What a difference 25 mins makes

Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful. Snort. And puffy. And in need of roots being done.

Daisy photo bombing with some weird gang sign. She looks a little like Damien here. And yes, I do need my fringe cut. Tomorrow friends, tomorrow!


  1. :-)..20 minutes a woman can do anything..have a great day x o

  2. wow! loving that lipstick… care to share the brand and name?? 🙂

  3. I just had a look in the mirror at myself with no makeup, hair everywhere and almost died. You look gorg

  4. If I’m not mistaken that is the ‘East Burra Massif’ gang ID that Dais is sporting. What is going on down there?

  5. you look gorgeous! have a great day x

  6. DAISY! You are being super creepy.

    I really like it. x

  7. you have the most beautiful eyes x

  8. OK, I’m drawing a line in the sand at that headband.

    • DUDE, I have NO say on that headband. Purchased by Gma and adored by Daisy. Even if I hide it, she finds it. Yesterday it broke. A win!

  9. Yep, Daisy definitely freaked me out a little in that pic… though I AM easily scared by kids being weird. But YOU on the other hand, what a hottie pants xo

  10. Your title sounds like something a husband … ok my husband would say – what a difference 25min will make – you can cook tea, you can do the dishes, have a a bath hell you can even have a bit of fun… well,up till now I have denied all this – we need more time.. ok when I say we I mean me…. and now!!! The bar has been raised and I have to live up to the 25min difference dash. DAMN I was doing so well with the 45min need a few minutes more dash!

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