Chopped Liver

Yesterday when I was on my post car pick up high I rushed to a local town to pick up a present for Tim & Kesh and their impending arrival. I was loving myself silly in the shiny car, listening to Harper in the back seat say over and over again “Mummy the car is FANCY! And blue! And fancy!” nailed the first reverse park in it (on a VERY main road nonetheless) and ran into one of my favourite shops round these parts. Β I picked out a little something gorgeous and was chatting to the lady wrapping it for me who said,

“You’re BabyMac aren’t you?”
At this point, my ego grew EVEN larger, which on the pay day of the fancy car arrival, I thought not even humanly possible.
“Yes, yes I am” I replied smugly, trying to sound as cool as a cucumber.
She then proceeded to say, and I kid you not,
“OH MY GOD I LOVE MRS WOOG. She is SO funny. So, did she stay for Easter, or for Anzac Day? I read her every single day and she just cracks me up!”
“Yes, she’s pretty funny” I replied, trying to talk a little more about me, seeing as I was there and you know, purchasing goods with money from their store.
“Yes! She is SO funny! Can you tell her I read her blog every day? EVERY DAY! I mean I read yours and Eden’s when I can, but hers? EVERY DAY!”
I even proceeded to talk about the car, the latest Kidspot win, just to see if I could win her, turn her around but she was not having a bar of it.
“Oh a car? That’s great. I haven’t read that. Cause I don’t read yours every day. I should go read that.”

Well played Mrs Woog, well played.

This morning I am off to Tim Coulson’s Nursery Workshop for the day. I am beyond excited to learn, really learn some stuff. I want to know how to USE my camera, and not just switch it to auto. It’s going to be a great day, I can feel it in my waters.

This weekend we also have my Mum’s 60th up in Sydney which will be lovely. I swear to God I remember my Mum’s 40th like it was yesterday which is both frightening because it was 20 years ago and also because I myself am almost nearing that age. When did that happen? Rob is teaching a course for AFTRS on Monday so we might stick around in Sydney on Sunday and go to the Zoo or something because he will be staying up Sunday night as well. It’s going to be a very busy couple of days. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

And also? You should totally read Mrs Woog’s blog if you get a chance, I hear it’s very funny.


  1. Dear Beth

    If you were chopped liver, you would be free range, organic liver raised on the virgin pasture of a remote Swiss Alp, accessible only by hot air balloon.

    You is that special xxx

  2. Oh Beth….thats a bit sad and funny all at the same time!!

  3. Mrs Digges says

    Dear Mrs Woog and Beth – i read you both every day…you is both that much fun…And if you’re chopped liver – it would be of the Maggie Beer Pheasant Farm Pate with juniper berries on top variety (washed down with burnt fig ice cream afterwards πŸ™‚

  4. At least you are chopped liver in a fancy schmancy blue car….!!

  5. Hahahaha that is too funny. Just so you know I read you every day, and not Mrs Woog, in fact I didn’t know Mrs Woog existed until you told me so. So there you go.
    Have fun at The Nursery, very jealous, but I’m ineligible as a professional photographer myself, I should know everything already right? :p

  6. That’s bloody hilarious and I LOVE that you don’t take yourself too seriously lady… it’s why so many people (other than the lady in that shop) adore what you do here. I have no doubt she’ll jump on board once she realises how uber popular you are now.
    Have fun this weekend, hope your Mama has a lovely birthday and that photo workshop sounds AMAZING… you will soon be able to add ‘photographer’ to your growing list of achievements… though your photos always look damn good anyway xoxo

  7. Hilarious. Way to bring you back down to earth in a big crash…… have a great day today.

  8. Flickster says

    This made me laugh so much! I love your honesty…I think you are funny and read you everyday (whenever you post, I mean). I also only found out about Mrs Woog and Eden through you. You were my first “Blog Love”…(didn’t mean to be all stalker-ish and creepy, meant to be funny).

  9. Should have spurted that good ole line “don’t you know who I am?

    ….Mrs Woog’s friend. With the shiny blue car.” πŸ˜‰

  10. I read you both every day too! LOVE!!!!

  11. Wait, she doesn’t read me?

  12. Oh, too bloody funny! You’ll have to drag the Woogs in to the store as your prized exhibits next time they come to town!!

  13. BabyMac take heart in the fact that I found your blog first and THEN proceeded to find the world of WoogsWorld! Mrs Woog is hilarious, but you crack me up with your sarcasam! x

  14. I get that ALL THE TIME!

  15. I stumbled upon your blog of awesomeness after darling Mrs Woog did the post featuring everyone’s birth pics. I love, love LOVE Mrs Woog but she doesn’t have a birth photo with the sun beaming out of her clacker x Love you both, girls x

  16. hahahaha that is freaking hilarious! way to give your ego a good kick in the guts!! lol!!

  17. I love the way you can laugh at yourself. If this happened to me I’d pout & swear but you, well you write a bloody funny blog post. Good for you xx

  18. Who is this Woob person? Never heard of her…..

  19. That has never happened to me. I have not been recognised for myself or for any the rockstar bloggers I know. The shame! I’m going to assume this means I need more bloggers to visit me. Perhaps I can entice them with cake pops.

  20. ha ha! Well you will be pleased to know I read your blog every day, and Mrs Woog sometimes (no offence to Mrs Woog!).

  21. Oh dear me … I wonder if she’s regretting that now you’ve umm, blogged about it? πŸ˜‰ I was recognised via Bebito once. Cos you know, I post more photos of him anyway! πŸ˜‰ x

  22. Ha! Damn Mrs Woog and her fantastic hilarity! Love it.

  23. HAHAHAHAAAAAAA Ohhhhh mate, what a kick up the shiny fancy new car super-blogger self-importance that was uh??!! I think all you bitches are hilair and i read all 3 of yer xxooxx

  24. Love it! Nothing like one of your besties raining on your parade!!

  25. Oh that is hilarious!…So jealous that you are off to the Nursery.. big hugs to the two of them from me x

  26. He he, what fantastic company you keep πŸ™‚

  27. Love it! Wonder how much she was paid πŸ˜‰

  28. Reminds me of incident years back. Out one night on the dance floor with my sister. She heads to the bathroom. Im still dancing as Ive seen this reasonably hunky guy eyeing me off. Im doing my best moves, you know the ones where you’re the hot dancer in a video clip but not Cher on the navy ship. Anyway, so he comes up to me, leans over and says “where did your sister go” GUTTED!

  29. Oh Beth, I do love you. I was simply in awe of having a celeb in the shop and didn’t want to sound like a stalker! Looks like I ended up I sounding like Mrs Woogs stalker! Call it transference in a weird kind of way.

    I wanted to ask you about your awesome photography, tell you how I love your home and covet the Jasper Knight tractor (I so want it to be mine). But I thought that would just sound too creepy!

    So please accept my humble pie. And for the record I ambled (OK I ran) to the door to watch you drive away (or should I say tear away) in your brand spanking new Top 50 Kids Spot Bloggers Ford Territory and my heart did a little skip.

    • Ha! Bel! Awe! That MUST have been it! Thanks for your lovely comment – I like to exaggerate somewhat and it was a great story and perfect blog material. No humble pie required at all x

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