Here we go…again…

Sunday afternoon after we got back from our lovely weekend escape with the Woog clan we got some drive through Maccas because we had been driving for 3 hours, we needed to feed the kids and it was easy. I rolled a medium Quarter Pounder meal (standard procedure for me) and nailed that quicker than you could say “slow down you fat mole”. It hit the spot. Tasted good for 3 seconds. Then it was done. I got home, started to unpack, despair over my washing pile and then about 2 hours later I started to feel my old friend heartburn a knocking on my chest. It starts with a niggle of an ache. Right in the centre of my diaphragm and then slowly makes it’s way right through to my back. Sometimes I can keep going about, doing whatever I am doing, and other times, like Sunday night it floors me. I am incapable of moving. Agitated. SO uncomfortable. I could only sit upright, close my eyes and deadset meditate through it. Trying to get through each minute, because it was a minute closer to it being over. Sometimes it lasts 40 mins, sometimes longer. Sunday night it lasted for hours and hours and developed into me throwing up every 30 mins or so for most of the night. It’s the pits. I’ve seen my Doctor about it, got some new meds and will see a surgeon in a months time.

But I know that the main reason it’s declined over the past few months is my diet. My lack of exercise. Those old chestnuts. It’s time to turn this around, again. Just like I do every 6 months. It’s time to shift those 5 kg’s that I have packed on with each biscuit and piece of white bread with peanut butter slathered all over it I have shovelled into my mouth over the kitchen sink. It’s time. Again.

Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to have a one on one personal training session with Linda (Eden’s sister) who does this professionally. Linda is tops, she is a little pocket rocket with a body like a rock. Mole. But the best thing about Linda is that she was like me, just a few years ago, doing the same thing until she started to exercise with a trainer and now, here she is 10 kilos lighter and those bits on her stomach like Pink has. Or had. You know the ones? CUT. Can you imagine being cut? Me either.

We ran, we skipped, I wet my pants, we boxed, we did resistance training, I swore at her, we raced each other up the backyard, we stretched and then, thank GOD, the hour was up and we were done. I was waiting for that adrenalin to kick in, and for that elation to kick in, it didn’t. I just felt woozy and my poor body was in shock. And then for days after I was barely able to move.

But something did shift in me. I know I need to do this. I know it makes me feel better when I do. I know my mind will be clearer because of it. While I can’t have a personal trainer with me every few days helping me out I do have a plan showing me what to do. I will have someone checking in on email with me. And I have myself, willing myself to do this. Because at the end of the day the only person choosing to shove a neenish tart down my throat, or going for a run, is me. Right?

So it’s time, to do this. Again.


  1. I’m terrified of personal training! Also terrified of heartburn, Quarter Pounders and throwing up. I hope this is a better week for you. Say hi to Linda for me! xx

  2. I’m in the same boat, although I want to shift about 15kg post baby #2 in 2 years. I did really well for a while and lost 8kg but have lost the will and would prefer to curl up under my doona with a meat pie and glass of red! ….and so today I start again on the fitness mission as I have 14 weeks till I’m at my best mates wedding in London….it’s a good incentive to loose the extra butt! Good luck! 🙂

  3. Skipping post children. Disaster.

  4. Good on you!
    Heartburn sounds like hell. At least it’s an incentive to keep your diet on track.
    I’d like some Pink abs.

  5. Skipping. The arch nemesis of the pelvic floor.

  6. Holy crap balls…dude Ive been thinking of doing the exact same thing…getting a trainer….even the word trainer hurts …

  7. I’d love to lose about 4kg but the thing is I really like cake. A lot. What’s a girl to do?

  8. Bless your cotton socks but I choose the neenish tart every time.

  9. A very timely post for me.. I was 25kg down with 5 to go (oh yeah! i had a LOT of cake during my pregnancy) I was running, eating well and feeling great.. then we moved house and it all ground to a halt! I know I need to stop eating nutella straight out the jar with a spoon, I know I need to start running again… time to shop thinking it and starting DOING it!

  10. Do you know what else I’m finding it helps with – PMS and the day 3 pscycho bitch!

  11. I’m with you but I should shift 10kg..,,problem is I’m a fat lazy mile who LOVES to cook/bake…..Good luck Beth, I hope your motivation & determine get so huge they push you on to where you want to be xx

  12. Haha, huge LOL and coffee everywhere!! My enemy is the trampoline.
    I’ve decided it’s time to lose the baby fat, now that my baby has turned 9. Two new puppies are a good incentive for me to walk every day. Good luck Beth, looks like you’ve got the fire!

  13. i love this. i love personal training. i love that pain you feel when you are pushing your body outside of its squishy comfort zone. that feeling you get in your chest when you have worked, hard, harder than you have in a long time. i LOVE it all. i hope you share this journey…again…exercise is good for us, and so are neenish tarts (if you like mock cream that is…urgh). everything in moderation babes!

  14. I heard somewhere that it takes three weeks for something to become a habit…not sure if there is any truth to that but whenever I am starting a new exercise or diet regime I always tell myself if I can get through those first few hard weeks then it will just become part of my routine and part of my life.
    Good luck!

  15. I cannot commit to formalised exercise.

    I’d like to lose weight and get fit too, but I am unprepared to eat less cut out the rubbish and give up the drink.

    I like walking and gardening (hard to eat while gardening).

    Good luck. I have high hopes.

  16. Good work on getting started. I still do a bootcamp class once a week on a Saturday but my running had dwindled to almost never. But I am slowly getting back into it and loving listening to your podcast as I run in the mornings, keep them coming!

  17. I don;t know where I would get my giggles from if I didn’t read your blog every day.
    ‘slow down you fat mole’ .. that will keep me smiling until Monday when I check back to see what other doozies you come up with.

    Loving your workout look too .. so stylish – and that grunty face – gold, pure gold!!!

  18. The day after, when you’re so sore you could just crawl up and die? That’s the best time to hit the exercise wheel again. Get those muscles moving!!

  19. go beth!!!!!!!!! grrr, get ur sweat on!!

    although i hate to admit this, i’m gorging on one of those super large caramello koalas as i type (one-handed) and washing it down with a cup of tea 🙂

  20. Good for you Beth, I ‘m more partial to choc caramel slice myself.
    I’ve been running and I still don’t love it but it’s growing on me only because I want to run for a purpose …raise $1000 for World Vision. Having a goal helps me focus more.

  21. if we painted you green you coulda been the Hulk in that photo….especially if it’s the dreaded Day 3!

    Good on ya love. I have yet to move my arse into gear again after my beloved (ex Personal Trainer HUSBAND!!), decided I was too tough to work with because I’d argue about Every. Single. Thing. he asked me to do.

    What hope is there for me but to kick myself in the butt and get out there.

    I’ll push you if you push me.

    Once I get over this lurgie. UGH.

    Go for it!

    Gab xx

  22. Oh lady, you make me laugh. It is SO hard getting started. I find myself on a very bad cycle at the moment, of binging all week and then exercising it off on the weekend. Fine in the short term, but it’s catching up with me. I simply CANNOT put the sweets and savouries down. I eat good stuff too, but just can’t stop eating the bad stuff.
    Good luck with your challenge… you’re looking damn fine in that photo anyway xo

  23. Love it!
    Getting into a good fitness routine is effing hard, but once you’re there and seeing results, not just in your weight, but in your strength, it can become addictive – which is what we all want; to be addicted to exercise.

    Have fun! 🙂

  24. Yes yes!! You can do this!! You should look up 12 week body transformation…it’s changed my friends life! I myself love running and I have set a goal of a half Marra in sept. I hope I get there! Have a goal and go for it. Don’t look back xxx

  25. I completed a 90 day fat loss challenge, did pretty well, but now a month later, I am being such a lazy biatch. I just can’t seem to snap out of it. But I know I need to, arrhh the merri-go-round

  26. Thats great.. Diet and exercise is boring but works.. arrgghh BTW you look awesome in the pic above.. if that is you mid exercise I’m super jealous!!
    makes me realise i have to call my personal trainer.. I can see not training for 2 weeks could turn into 2 months etc etc.. and need to shift 5kg very quick!! Would die to have those pink bits! xx

  27. You’re a cracker Beth!
    I already thought that you were hot … add exercise to that – MODEL!!

  28. Great plan. I have not time to exercise but I make it and not only does it mean I can eat naughty food with no guilt but it really does make me feel stronger both physically and mentally.. Leaves me sleeping like a log too!!

  29. Go You Beth. It’s always so hard to get started, once the first two weeks passes it becomes a habit. I struggle to get through those two weeks.
    Good Luck, I have no doubt when you put your mind to something you’ll make it happen.

  30. I do not think you will ever eat one of those burgers again. A bit like why I cannot drink Southern Comfort ever again. Bad memories…. Xx

  31. There you go Beth, inspiring me once again. Time to get my sorry butt to the gym.

  32. Fabulous effort. I played netball for the first time since my 3rd bub (prob 18mths out) and could not move for a week, but 3 games down I feel so much better.

    Then, a group of gals that I met through Kinder in my new town, emailed and said they were starting a group session with a PT would I like to join.

    Tomorrow at 8.30am we meet our lovely PT and I’m hoping he doesn’t kill us 🙂

    Perhaps you could get a group together in your little town too?

  33. Oh heartburn is the pits. I had to take the meds through both pregnancies or just not eat at all. First time round tho it worked on everything except chocolate!!! I couldn’t eat chocolate at all for 9 months! Good on you for exercising too everything in moderation remember 🙂

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