Over the Back Fence {Episode 4}

This week Neighbour and I discuss dinner with the POTUS, maroon coloured bags of agony, summer escapes and the perfect cup of tea.

Hope you enjoy!

Over The Back Fence (mp3)


  1. God you girls make me laugh! I’m really enjoying these segments. Keep up the great work x

  2. Borderline awesome? BORDERLINE? Oh watch your backs ladies. WATCH.YOUR.BACKS.

  3. Hi Beth, it does not seem to be in iTunes. Only 1-3.
    Hanging out to listen.

  4. You guys need your own show. STAT

  5. love love love…. can I come over for a spot of bubbles and a chat over the fence!!!!!

  6. Thankyou so much for sharing your joy.Luv it as much as I love listening to the 3pm pick up xx

  7. Ok, Im going to be a pain in the arse right here and stick up for you Baby Mac. Only ‘the help’ turn the pot three times one way and 1/2 a turn back etc etc. Why? because they didnt have time for the tea to brew in the normal time frame. Royalty do not EVER turn their tea pots.

    As you were…

  8. OMG – You mentioned me…….well you mentioned Nigeria and toilet seats and toothbrushes! I was soooo excited….and at the same time totally embarrassed 😉 Love the show – chooks were a nice touch this week.

  9. Paula / skinnyflatwhite says

    Just wanted you to know that Each week I’ve been tuning in from the treadmill at my wanky gym on the west coast… Pony factor?!

  10. You touched on lists of things to take to hospital when you’re having a baby… I LOL so hard when I look at my SPREADSHEET titled “Preparing for Baby”. Tab 2 “Pack for Hospital” lists the following essentials:

    Orange maternity book
    Old T-shirt to wear during labour
    Lip balm
    Ipod with music and video
    Hair bands and clips
    Pillows from home
    Wetpack with:
    face wash
    shower gel
    Maternity pads
    Nursing pads
    Hair dryer
    Digital camera
    Camera charger
    Mobile phone
    Mobile phone charger
    PJs – purple singlet top & trackies
    Tracksuit pants/cargos for wearing during the day
    Comfortable tops
    Comfortable underwear
    Black nursing singlet x 2
    Nursing bras
    Outfit for baby x 2
    Dirty clothes bag
    House keys
    Car keys

    Here’s my list for next time (should there be a next time):
    Anaethetists phone number

  11. that friand comment – could have been listening to my own shitty french accent. gold. could not stop laughing.

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