Around the grounds: End of winter

It’s just there. Within reach. You can even get an occasional smell of it. I can almost feel it underfoot. Oh Spring, I’m so looking forward to you arriving!

My Daphne (all three bushes of it) are in full bloom and they smell AH-MAZING. I have little bottles filled with stems next to every one’s bedside for sweet dreams.

Even my clematis (after the world’s biggest prune earlier in the year) has started to flower. In spots. I can’t wait for the green to come back into the deciduous clematis I have all over the house. At the moment it just looks like dead wood. Sad, brown, dead wood.

The pears are in flower and leaves turning and curling out before your eyes. Not to mention the grass. The growing season is almost upon us. I’m not sure I’m ready…

The lobelia at my kitchen window is SO blue and SO fabulous it brings me joy each time I’m in the kitchen. Which is a lot.

There is always room for potted pansies on my window sills.

And little flowers, bought to me each time someone walks past. Which is a lot. Can you see my Daphne? CAN YOU? CAN YOU?


  1. I can’t wait to sing…. Spring has sprung ………..

  2. Spring is just around the corner….yahooooo!!! Jx

  3. nice gardening post!

  4. Isn’t it just! Can’t wait.

  5. I always thought Clematis was a venereal disease.

    THank you for clearing that up xx

  6. And that’s the key with clematis Beth. You chop them right back, down to 20cm above the ground once they’ve finished flowering – I know, this gardening is terrifying business. Every time I treat something so harshly I’m sure that it won’t recover. Surprisingly, they always do! Enjoy the garden, Alison xxx

    • I love your gardening tips Alison! Thanks x

    • Just a huge nerd in a sort of similar climate…wish you were over the back fence (so to speak here…) for gardening tips, bubbles and other unmentionables (lest I let my so-called demographic down, sigh). Any chance the girls like watching under 12 basketball matches in freezing cold moss vale stadiums as next best? xxx

  7. I can man I CAN!!!! #fuckendaphne

  8. Spring is my most favourite season 🙂 There are not near enough flowers in our garden, hubby says they bring bees… boo!

  9. That Daphne is amazing, it is my absolutely favourite smelling flower. Must plant some (if it will grow up here?) still working things like that out, being very new to a sub-tropical climate. Is that Lobelia inside or outside? It looks beautiful 🙂 I just planted roses and lavender. So cliched but I love them so why the heck not?

    xx Karen

  10. Oh I have lobelia envy, aren’t they just the sweetest, prettiest little blooms?! Those and pansies. Love. You may have even inspired me to fill my window box with those…once my window box is built of course. Gorgeous pics lady xo

  11. I miss my daphne. It did that daphne thing and just dropped dead last year. I’m trying a native variety now, it hasn’t flowered yet, but the buds are forming, so exciting. I need to do a big prune of all the frost damage but I can’t till the frost stops! When will these -5 nights end?

  12. I best get myself some daphne then shall I?!

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