Things Mrs Woog taught me

It’s been three weeks today since I got home. 3! I miss New York. I miss it’s pizza. I miss all it’s alone time. I miss it’s endless glasses of wine. And summery weather. But most of all, I think I miss my friend Mrs Woog. We really had such a wonderful time together – so much fun – and laughing. What great memories I have.

I also have a few things that she passed onto me during our travels. Some stuff she made me buy along the way to help me be more grown up and finally understand make up and self care (I am notoriously bad at all that stuff). Thought you might be interested too? I know it certainly has opened my eyes up to a few things. I am pretty sure you can get all these products here (I got most of them at Sephora with prices so cheap you would cry).

1. Stila Correcter thingy

This strange cream is used as a primer base UNDER foundation or your lighter BB cream. My face can be quite red in patches and this blue/green cream is meant to even out the tones. I love the look of the stuff and it’s light and lovely when you whack it on.

2. Exfoliation. Plain and Simple

The first thing Mrs W did when we arrived in NY was to hot foot to the local Duane Reade (Chemist) for some exfoliation gloves. She explained to me that I needed to exfoliate every square inch of my body each and every time I shower. I did. MY GOD THE DIFFERENCE. All those nasty dry patches? Gone. Baby fresh, soft skin is now my norm. And while I forgot to get some new gloves for a few weeks when I got home I’m back and I’m a total convert. That tingly, squeaky clean feeling doesn’t get much better for this old girl.

3. BB Cream & Dark Spot corrector thingy

These were actually sent to me just before I left and I am converted. My Mum had told me about BB cream from Sarah at A Beach Cottage, who got it from Nikki, and the circle passes on! It’s such a great every day cover with SPF in it. The Dark Spot corrector is a new moisturiser that is meant to reduce the dark spots on your skin – I think?! I have THE world’s ugliest dark spot on the side of my face from my first pregnancy. Thanks Daisy. I hope this does the trick over time.

4. Stila blush thingy

I discovered that my cheeks have apples, and it’s ON those apples that I must brush in a little of this stuff. It’s a wee pop of colour and it’s the bees knees. Used only when I have a full face (so FUNNY that I can now DO a full face) it really does bring the whole thing together.

5. Benefit Eye brow pencil

My brows are STILL holding up. Yay! I did however, pluck TWO GREY MOFO HAIRS from them the other day, but let’s not speak of that now shall we? I have never used an eyebrow pencil before, and now I use it almost every day. My patchy brows that suffered from years of over plucking now have a better shape to them. I think I look a little more grown up. Or something.

6. Boing!

So. After you have put on your Stila primer thingy and then added your foundation, you then pop on some BOING around your eyes and over that dark pregnancy spot on your face and BAM! Fresh as the day you were born! I am loving the Boing. I am noticing the Boing on others and I think that Ronan Keating is partial to a little on X Factor at the moment. Just saying.

7. Pantene Luminating Elixir

Now this is something that Mrs Woog did NOT teach me but I am a total lover of. When I was in bathroom taking shots I couldn’t NOT throw this into the mix. It was sent to me by a PR company and seeing as I have TOTALLY distressed hair from years of bleaching the shit out of it, it’s perfect for me. A few sprays into my hair post washing, pre blow drying, and it just makes your hair shine and feel great. AND you can get it in the supermarket (unlike my ridiculously expensive Redken shampoo & conditioners and treatments I have to get).

Riddle me this Batman – why is it that in NY that OPI was $7.50 each and my Redken that I usually pay $35(!) a bottle for was just $14.95? WHY MUST WE PAY SO MUCH? I say bullshit. It’s quite the business to try and make yourself look half way decent here.

So there you have it. THE START of something. I’m trying to care more. Make more of an effort. And take the time – all that time – that I had in New York to myself. Nails are out the door though – all that washing of dishes and chopping wood does NOTHING for a lady’s manicure.

So. Tell me. What’s your favourite item in the bathroom?


  1. LOVE this post, Mrs Woog is a clever lady x

  2. I could not be more prouder of you Pooks. xx

  3. Thank you for sharing Beth. There are a few products I would love to try. The Garnier bb cream and spot corrector I have just started using. Hopefully I will start to see less marks on my face soon.

  4. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    I do not leave the house without some of this moisturiser on my dial.

    It’s amazing on it’s own or worn under foundation. It contains an SPF, is illuminating and contains a colour corrector. Bang.

    I can’t wait to stock up on the sucker when I go back to Hawaii {on Thursday!!!}

  5. I have only recently discovered Garnier’s BB cream and I LOVE IT!! I am slack when it comes to beauty routines, which is why the BB cream is perfect for me. Slap some on and it looks like I made some effort!

  6. I have to admit I do none of that.BUT recently thought I really should do something so went out and bought Olay skin smoothing skin scrub and its really good. Makes my skin soft and smooth.

  7. Favourite item would have to be the garner BB cream, I am looooving it sick.

  8. Hahahaha, Garnier not gamer, silly IPad!

  9. I can’t live without silver shampoo. My favourite brands are RPR and Matrix. I have bleach blond hair and hate the brassy tones so it’s a must have.

    You should seriously try Natural Blossoms Dead Sea Salt Hand Scrub (except I use it on my knees, feet, elbows and wherever else is dry and rough). It’s the shit! Soft skin for days afterwards without moistuiriser and even after washing repeatedly. It’s that good and all natural. Also she’s a WAHM and from over your way 🙂

  10. Everyone’s blogging about the Woogster today!
    I’m loving the idea of the dark spot corrector.
    Love [email protected]

  11. I recently discovered Rose Hip Oil. OMG. I have red roscea skin, very dry and sensitive skin. This stuff amazing. After a couple of weeks my skin feels transformed. Love this stuff. x

  12. Dry shampoo. Washing and blowdrying long hair is a bit too much of a commitment some days so I use NAK dry shampoo to stretch it out for another day. It leaves your scalp feeling clean and fresh, I can’t live without it now. I’ll be trying your exfoliation tip for sure.

    • My little sister tells me of it’s wonders! Although, having bleached hair means that it’s mostly dry and NEVER greasy. I’ll get some though I think…

  13. BB cream is my one must have, must use, must worship!! I used to exfoliate & I think you may have just convinced me to do it again! Can I exfoliate 10 years away?????

  14. That Benefit pencil is the bomb. My favourite bathroom item right now is a Trilogy serum I picked up last week. 9 days ago I didn’t know what serum was, now I am convinced it’s changing my life. And I saw that Stila Corrector at Sephora in Hawaii a few weeks back and I was a little scared. Maybe I should try it out? Nah, I’d have to take out a loan to buy that here…

  15. I don’t have a favourite item- it takes about 73 products to fix up my collapsing face, but I quite like to stand right next to Mr FF, who is 10 years older than me.

  16. Beth, I think I went to Sephora 5 times. I’ve done a little dodgy vlog that I will pop on the blog tomorrow. Everything was so cheap, I just had to. I do not know why we pay more … government import charges play a helping hand. x

  17. Thanks for those tips. I just love my home made soap and exfoliating gloves. Plus….. shower power!

    You have a lovely face that could be made up so differently every time.

  18. I’ve been meaning to ask Mrs Woogs about that Stila Peony shit since we were in Melbourne. Loved it. No idea where to get it in Sydders though – will seek it out next week.

    Currently in love with my new cherry red lipgloss which is just the DJs brand.

    I’m indebted to Mrs W for introducing me to the Benefit Brow Bar and brow care. That woman, rivalling me as a walking community service announcement.

    • That stila is the BOSS. I was thrilled when she threw it into my basket in Sephora. I remember it well from that shitty HOT hotel room in Melbourne!

  19. OMG!!! How good is the eyebrow pencil!!?? I use it all the time…have been using it for years!! I used Boi-ing for a while too but have recently changed to YSL’s Touche Eclat and it is AWESOME!!!!! I don’t always wear foundation but Bronzer is a must and I use M.A.C Golden Refined!! How funny you should mention exfoliating. I have been sooo lazy with it and today enough was enough so this morning I exfoliated the crap out of my skin… and I automatically feel better!! I use Redken too… it’s great stuff. I’m totally with you on the difference in price between here and the states…WTF!! Highway robbery!! Jx

  20. I did a post on this a few weeks ago I’m a Beauty Therapist and thought I’d put my Top 8 Fav things I have in my bathroom
    Have to check out the list you just posted! you feel so much better when you have a little glow to you! love your eyebrow pencil! I use eyebrow mascara by Jane Iredale and I am obssesed frames my face even if I wear no makeup I cant not wear my eyebrow mascara!

    Steph 🙂

  21. I’ve got pitchy patchy eyebrows too that I’ve grown back – yay! – but still have patches in them – boo! I can’t do without my eyebrow pencil. My favourite is Lingering by MAC. And what’s with the GREY HAIRS? I’ve never had a grey hair in my life but last year, I got one in my eyebrow. The gap has never grown back properly. How there can be such a big gap from one eyebrow hair beggars belief.

    We’re off to the States next year and Sephora is programmed into the holiday spreadsheet already. I’m literally packing the emergency essentials only and hitting the shops pronto.

  22. OPI $7.50? Blow me over with a feather Bev!

  23. Why are there no comments on this post? This is one of the most helpful ever! I need a weekend with Mrs Woog. Here’s to those of us who are notoriously bad at self-care – I think you’ve helped me out here.

    • Sorry Al – I have moderated comments on due to unforeseen rise in haters at BabyMac. I was out all arvo – no access – no comments! How good is it?!

  24. Have been a big fan of Garnier’s BB cream for a while – courtesy of Nikki @Styling You! Will check out all that other stuff too, thanks. Btw, glad to hear you’re getting on board this self-care concept, hon – it really makes you feel good about yourself and that makes you a better mother/wife/everything! xx

  25. Don’t even talk to me about the price difference between here and the States…whenever I buy something that I know is less than half the price at home I spiral into a foul, ranting mood.
    I know Australia is a great country but, for the love, why is everything so expensive here?


    My favourite chemist beauty product is Bio-oil…I use it on my body in the winter and on my face year round…it is easily the cheapest wrinkle cream out there.

    My favourite fancy beauty product is T. LeClerc loose powder.
    I didn’t use powder until I lived with a girl who worked for Clinique who made me try it out…even though she worked for Clinique she recommended T. LeClerc.
    I am now a total convert.
    I have no idea where in Australia you might be able to try out T. LeClerc but next time you go to the States you must give it a go…it is amazing…perfect matte skin tone every time…even in stinking hot Brisbane I never look all sweaty and gross.

  26. I don’t have many miracle creams but now I can try yours!!

  27. I’m just starting to realise I need to be using some of these products too!! I’m buying an exfoliating glove tomorrow! My favourite product is my Nude by Nature foundation.. Love it!

  28. I am so NOT a beauty products person but I have GOT to get me some BB Cream. EVERYBODY raves about it!
    I agree that the price of cosmetics etc over here is criminal – not sure if it’s to do with import tax or something but it is so frustrating when you know things like OPI are available in the states for so much less!

  29. Well, you’re gonna cost me a whole lotta money, lady.
    I am already obsessed with Benefit, and love the BB cream. I especially love the Garnier stuff cos I can sneak it into my trolley and pretend that it’s just part of the grocery budget.
    I WANT Boing. I have had a tester but not commmitted to my own yet. Will someone send me some free Boing already?

  30. Have you ever looked at All the beauty products you can think of with American prices and free shipping to Australia. I use it all the time now, things are roughly half the price depending on what your buying…reckon your redkin should be cheaper…


  31. Oh I miss NYC too and just the mere mention of Duane Reade and Sephora has me pining.
    I did not buy enough make up when I was there, will rectify that on next trip, NYC gets under your skin, I get restless for it and it’s been 9mths, do you?
    Thanks for all the tips, esp the bargainy ones, nice to look nice, thanks Mrs Woog.

  32. Very interesting. I’m a bit special when it comes to make up…. Just a question (probably a really stupid one), what is BB cream? Does the BB stand for something?

    And yes, make up and stuff is stupidly expensive over here. Sigh.

  33. Like it! A lot! I need to get with the pamper program. Or just look after my look a bit better! Thanks Beth for great starter tips. Amy x

  34. How AMAZING is the Benefit brow pencil?! Still kicking myself for not buying a couple of spares in NYC as they retail for a ridiculous $40 here and other brow pencils just don’t work as well.

    Also regretting not buying more OPI and Essie colours while I was over there. $8 in USA, $20 (!!!!) here. Silly.


  35. went out and bought Boiing after reading this~ totally in love.. my black under eye shadows are gone and I look alive again~ amazing!!

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