amazing find.
    My favs… beanchairs or poofs, no wait would have to be the Frankie modular sofa – just beauty is illegal in some states I think!!!

  4. OMG – what an amazing find. My favourites have to be the bean chairs or poofs…. no wait the ultimate beauty is the frankie modular sofa – such beauty is illegal in some states

  5. The Oh Deer canvas print in green… I have lusted after this baby forEVER!!

    It will compliment my new Mr Perswall library mural wallpaper that is being installed next week.

    How can 1 website have so many amazing things!

    Great giveaway Tessa and Bev!


  6. Love the doillie on grey pillow. what a beauty
    Michelle O
    [email protected]

  7. Roll me over and dip me in honey! I would LOVE the 1950s Parker-Knoll Florence Chair, a perfect accompaniment to the 2 Red Moroccan Leather Pouffes I already have.

  8. Wow! Love discovering cool new online niches!
    Loving the driftwood hall table, I want it all for me …. selfish I know 🙂

  9. I love DTLL! I love the luxury handmade Hammock in cream by the Toucan Shop! I can imagine myself sleeping for hours on that thing!

  10. Dear Santa, I would like a “Today is a good day” cushion from Down That Little Lane please. If I can’t have that then could you please close your eyes and click on anything on the website, and I will be very very happy (try and maybe click on the Grey Union jack cushion because I do have a bit of a cushion thing going on). Thanks so much, Lisa. ps. I’m really sorry for ranting at that Optus Customer Care person in India, I know he was just trying to help, it had just been a long day, thats all, I really have been good for almost the rest of the year.

  11. Well unfortunately for my partner and my purse, that website has gone straight to my favourites along with the Capri coral shift dress!
    Lisa C – WA

  12. Ms_Clutterbuck says

    The Timber Star!

  13. Oh Beth I have just written a post on this bed head because my daughter is in love with it and wants one for her room. I’m a long time fan of Down that little lane too. x Toni

  14. Oh my!!! That store! I would LOVE to get my hands on that bedspread…. I have been planning and planning to replace my yucky target bedding for so long, but unfortunately it’s just not at the top of the ‘things to do’ list. There are so many, many things I could cheerfully buy from that shop if I had the money, but I would really love the ‘D’ya-think-e-saurus’ Green Children’s Wallpaper’— it would be so great to paper my boys room with it 🙂

  15. Happy birthday DTLL, you really do deliver the goods.
    I love everything in the beachwear range and think the thongs with messages are fabulous.
    Have a great day Beth, hope it’s filled with happy girls.

  16. WOW!!! I’m in heaven here. Love love love Down that Little Lane website. How to choose just one is so difficult. Besides loving every bit of the beautiful bed suite pictured above, I would have to say the Drapers Chest. I love the texture and design. It would be a great piece of furniture and wonderful storage.

  17. I love DTLL, Tessa has done a fabulous job. but the item I covet the most would have to be Oh Deer print by Urban Road. I have loved it since the day I saw it when DTLL first opened.

  18. I love the kids name definition cushion covers. They would be fabulous in my kids rooms to add a bit of originality and individuality!

  19. The Drapers Chest by Rustic Coast!
    Gorgeous and functional….oh so many junk drawers just waiting to happen!

  20. Oh so many gorgeous things!!!! Love love the Red Word Bird Lamp… Great giveaway!

    Leanne M (SA)

  21. The kantha stitched quilts. Gorgy McGorgeous.

  22. I do love DTLL – but I think I love the Ashanti Leather Hobo handbag even better – you shall be mine, you thing of utter beauty!

  23. So hard to pick just one! Firstly i LOVE that lamp, but i also loved the Dwell studio owl quilt cover set 🙂 Thanks to Babymac and DTLL!

  24. I love the Franke bowls, they’re so delicate and beautiful. Great giveaway, I’m crossing my fingers that I could replace my Big W doona cover with that amazing quilt!

  25. Ohhhh – so many beautiful things!

    I would love to shop “Down That Little Lane”,
    Please let me at it, it won’t be a strain!
    There’s things there for every room,
    Presents for the bride and groom.
    It all seems such a great deal,
    But we would absolutely feel,
    All our Christmases had come at once,
    If we could (please) have, some Caleb Bunks.

  26. We just received the ‘Dreamy Wilderness’ canvas from Urban Road for my daughters room and will be ordering the ‘Oh Deer’ for my sons (when I finally get around to painting the walls). Love the Drapers Chest too.

  27. Ohhh I need a marshmallow pom pom rug for sure! What a great site – I’m in love!

    Kylie Roberts

  28. Oh my! I love DLL there is SO many great things! I would have to say though that i LOVE the Three Layer Ruffle Tablecloth. What a statement piece, handmade to order (i love handmade) and just alround different and beautiful.

  29. I am in love with that clock that SAYS what time it is – I have a gadget mad hubby and he thinks it is way cool too 🙂

  30. This has got to my one of my favourite online stores but I am yet to own anything from DTLL!
    Doesnt stop be from trawling her pages though

    At the moment my favourite has got to be the driftwood hall table
    But that would definitely be different by tomorrow… so many prints, furniture, candles, cushions…. I die!

  31. Wow, the prettiness is just everywhere this morning. It is so hard to just choose one thing from DTLL, but I think I would choose the dragonfly summer cushion covers. Such beautiful colors and it goes with the dragonfly theme I have going on in my house. I lOVE DRAGONFLIES! There I have said it, it is out there for all to know. Must go now as I have to get back to drooling over other items on the DTLL website. Sue N

  32. How have I not known about this website before???
    It’s gone straight onto my favourites list….think I’ve just about got the xmas shopping done already…now!!
    Very hard to pick a favourite….but at the moment it’s A World to Discover – Custom World Map Poster…can’t wait to get one in my son’s name.

  33. There’s loads of great stuff there but this immediately caught my eye, the pink and charcoal ikat and aztec print ottoman/pouf. It really reminded me of my nana who used to have a black vinyl pouf and she always used to make pouf jokes. Hers ended up being very lopsided due to lack of puffing too.

  34. I subscribe to Down that Little Lane email updates and every week jump online to see what’s new.
    I love love love the Otomi wall hanging, such gorgeous bright colours, I can visualise it in my entryway. It would make me smile every time I open the front door.

  35. Love the quirky nature of the Vinyl Word Clock. Atually sll the things that are available are pretty cool.

  36. Loving the Gorgeous Ikat & Aztec hot pink & charcoal ottoman, I know a little girl who would love this in her new bedroom (building a house)Santa might be stopping off at DTLL..

  37. the outdoor ottomans!! Might have to purchase – they are gorgeous!

  38. The milky white trestle desk by Plank and Trestle would make a lovely arts and craft table in my imaginary sewing room.

  39. I’m getting ready to take the leap from cot to big boy bed for my little one so I think he would love the dwell studios owl quilt cover set. (But if I won that lamp I’d keep it for myself.)

  40. Ohh, the ‘Retro Videogame Poster – Keep Control’ is a definite favourite. Hubby is a complete video game geek so this will make a perfect birthday pressie for his man-cave. Natalie – VIC

  41. Hey Beth as I said last week my wish list is LONG!!! picking one thing seems like I am being mean to the others on my list… I think for my ultimate pick I would have to go with the drapers chest….oh and then…. oh my my list is bloody endless….

  42. ‘The sateen wings maxi dress” Just devine!

  43. “the sateen wings maxi dress” Just devine, the ultimate, little girls dress. I wish it came in a big girls dress.

  44. I love the felt ball mat blueberry – would be beautiful on the timber floor in the little ones room

  45. Be still my online shopping heart!! I’ve just had a baby girl and loving the marshmallow felt ball rug for her room! Thanks Beth, I now have a new website to drool over whilst feeding at 3am 🙂

  46. OHMYGOD where do I START? I love so much on that site that its pure torture asking me to choose! Seeing as though we are nearly finished with our massive kitchen/dining room/deck renovation at our new house, I have to choose something for my kitchen and we have a big empty wall just crying out for a House Rules Decal, I love it!

  47. i am sucker for all things fake and turfy so it has to be the letter box by dubbleyou – just don’t tell the captain!

  48. Sal @supersalstar says

    Not normally a blog contest entrant but so loved you directing to that gorgeous site I have to leave a comment to thank you. So many gorgeous things, shoes, furniture, prints, wallpaper, dresses. I am frothing a little at the mouth. TMI? Sorry. If I had to choose a favourite today it would be the vintage/upcycled dandelion desk, so purrrdy.

  49. The Hello Yellow Trestle Desk! So gorgeous! But like everyone else i LOVE everything!!
    Kandice Whitney
    [email protected]

  50. happy birthday down that little lane!! so exciting for you tessa!! well I cant go past this stunning coffee table by peter walker furniture just stunning!! for $2,100.00 i love it!!

    [email protected]

  51. My Die indeed!! I do so love DTLL. My wishlist on there grows almost daily. There is so much to love on there. Just added that lamp to the list.

    Number one on my wishlist is the Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla. I think this summer we will make it ours.

    Happy Birthday DTLL!

  52. Natalie Hill says

    So many pretties – I am loving the vintage kids jack and Jill lamp! Natalie Hill

  53. Oh, heaven. Simply can NOT limit myself to one thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE the eleven44 maxi dress zig zag, the one french summer stunning mesh sandal, and the NeekieNoo red felt and vintage button cuff. Off to shop now!

  54. I just found this site through your guest post. Christmas shopping has never looked so fun. I have been bookmarking away! For me, I love the earth tribe quilts. My room needs a spring spruce up and this would be just the thing. The colour are lovely.

  55. OH MY I AM IN LOVE!!!! The Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Wrapper Organic Apron is to die for.

  56. My wishlist consists of a pair of Holy Stools from Y10store!!
    They would feel very at home under my island bench in the kitchen. Kinda the same as that gorgeous quilt and lamp xo

  57. The pouf! The pouf!

  58. Hooley Dooley! How could I pick just one thing?!? Having said that, I was looking for a cool wedding gift for my sister-in-law who suggested something small and perhaps handmade so I of course went straight to DTLL and found an awfully sweet customised print from My Sweet Prints called “Bike Love – You and Me Travelling Down Life’s Road Together”. It’s perfect because they also both love to cycle. Who would have thunk that I could find something small, handmade, affordable, personalised and not at all naff?? I love DTLL!

  59. I need the Breo watch in yellow (spotto)… With four daughters i’m always lightly screaming ‘what time is it’? ‘are we late’.. ‘hurry up what’s the time’.

  60. All the things. ALL.

    But if I had to choose…drum roll please:

    “Dreamer” from Made by Mosey (

    My wants are complex, my needs are simple. And I need that mobile.

  61. Caroline Coady says

    The stick on chalkboard calendar……perfect for keeping the family organized

  62. Ooohhh, I love it all – but my pic of the bunch would be the BlueBell Stipe Bean chair – Looks so comfy!
    Narelle Clancy

  63. My favourite is Rosette Quilt Mint Queen/King by Lazybones.
    It will be great to have in our bedroom.

  64. Vintage demijohn carboy large glass bottle table lamp. I love this! Even though it will match absolutely nothing in my house. I’m definitely lusting!

    Jen Clark 🙂

  65. Hi Lovely Ladies

    My heart belongs to the Customised Map Paper Cut by Little White Dog.

    My husband and I travel often and I must say I fall deeper in love with him on every trip.


  66. Wow! I have been searching this site during all episodes of Peppa Pig today and it so hard to choose one thing! But I do LOVE the Dreamy Wilderness print by Urban Road. It would look great in our new house, along with some new cushions from the site. Oohhhh, I hope I win that lamp!!!!

    Rebecca Johnston

  67. Having recently bought a little old cottage on the South Coast, and with beautiful spring in the air, my mission at the moment is brightening the place up so I could not go past the Felt Ball Table Runner by Happy is Larry. I have just picked a bunch of lovely white flowers from my garden to put in an old enamel jug that would look divine sitting on those plump bursts of colour!

  68. Ha, was on this site the other day – so its easy (kind-of!)! The Sabel satchel is what I think should be heading my way soon!
    So many gorgeous things though.

    Mary Jordan

  69. The Folk Art Lamp shade by Seven Dandelions – Its one of those pieces that would make you smile every time you looked at it. Happiness

    Erin Cox

  70. I am so in love with the modern Vintage red drum stool. It’d be sublime to not have to drag in my stool every single flipping night to pop my cuppa on. Its stylish, but not ostentatious for my little family home, and the perfect colour. I’m in love with all things DTLL and have been for a while now. I love the concept and the style of the stores. The service is always impeccable too! Happy Birthday Down That Little Lane! Karen Magno xx

  71. I love the Relov’d ladies decorative chair with vintage french fabric.
    Rebecca Simunic

  72. I worship and adore that pretty Smartie felt rug for the little ones, although I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be long before I found one of them on their hands and knees with their mouth around one of those yummy-looking little balls!

  73. I love the Sheoak Toy Box! It is beautifully designed and finished, and the slow closing lid is perfect to protect little fingers. And best of all it doubles as a gorgeous coffee table once all the toys are packed away! Perfect.

  74. My pick would be the Custom Sand Imprint Things…….beach and thongs can’t go wrong. I’m lovin that quilt

  75. I would pick the Custom Sand Imprint Thongs. Beach and thongs can’t go wrong. I’m loving that quilt

  76. So many beautiful items to choose from. My favourite is the Turquoise Quilt by Earthtribe how luxurious to be lying underneath this on a summers night with a gentle breeze blowing the curtains.
    Donna Roberts

  77. So many beautiful items to choose from. My favourite is the Turquoise Quilt by Earthtribe how luxurious to be lying underneath this on a summers night with a gentle breeze blowing the curtains.
    Donna Roberts

  78. PINING after the Marshmallow Felt Ball Rug for our first little pink one due in 9 weeks. So not the pink kind but its been calling out to me!

  79. I could spend all day on Down that little Lane.. love it! I am eyeing off the gorgeous red drum stools.. the ywould look fabulous in our lounge room..

  80. For someone who has only discovered you and DTLL today, I feel completely mesmerised by it all! What wonderful websites to add to my ever-growing collection of favourites! And to top it all off, I could win some fabulicious prizes! What more could a girl want? I know… how about the Rustic Bed Head by Rsutic Coast in KING! ( I am loving me some of that at the moment, as I plan my future bedroom renovation…

    Happy birthday DTLL and so glad to meet you Baby Mac!

  81. Great giveaway, Tess & Beth!
    That Neon Pink Primavera picture is calling me. And those Caveman undies made me smile.

  82. What a great competition! The only problem is finding one favourite item… I’m going to go with the Peter Pan Poster by Spinless Classics. I just love the concept and this would look great in my little boys bedroom.


  83. Have you seen that Yellow and Grey Parker Knoll armchair? LOVE it! thats my pick.

    And those lamps, oh my. Aside from that I have had the DTLL website in my bookmarks for ages but not checked it regularly, what is wrong with me!!!

  84. I love DTLL – I am waiting for my first order to arrive this week!
    I have to agree with Rebecca Johnson – I love the Urban Road prints – my fav is the Palms, 3 colour choices- giclee canvas print.

    I would love to win the lamp if I am a lucky girl – I will use it in my first Bubba’s room!!
    Happy Birthday

    Mel Collins

  85. For many many moons now i’ve been visiting DTLL to admire the Community Table by Rabbit Trap Timber. It is made for my house. It’s the table of my dreams. Perfection. It gets repinned by people on my pinterst all the time. One day it’ll be mine.

    rachel xoxo

  86. “Outdoorsy” Green art print.That is soooo me.I love it.Krinny

  87. The barcelona leather bag would be lovely + the spiky lace cushion on yellow. The cushion would look great in the nursery.

  88. Proof Wooden Eyewear – Bogus. They are very cool! Carolyn Marinic

  89. Fucshia pink peacock chair HANDS DOWN – I have been after one of these babies for a year or so, got a dodgy broken one off ebay thats still looking sad and dodgy!

  90. I would love the Raspberry Apple baskets for my daughters room! I’ve bought some cute things for her room on DTTL before.

  91. oh my word Beth – such gorgeous goodness to behold!
    I couldn’t really go past this tote:
    Cheap as chips, describes me to a tee – i’d sling it over my shoulder chock full of champers and pop round to your place!
    Drink anyone????

  92. Oooh damn that silly residents of Australia rule. Does it count if my heart and soul is Australian but for tax purposes I am not a resident?? There is nothig like this gorgeous shop available in the Middle East 🙁


    that is the shiz.

  94. I’d love those gorgeous red gumboots! great shop! great prizes xox

  95. With Christmas, 2012 less than three months’ away, I cannot go past the combination and quality of ingredients in, “12 Days of Christmas – Red Wine.”

  96. Love this competition but dislike the bit that you expect us to choose ONE SINGLE item..
    I pick the fuchsia Peacock Chair in all its fabulousness – that thing is hot!

  97. And now I have just spent forty glorious minutes trawling through DTLL…first checking out all the items that everyone else wants and then deciding would I would most love to have!

    And what a decision…this is like asking me which of the Hemsworth brothers I would like to be my pool boy!

    Do I pick the gorgeous Handmade Pitcher Jug so I can channel my inner Baby Mac and fill it full of blooms and place it on my kitchen bench?
    Do I pick the adorable 3 Sprout Zebra Storage bin in hopes of containing the Toddler C toy sprawl?
    Do I pick the Solar Carnival Lanterns to go on the back verandah that Daddy R is currently building us?
    Do I chose the Photo Cushion with a photo of friends who just got married and send it to them as a wedding present?

    I think it has to be the Kantha Quilt Sunday. I have a slight obsession with all things Kantha and this quilt is one of the first DTLL pieces that I absolutely fell in love with.
    I would hang it behind our bed as a Kantha bed head!

  98. Oh I frequently drool over at DTLL. Taking my fancy today is the Stonemen mens Trunks – Colt. Ok maybe in particular the nice toosh in the Stonemen Trunks ….. is that bad? Meh! xxx

  99. My fave is the ‘Home Sweet Home’ fine art print. We’re in the midst of renovating, and turning our ugly duckling of a house into a beautiful home. I can’t wait to get the dirty, hard DIY stuff out of the way and move onto the decorating phase – we’ll definitely be buying some goodies from DTLL when we get there!

  100. cape cod armchair

  101. I’ve just lost an hour trawling through the gorgeousness of that lovely website…. What to choose??? For me it would be the black sable satchel but for the little bubs I’m b’ feeding to sleep as I write this in the darkness of the nursery, it has to be the blue and white striped crotchet monkey….. So cute and would suit his nursery perfectly!

    Loving this blog!

    Kate Beech

  102. My Mr and I learnt of some sad news of one of our littlies this week that has floored us. So when I saw the Mr and Mrs Pillowcase set… straight away bam – that’s my fave! Those two words are a reminder of unbreakable strength between partners and that your bedroom is your Mr & Mrs sanctuary at the end of the day. Beautiful. Happy Birthday DTLL, well done.

  103. So spoilt for choice!

    The Roshani Summers Vine Kantha Throw sings to me and reminds me so much of my mother’s throw. She’s been dead for over 20 years and her throw has been a cherished possession.

    Recently a friend, unbeknownst to me, kindly decided to wash it for me in his large, vigorous-spin washing machine (my front loader isn’t large enough for the throw). It was a lovely deed which sadly left the throw very ragged around the edges and worse for wear.

    The Roshani Summers Vine Kantha Throw would be a most worthy replacement.

  104. Love everything…but the vintage animal cushions do it for me!

  105. I love this site! I’m a big supporter of handmade so my pick is this wreath from bubby makes three

  106. I jumped on, clicked on pictures & seen the A3 print that is in lots of colours & says I AM FREE I AM FREE I AM FREE with butterflies underneath & I stopped looking. I want that print….

  107. The view master clock for sure. Perfect in the kitchen at our place xx

  108. Love the Organic Foot Stool!!! So cute!

  109. I am in handbag love with the YELLOW LEATHER SATCHEL. It uplifts the spirit, gladdens the heart and proclaims in a big, loud voice that Winter is over and Spring is here. Hallelujah!!!


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  112. Oh. Mah. Gerd. You made me CHOOSE? The Oh Deer print caught my eye… but only after I spent an hour at my laptop shouting “GIVE ME ALL THE PRETTIES!!!!”

  113. TheRoshani Summer vines throw isdelightful or you could always do with a pair of the old’ Saltwaters. Too hard to choose really” anything in that grey room would be fine too!

  114. We have to choose? The Roshani bedspread or that lamp in your picture or the Saltwaters…if I win I promise tobe more specific!

  115. Two words Beth: Hobnail. Cakestand. (is cakestand one word?) Three words Beth: hobnail. Cake. Stand.

  116. Oh my!! What an awesome website! Everything is sooo beautiful! I loved the “Love Mae – Scales Duvet Cover – Dreaming of the Theatre”. Just gorgeous.

  117. I love this site!! I really want the pink Kantha quilt, but I really want your quilt cover too!

  118. oh the printed canvas totes !! i would love to have a dozen of those to brighten up the dullness which is the weekly grocery shop. yeah totes.

  119. I found the Retro TV test screen clock this morning and I think it is just too cool!

    It reminds me of the time when I used to get up too early, and I would watch the test screen and be really mesmerised (waiting waiting) by all the colours, until programs commenced for the day.

  120. I love love love the personalised vintage world map – we would have quite a few spots to add to that. I have lived in some beautiful far away places; my husband often visits far away places for work (sometimes taking me); and last year we were married in one of my favourite far away places – Uruguay!

  121. everything is devine!! but I particularly love the rustic Draper’s chest, now to convince my husband!

  122. The little bit o’pretty that is the Life is a Beautiful Ride print – would be perfect for my home office – so much meaning as a mountain bike event organiser! Sigh. On the Christmas list. Or maybe the company 4th birthday present list 🙂 Amanda

  123. I have so many items on my wishlist that it was hard to choose a favourite, but I would have to say the horse head sculpture “One Day My Feet Ran Away From Me” is my definite favourite. Who could resist the combination of cotton, lace and doilies- a girl can dream right!

  124. This is my fav of all time ♥ original and turning my old ahnds into young again.

  125. Well of course I lurve it all, and I am imagining my newly renovated farm house full of beautiful treasures… but the renovation hasn’t started yet, so until it is done, I will content myself with a gorgeous handpainted nativity scene to put on my mantel piece this Christmas (and keep on dreaming about the rest)!

  126. Peacock Chair. Fuschia. Sittin’ pretty.

    Great giveaway!


  127. I’ve been DTLL fan for a while and love all of their items. It’s hard to pick up the most favourite thing. I’m thinking buy a new clock for my lounge room, Large Stag Clock is such a stylish clock.

  128. The Market Crochet Throw! Reminds me of my Grandma…snuggly warm and uber cool!

  129. DTLL is full of gorgeousness, so it is very hard to choose, but I do love the Draper’s chest very very much. Amen.

    Jane D

  130. There is so much i love from Down that little lane! I have my eyes on the summer quilt right now. Love the colours 🙂

  131. My god, where do I start. The oh deer canvas. No, the little me little you cloud cushions. No wait the personalized wedding print from may and belle (which I did buy for my sisters wedding gift).
    No, it’s got to be that quilt.
    Give me that quilt…..please.

  132. Tough gig trying to pick just one thing that I like. I love all of it. What a beautiful store. I love the Floppy Disc Pillow for my son. The Giraffe notepad for my daughter. But for me…the exquisite White Kantha Stitched Quilt. Simply gorgeous. xx Kylee

  133. I love that bed head, but I know my hubby wouldn’t… soooo I want the pebble aqua ring, the black tshirt dress and a bundle of towels in sky blue… orrrrr scrap all that and a parker knoll chair … YUM! God I love this shop! xsx

  134. Imagining that Down That Little Lane was a corner store chock-full of your favourite things, this would be tucked in a corner looking all sweet and shy – the “mist grey pebble necklace” 🙂 Love it.

  135. So many lovely things to choose from, but my absolute favourite thing would be those gorgeous Noel red felt star present toppers because the joy is in the giving, but the magic is in the detail (and a little bit of whimsy always makes us ladies smile, no matter how young or rights are – right?).

    • I forgot to gush about how versatile these innocent looking stars are; bang one on the end of a foil wrapped stick for a makeshift fairy wand, use them on your felt boards, sew a couple together for a little ornament or onto a teddy bear or craft project for a little something extra. I love a product with multiple uses…..

  136. A big Happy birthday to DTLL!! I can loose hours pouring through Tessa’s gorgeous site, in fact I just did, I almost forgot to pop back here and tell you how much I love the Milk stools and Relov’d vintage bedheads, actually I love it all!

    Great giveaway thanks Beth and Tessa. xx

  137. Rosslyn Tadd says

    The Frankie Cushions for affordable practical and bright uplifting additions to any room in the house.

  138. The Paris Map cushion is a little bit wonderful! What a great website. Thanks for sharing x
    [email protected]

  139. Hooray! Been looking for a yellow cushion for my newly decorated longe room for ages…..Hampton Bays Yellow Cushion cover, just perfect. Love this site!
    Kerri C (Sunshine Coast, Qld)

  140. God, I want everything but what I really covet is the Farmhouse table by Rabbit Trap Timber. Sigh. We really need a lovely table to eat at.

  141. I am with most people, i love everything.I would love the hand painted jug.

    I think Santa might need to buy it for me for Christmas.

  142. The white Rosette Quilt is simply divine, actually so is the eggshell colour. So dreamy so romantic…

  143. More than a little in love with the Serendipity Headboard in Peakcock, and will have to buy one of the world maps very soon…

  144. I just love the whole website! But if I had to pick one for now it would be the Fiona Kate Starter Pack. I have a clean out and organising bug at the moment and these would be perfect!

  145. The Rosette Quilt in white without a doubt! Had my eye on that for a little while now 🙂

  146. The quilts are amazing and I love the rosette one. Pretty as. I also have had my eye on a pair of black rose gumboots (yes of all things). What a great online store full of beautiful things I just have to have. Thank Goodness Christmas is on its way.

  147. The circle coloured spiral puzzle is amazing…and so is that soft beautiful fluffy quilt

  148. The Pink kantha stitched quilt is exotic and beautiful, the epitome of the look I’d like my house to have. I can only imagine how much work went into it and I’m already picturing it laying across the end of my bed! 🙂

    kate1485 at hotamil dot com

  149. Still in love with the idea of a giant Freckle on my floor – The Smartie Felt Ball Rug would be perfect for our place. Good taste and calorie free!

    Rowena Caverly

  150. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Do I really have to pick one…..?! DTLL is one of my absolute fav online shopping site. I adore anything from The Family Love Tree and Noughts & Crosses (particularly the Horse Lamp)

  151. I’ve been a huge fan of Down That Little Lane for ages. I love the wall decals – especially the Family Rules one. I love the little sayings posters. I absolutely adore the Rafelle linen tablecloth (be still my beating heart). But my most favourite thing is the Smartie Felt Ball Rug. Ever since I first saw it I have coveted it with insane desire. I imagine it in my house, taking pride of place on my lounge room floor, with me on top of it, laying there stroking it, whispering sweet nothings to it…oops I better stop, this is getting a little hot and heavy! Better go cool off.

  152. I can’t believe I haven’t visits their site before!!! This is seriously going to impact my credit card 🙂 I am looking for a present for a friends’ five year olds birthday, so my fave find is the personalised world map from May and Belle. Such awesome stuff!!!!

    [email protected]

  153. Long time reader, first time commenter (gotta love that the chance at a bit of prettiness brings out the lurkers!).

    Hmm, decisions are hard. But if you insist on making me choose… the cushions. Yes, that’s right, cushionS. My indecisiveness knows no bounds! Any and all of them are great, and I’m particularly fond of a chevron print.

    In other news, The Scarf is back. You know the one I mean. Just clocked it online today and thought I’d pass it on to BabyMac readers as my good deed for the day. But so help me jeebus if all of you get your paws on it before I do…

  154. I LOVE the Autumn Blossom Cream Lampshade. My DD knocked my lamp off the bedside table and the base smashed 🙁 this would allow me to read in bed again, which I miss so very much.

  155. My confession .. I covet the entire elkhorn textile range on DTLL but… do love the feather cushion covers (all three colour ways I am afraid!) … i have a growing thing for cushions. i can see it getting away from me! great birthday celebration! Hx ([email protected])

  156. Gateway red and white striped aline skirt : )

  157. Oh I’m in love. You want me to choose just one thing?! Okay the Avignon linen ottoman by whiteport literally took my breath away. I think I would die of happiness if I owned this!

  158. How cute is the Raincloud mobile, they would look wonderful hanging from the ceiling in the sun room.

    [email protected]

  159. We spent a good part of the long weekend removing a hideous indoor garden feature from our entry way.
    I now have a large blank wall and LOVE the Vinyl Word Clock – have you seen it? It displays the time in words.
    Here’s the direct link

  160. I love so much, it took me awhile to pick a favourite. I have fallen madly deeply in love with the Draper’s Chest by Rustic Coast. What a stunning piece. Happy birthday, to DTT.

  161. What gorgeous items they have! I think the Blueberry Felt Ball Rug would look perfect in my boys room 🙂

  162. I wrote a comment but not sure if it worked… I love the Draper’s Chest by Rustic Coast. So many beautiful products to choose from though. Happy birthday Down That Little Lane

  163. ~ Retro TV Screen Test Clock Square…is the perfect gift for somebody who is hard to buy for! What a find! It takes for a wonderful “Trip Down Memory Lane!” ~

    * Nicole White – [email protected]

  164. luxury handmade Hammock in cream, so I ignore the other siblings scream and I can laze in the sun and dream.

  165. Outdoor ottomans for my deck. Mine. All mine. Not for sharing with my children. Mine – with a glass of wine

  166. The green stripy hammock!
    Just imagining lazy afternoons in the sun!
    Helen Harvie

  167. Ooo… without a DOUBT my favourite product is the felt ball rug. It is so fittingly named smartie, and designed by Happy as Larry because it looks like a thousand smarties stuck together and I’d be as happy as Larry eating, sitting, playing… just BEING on a rug that reminds me of chocolate.
    It’s the perfect addition to my almost-nearly-finished playroom. LOVE it. X
    Oh, and Happy Birthday DTLL.

  168. Wow what a fab store – my favourite would be the drapers chest

  169. Wow what an amazing site!!!!! Dangerous! I would actually choose one of the rosette quits as I’m so in need of an updated, grown up quilt and these look devine!

  170. What a fun storage/organisation idea the Fruut Tree is! I love how the colourful bags really make it represent a fruit tree and by adding a few decorations and different coloured bags you change the whole theme. Maybe with this the kids would actually want to hang their bags up!
    Happy 1st Birtday Down That Little Lane!
    [email protected]

  171. Oh I wish I had more time to browse – there are so many unique items with deep sentimental and valuable meanings
    However I what really caught my eye was the Famille Summerbelle Family Tree Print!

    [email protected]

  172. Kerry Parker says

    Absolutely in love with the drapers chest!!!

  173. I heartily concur with all of the above!! For myself, I would go wild!! For my man – two weeks ago we moved into our little house he spent 2 years building by hand, himself (meanwhile living with his motherinlaw, a 3yo old and twin 1yo boys), it would be the studio tripod floorlamp. Home is where the softly lit heart is.

  174. I love Down that Little Lane!! such a great source of inspiration. SO hard to choose only 1 product!!!!!!….We are about to move house so i have been busily organising a new room for my gorgeous little one…. I have been eying off the Incy Egg Chair for months now and I know that my daughter will love sitting in that chair reading her books! Happy Birthday DTLL and cheers for many more prosperous years to come! xo Lydia Georgeopoulos

  175. Drapers chest…..noice!! [email protected]

  176. I would buy a rug from EB & ivy and also some of their shoes!! Gorgeous giveaway!!

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