I was worried that the jet lag and come down from my 2 week high would be hard. And maybe it will be. But so far? So good. It’s been SO good to be home. To feel cool wind blasting my cheeks and the fire warming my toes…in socks! To have little people tell me that they “luff me” and to “not go away again ever”. To sleep in flannelette sheets and have strong hugs from the man I love whenever I want.

And look! That summer that I had a taste of? It’s coming.

The days are actually longer than they were 2 weeks ago. I noticed that.

I mopped my floors.

I loved the flowers that my Mum had left in my favourite jug for me.

And I went and picked some of my own from the garden to put into my second favourite jug.

It’s good to be home.


  1. As someone once said, “There’s no place like home” 😉

  2. It’s good to have you home Mrs Mac!

    Welcome back x

  3. Especially with the gorgeous weather we’re having at the moment. Look how blue the sky is! And the jasmine outside my kitchen window is in bud .. not long now …

  4. Welcome home xx

  5. I woke up at 2.30am! But you are right. I chucked a shoulder of lamb int he slow cooker this morning and have caught up with some work. x

  6. lovely to be home! xxxx

  7. welcome home. can’t wait to see the spoils unloaded from that extra suitcase. already added ‘anthro mug’ to my shopping list come September.

  8. Home is where the heart is & it must be true.
    I have also noticed the days last longer & I am loving this extra warmth we are getting too.

  9. Your girls & husband must be so happy to have you home. I bet they are full of extra cuddles too. Welcome back, Beth x

  10. welcome home!

    Can’t wait to see all your shopping.

    Meanwhile I turn 40 on Saturday, thanks for asking. To quote Mr FF who is 50 “So Young!”

    Careful- the jet lag might hit.

  11. Welcome home!
    I think you can tell it has been a good trip when you are ready to come home, when it feels good to get back into your routine, and when you really cherish the every day moments in your life.

  12. There’s no place like home.
    Love your homely shots.

  13. Welcome home…Summer is tantalisingly around the corner. Jx

  14. So, you’re allowed to just put rosemary into a vase of flowers? You’re just ALLOWED to do that shit?

    Home sounds good … I can’t WAIT to get home!


  15. Ah, life’s good lady. Beautiful images of your special place. Enjoy xo

  16. Sometimes we think that places all shiny & magical are the best..and so true. Then we realize there’s 2 4-letter words that are not bad ones.

    Got it in spades girl! That floor is shiny!
    Please keep some buds hanging for some pics I’d love to take

    EDEN: rules are for the road -not what goes in a vase!!!

  17. Yeh home is great. I’ve been home the entire time you guys were jet setting with the literati and glitterati in NYC. 😉
    I am soo loving your photos.
    Happy homecoming

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