Looks like a good time to me…

Daisy’s beautiful Godmother who lives over in London (everyone should have a Godmother that lives in England don’t you think?) took this snap in a dreary, depressing waiting room today and whacked it up on Facebook. It may have to be the most depressing, hilarious warning ad ever to be made.

The ciggies (who does that other ciggie belong to?), the passed out Dad (thank GOD it wasn’t a passed out Mum), the food on the cooker about to blow (remember that ad “Oh my goodness the chips!”), the kid with matches (standard)…and the, um, VACUUM?! It’s a melting pot of danger that place.

And no matter how many times I read it, it still says “don’t be a TOOL and use yourself as fuel”.

Surely this wins some kind of award doesn’t it?


  1. Hahaha! The dad!!! Bizarre! X

  2. What a fabulous way to start my day laughing so hard. Thanks Beth!

  3. Obviously, the mother has gone away for the day to the spa, or shopping for shoes, leaving dad in charge for the first time.
    He’s tried his hand at the vacuuming and cooking, and has obviously dyed everything pink in the laundry by mistake. An entire day of looking after his toddler has driven him to chain smoke and drink. (We all understand that, I’m sure)
    He lies there, drooling slightly, muttering ‘Please come home’ under his breath, whilst his child becomes excited by pyromania.
    Total win.

  4. My kids just have the English Granddad, numerous cousins and Aunty and Uncle-types! I love the all sorts of wrong in this pic!! Thank you for the wonderful laugh!

  5. hahaha that is gold!

  6. Are you SURE it’s a dad? I have recalled partaking in similar poses.

  7. Ok, totally hilarious. And makes me feel better about drinking in front of the kids! I’m not that bad, and I gave up the fags years ago! Annie x

  8. solitaryphotographic.com has it covered. freakin hilarious. I remember being given something similar at one of our first mother’s group gatherings by the maternal health nurse many moons ago – and being asked SERIOUSLY – to point out what was wrong for the safety or our newborns. we thought she was joking… classic.

  9. HA! It wins the award for turning my crappy morning around. I needed a good laugh and a lighter outlook today, Thank you for providing that!

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