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Life is spinning out of control with days whizzing by so apologies for the lack of post yesterday. Although the first rule of blogging is never apologise for not blogging because it’s annoying and who cares? Well I DO. So, I’m sorry. I know people get annoyed when my posts are later in the day rather than the morning, so I know some of you would have been annoyed. See? It’s JUST GOOD MANNERS. Maybe there should be something about an opening paragraph apologising..?

So. It’s been a busy 36 hours. I drove up to Sydney late Tuesday afternoon to stay at Mrs Woog’s house because I had to be at Channel 9 early the next morning and I was not keen on leaving home at 4am. Also! I got to meet her Mum who is so groovy and fabulous and she cooked us the most delicious pork dinner with champagne. It made me miss my Mum so much who has been overseas for the past 4 weeks. Miss you Mum! You can read a little about that here. I kicked Jack out of his bed for the night, but made up for it in the morning with plenty of snuggles on the couch before heading out the door to Channel 9 which is about 5 minutes drive away.

I got lost.

I know! I used to be a good driver. But I kind of got lost and keep pulling over looking at my phone for directions then looking at the horizon for the big tower like it was the Emerald City that I just had to get to. 40 MINUTES LATER I arrived. Ridiculous. I was whisked into hair and make up and then sent up to the Green Room to wait nervously.

I watched the chopper land. And refuel. Fact: Helicopters are cool at ANY age.

And then I watched curiously as the young, pretty blind girl from The Voice was in there with me. Teeny, tiny little thing, but strangely enough? Not blind. I thought she was blind? She was texting? And seemed OK? I chatted with her (didn’t bring up my confusion re: her blindness or Delta’s long hair or if she had watched Ice Castles and did she love it too?) and watched her do warming up exercises. Lots of raspberry blowing incidentally.

Then I hit the set, did the segment, and was out in the car park before you could say “Back in 3,2,1”. It was fun and definitely not my normal Wednesday morning. I hit the road straight away and was back to the mundane of making beds, cleaning up and getting dinner ready before you could say, well you get the drift. There are no links to the show that I can find so you’ll just have to trust me that I was very, very good. The scarf I wore too, which I know plenty of people were interested in, was from Witchery. I need to thank Rob, again, for looking after Harper for me, again, while I was gone. He is such a good man.
Days are slipping by and I am in a current state of panic, elation, nervousness, excitement and tears. I leave for New York in just 5 DAYS TIME. I don’t fly out until Wednesday morning but I’ll be staying again at Mrs W’s house the night before so it’s even closer. I keep getting reminder emails about my flight, my accommodation and some PR invitations to events on in NY around the BlogHer time. This morning there was one at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant. Being a HUGE Top Chef fan I squealed a little bit. I WILL listen about organic food for my kids for a free drink, canape and the chance to squeeze his big beary arm. I am SO excited about this trip, and SO grateful and RIDDLED with guilt. Already. How can I be going away for 13 days? How will Rob cope? How can I thank Grandma’s helping out? How will the girls go? How many blow jobs will I have to give to cover off all the favours Rob is doing for me? Will I ever stop feeling guilty? Or asking questions? I have been shopping like a crazed woman because OF COURSE ROB CAN’T DO THIS AS WELL AS ME or something. Heaven forbid he runs out of ANYTHING. I just want to make things easy, and stress free for everyone so I can enjoy my cocktails and time in relative peace. I know it won’t happen – I know I will be a mess when I’m away but I’ll just keep reminding myself that in 2 weeks time I’ll be back, doing the same stuff, shopping and cleaning again, and that this is a once in a lifetime chance. Soak it up. DON’T WORRY.
So, in the next few days I’ll be writing lists. And making count down charts. And taking requests for presents. And putting out. And PACKING! And fuh-reaking out. Bear with me.


  1. Tom Colicchio. OMG. Speechless.

  2. Glad I’m not the only one who gets billed in that currency by my hubby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Anonymous says

    Ice Castles….hilarious !

  4. Scarf update…..SOLD OUT STATE WIDE….devo!
    Chick in Witchery told me that they’d had lots of calls about it today…possibly all BabyMac follewers.

  5. Saw you on The Morning Show, you were great! Was it just me or is Jane Caro just a little bit intimidating? Sounds like you’ll have to do some warming up exercises when you have to pay Rob back!!

  6. Hahahhahahahhaaaaa! Yes warm up lol!!

  7. Really curious about this Jack you were snuggling…does Rob know?

  8. I know people who are blind that text message. And use the Internet. They read screens and don’t walk with a stick or a dog, there are various levels of blindness and there is also adaptive technology like screen readers and voice activated software. A friend of mine finds the iPhone quite inaccessible for his visual impairment though. Another friend, who has the same skin condition as me, is blind because of his lower eyelids not holding in moisture and creating corneal abrasions – there is a good chance that will happen to me in my life.

  9. Sorry in having trouble with blogger comments on iPad, they freeze.
    On No Limits we create scripts in PDF do they can be read through screen readers. Being blind does not mean you cannot see anything.

    Can’t believe how quickly BlogHer has come around! See you next week!

    As for your TV appearance, you are a superstar expert now ๐Ÿ™‚ well done you! So proud.

  10. Anonymous says

    As soon as you board, there is nothing you can do for two weeks but have fun!

  11. prep as much as you can. take some deep breaths. relax. u’ll be super fine. i’m excited to be soon hearing all about nyc!! lols at the bj comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. OMG I have been away from social media far too long. Did not realise you were going to be on! Dont feel bad about getting lost at Nine – I worked there for years and managed to do it often (inside the building and out!)

    Enjoy NYC!

  13. Anonymous says

    OMG so exciting. That 2nd last paragraph is sooo me as well. I’m leaving hubby and kid with mother in law while me and my mum go to NYC in 5 weeks time!!! yeeks!!! I am so excited to read all the NYC blog posts!!!
    Rebecca S.

  14. All very exciting lady. You were awesome on tele. Scott thought you were great too… because of course I recorded it and made him watch it when he got home from work last night. Try not to let the guilt thing get to you, we all have it regardless of what we’re doing or where we’re going. But you’re on an adventure, which I would consider is largely work anyway. A career trip if you will. Have fun packing! xo

  15. My heart stopped for a little moment when you said Tom’s name. ADORE. You instagram the shit out of that yes?

    Now listen to me young lady: NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE if they have the wrong breakfast/wear clothes that fight/eat crap for dinner for two weeks. The pegs will survive if they’re left on the line. the beds will still keep everyone warm if they haven’t been made.

    You get on that fucking plane and have a fucking good time. You’re doing it for me OK? OK.

    Because clearly it is always, as it has always been, about me.

    Love ya guts.


    • I will Pooks, I will. Anytime I have a momentary, fleeting moment of missing ANYTHING I will repeat “do it for Kim.” I SO wish you were going x

    • When you see Broadway & 42nd Street- will you send my regards? Thanks Love! ps know I made right choice not going but sheesh I find it hard now watching this excitement build so I am calming down and will see you in lots of happy pics soon! Love D xxx

  16. Hello love – where have I been and when did you get the funky new do? Love it!

    Missed you on 9 but will hunt for it online and find it – I am a SUPER SLEUTH.

    I’m about to post a blog – sometime this century when I get round to it – about exactly that condition all us mothers suffer from in varying degrees – guilt.

    Rob is a champion. He’ll be fine. Stress now and drink on the plane. That’s why they make those suckers take so long to get anywhere. To obliterate yourself on the journey so you’re fine by the time you get there.


    I am living vicariously through you – my younger, blonder, chilled out version of me that I didn’t get to be in my 30s, so you MUST have a good time, okay?

    BIG hugs.

    Gab x

  17. I don’t mean to sound snitchy, really I don’t, but…be so thankful for this opportunity! Make Kim’s wise words your mantra, NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE if you haven’t killed yourself in the panic to get away. And you are going to get away, whilst the rest of will be here doing the same old stuff, shopping and cleaning again and again. sob sob sob. Now go and get excited!

  18. Anonymous says

    I saw the scarf in witchery in Castle Hill today!!! possibly the last one left in the universe??
    Rebecca S

  19. Need the scarf, NEED. You rocked the segment Betty, See you at the airport – or the day before x

  20. I am so, so, so excited for you and your trip to NYC!
    Which Colicchio restaurant are you going to? They are all amazing!
    Please keep us updated as to your every NYC movement! I want to know every nitty, gritty detail!
    Have the best time! No guilt!

  21. Everything will be fine without you.

    I don’t do guilt and neither should you. It’s ageing and slows you down.

    I once went away with a girl for 48 hours and she was so panicked and restocking the fridge and freezing lasagnes in case anyone starved.

    I think you should focus on the good stuff, like what sort of TREATS you will be buying yourself in NY and what movies you’ll watch on the plane and all the bars you can hit up.



  22. Ladies, I bought the scarf on Tues at Witchery in Sandy Bay, Hobart. LAST STORE to have them – so ring them ASAP! 03 6224 6715. I missed the Sunrise segment but I’m sure you were fabulous Beth… And given that we have the same taste in accessories, I give you an extra level of fabulousness for fluoro bobbles (they rock, don’t they?!). Have the best time in Noo Yawk – shop, eat, blog, photograph…

  23. Two weeks away? That is hardcore. I’ve only had 1 night away from the princesses and that was my wedding night. Sad isn’t it. To counter the guilt – think of it this way; its only two weeks in a lifetime and the benefits of going will by far outweigh your husband’s suffering. Plus what an experience.
    All the very best.
    [email protected]

  24. So now you understand why I got lost o the way to the ABC!!!! Stupid nervous tension, brain freezing!!! You were fab on the teen. You’ll be fab in New York. Everyone will be A-OK. ENJOY putting out xx

  25. Yay, this is so exciting!! One day Channel 9 studios, New York the next!! Have a ball. Wow, you’ve done triple the posts i have, that’s a tonne of writing, what a great diary you’ll have for your family & your blog story, love Posie

  26. Hey…. Isn’t Rob your husband? Why would you thank him for looking after your daughter Harper? I’m confused… That’s his daughter, right? You’re perfectly allowed to do incredible things. And you don’t have to thank him for doing his job. Just a thought. It seemed you were feeling guilty and you really don’t need to do that. x

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