Put your nice voice on

Each and every mother flipping day I will be telling my girls to be “BE NICE” and “BE KIND”. It makes it extra meaningful if you scream it at them in a really loud and frustrated, slightly irritated and angry way I have found. Leading by example and all that. Really gets that point across in a calm, serene and um, kind way. Anyway, the point is, the message is a good one and one that I’ll keep banging on about until the day they move out from under my roof.

I never fail to get shocked whenever someone leaves a nasty comment on my blog. I didn’t know when I set up my blogger template almost 6 years ago that I ticked a box that said: Because you are now a blogger that is OK for people to have cracks at you about your personal life, your finances, your lifestyle choices, your appearance, your parenting methods and your family. Who knew? Not me! I always just kind of expect people to use their manners, be nice to people that they don’t really know, because that’s what you would do IN REAL LIFE. And that’s what I was taught to do.

It’s so easy to judge isn’t it? Think you know what’s going on in some one’s life, reading between the lines and coming up with our own conclusions. I like to think I have an uncanny ability at reading people, seeing people for who they are, but even I get it wrong sometimes! I know! Hard to believe. Get behind a computer screen in the comfort of your laptop with the option of clicking anonymous and it’s even easier to take out your bad day on someone else. Although I know in my heart that one nasty comment says so much more about that person than it does it about it, it still hurts. Still makes you feel like a little kid being picked on. It’s not nice.

You know who is nice? Tessa! From Down that Little Lane. Do you know her? Do you know her business? She has created a fabulous one stop online shop for some amazing products and suppliers. It’s like a cool department store – pulling together all the fabulous stuff in one spot where you can buy from the comfort of your lounge room and jammies. Win! WIN! She sent me an email and said “Beth, want something cool from my cool shop to give away to your cool readers?” and I said “Um, YUH HUH!” See? Nice. Kind. She feels good, I feel good, you feel good, it’s GOOD!

So I chose this from her shop. To give to you. Because I like it. Might be a good message for kids, but I think a few adults could use seeing this up on their walls too. It’s an 8 by 10 print begging to be whacked into an IKEA frame.

And because I would like to be kind to YOU, because you are always so kind to ME I’m going to throw in $30 of my Rob’s hard earned cash towards choosing ANYTHING you like from her shop. That adds up to $30 that is. There’s plenty on there to choose from in that price bracket. So, if you win, you’ll get this here print, then after we have emailed each other I’ll say “So what do you want to spend Rob’s $30 on?” and you’ll tell me, I’ll go online and buy it and the deal? Will be done.

So. Want a piece of this sweet action? Leave a comment in this post below (one per person). Say something nice or kind (not about me, about someone else, or yourself, or something). Also head on over to the DTLL Facebook page and like them too! I will choose a winner through random.org so you can really leave anything but I thought in the spirit, something nice would be, um, nice. This giveaway is open until this Sunday night, 22nd April 2012 at 8pm AEST and I’ll let you know the winner straight after (or when I get around to it). Open to Australian readers only.



  1. Hi, Im new to your blog and i must say im enjoying your musings! Ill start the kindness ball off by saying i also enjoy reading A Baby Called Max by the wonderful Cherie and Jen at Lovely Living’s blog too.
    Thank you…ahem.. i mean Rob, for the $30 spend!

  2. I’m so fortunate not to have had anything really nasty said about me on the blog (probably more due to the fact that blog is pretty small and vanilla). I truly don’t get the nasty anon thing.

    I too say: “Be nice to each other” all.day.long. One day it will sink in??

    I have to say that bloggers are some of the nicest, warmest, compassionate people I ever had the pleasure to meet.

  3. thanks Beth! although I always move on after someone says something nasty on my blog you still have that moment when you first read it and your heart pounds and you think what, did they really just say that about me? how did that happen! I agree, definitely didn’t sign on for the criticism part of having a blog!

    this is so sweet and yes when we have kids we always have to tell them to be nice! the playground has been a tough place for my little keira with bigger girls in her class being bullies! I always tell her they are jealous that she is so pretty and smart – it works:)

    love the poster! have to check out her others!


  4. Hi there , I don’t comment often but just wanted to say , every time I go on to my computer and there is a little babymac blog update I get a little bit excited. You make my day…you really do. Michelle x

  5. Great words Beth. Well said (as always). I laughed when I read your first few lines – “It makes it extra meaningful if you scream it at them in a really loud and frustrated, slightly irritated and angry way I have found. Leading by example and all that” That thought goes through my head when I yell at my children not to yell at each other…… hmmmm…….. Something nice? What goes around comes around. Do unto others. Treat others how you would like to be treated. They are the learnings and teachings that we are trying to pass onto our children. And to say something nasty to someone without owning up to it? Not a chance xx

  6. Beautifully said Beth, just 4 little words, if only everyone would live by them? xT

  7. I don’t get why people feel the need to judge someone by a blog post they have written. Sure if you know them in great detail and in real life, and then they write about how they are the polar opposite online (i.e., the people who make up illnesses to gain sympathy) judge away, but regular people just blogging their day? Makes no sense to me.

    Any way Beth, I think you are awesome, and would be disappointed if you stopped being awesome. I love how you lay it all out there, don’t mince words, and call a spade a spade.


  8. Manners, kindness and niceness what I teach everyday, good to have you on my side 🙂 working with behaviour I appreciate how complex it is and when I receive hate mail and nasty comments I wonder what is going on in their lives to lash out at me. I delete and don’t read them anymore, the bravado of anon and hiding behind a screen gives many the opportunity to attack. It also allows many to connect and be nice and genuine. Fab posters will head over and like their page and have a little shop xx

  9. What an excellent prize!

    I remember someone wise once told me that showing true kindness to myself is about being loving (towards myself), not always doing something that I find pleasurable. Took me a while to ‘understand’, but I get it now.


  10. I never do get why someone leaves a negative horrible comment, why they don’t just step away from the computer, beats me. But that could be because I am terribly lazy and leaving a comment is a big deal for me that I just couldn’t waste that time or energy on negativity. I know I read a lot of blogs and somethings irk me but never enough to leave a horrible comment. What does it achieve really?

    In saying that though in the marketing world they make an ad to leave an impression one of either horrible distate or joy. Either way they have done their job because the person remembers that ad, so technically you are a marketers dream ;-p

  11. Love this giveaway.
    Being kind is what I will teach my daughter everyday. It’s simple but it’s sad that a lot of people forget to do it.
    Be kind to one another!

  12. I try with my own kids, to teach them and remind them of kindness and being nice, and not excluding others from playing with them at school etc etc. And i also just want to add…… If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all! Quite simple really…….. Mx

  13. We are still at the stage of 4 year old almost smothering the 10 month old with kisses and cuddles! Gorgeous, but she then does snatch toys from her too. Kind of dreading when the little one starts retaliating…

    Great mantra to live by on a daily basis.

  14. I though ally enjoyed your blog post. I love the realness and raw honesty because let’s face it I am pretty sure we all ‘raise our voice’ and say those words. PERFECT! The print from DTLL (who I follow and met on Saturday… Tesse is just so kind) we have actually started a not for profit and part of our goal is to remind people that the simplest act of kindness can profound effects to those who thought there was no kindness left. The print would look fab in our studio really!! Ok time for my coffee… Thanks for having me over I had a wonderful time!

    Xo Steph

  15. That whole being “nice” is resonating with me today, because I am struggling with it. Damn PMT. Damn giving up diet coke. Damn school holidays. Damn fights over getting 2 new tires or the 4 that we need but cannot afford so my dad has offered to loan us the money but my hubby is too proud and pig headed stubborn to accept. Damn damn damn.

    BUT I am going to say this nice thing.

    My floor is nice and shiny because I just mopped it for the first time in FOREVER. (I know that probably horrifies you, but it’s just a job I loathe. LOATHE.)

    That’s as much as I can muster on this day. I will try hard again tomorrow. Just for you Beth.

  16. aballerinasmum says

    My dear friend, you know without a doubt (I hope) how much your friendship means to me. And I echo your comments of being nice to each other.

    One thing I have learnt – sometimes the hard way – is that you try to treat people, all people, the way you would like to be treated. This being either your waiter, check-out chick, friend or famous. And that a smile to anyone will always brighten up your and their day!

  17. Our family mantra is; Look after each other, love each other and stick together.
    Love your blog!

  18. You are being very “Kind to Others” by this giveaway :P!
    I have my 19 month year old on my lap while writing this, I love her to bits and would not change a thing in her <3.

  19. Lovely post with some wise words. We can all be a little kinder to each other. Thanks for introducing me to Down That Little Lane. Beautiful stuff!

  20. I wish someone would be nice about this bulls**t Mummy Wars stuff. What is it about women that we have to sit in judgement on each other about our choices? Caring for children and working outside the home is hard sometimes. Staying home with kids and scraping along on one wage is also hard sometimes. I’m sick of women judging each other, competing to be the winner. In these kinds of wars, we all lose and end up looking like a pack of sniping cows. Can’t we just all play nice and share the sandpit? Great post, as always Beth!

  21. From the time my children where born my husband has always said to them If you don’t have something nice to say say nothing at all , well they are now 21, 20 and 13 and it hasn’t always worked but they always remember hearing it it does make them think twise before being hurtfull, it takes such little effort to b kind so try and ignore what really as you said is someone else’s problem , much love xxx

  22. Beth, you are the BOMB! and so is Tessa.

    Ignore the rubbish comments, look at all those that love what you do and come back day after day. Those that leave nasty comments are jealous and obviously have a pretty boring life if they feel the need to belittle and leave unkind words.

    “Be Kind” is on high rotation in our house. It comes with the sibling territory, unfortunately. I would love this poster, not only is it gorgeous but it will allow me to use my finger more, the pointing one, so the kids can read it. I think they become immune to the sound of my voice sometimes.

  23. Fantastic post Beth. No truer words spoken.
    “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. It’s cliche and we hated hearing our parents say it when we were little but it’s something we all should live by.
    It’s not hard to be kind.
    LOVE Down That Little Lane too. Such a beautiful site! xx

  24. I am relatively new to reading your blog, and am even more new to keeping a blog myself and I have found that there are many blogs that keep leading me back to yours. Im sure you already know it but in case you dont, those narky anonymous comments are far outweighed by the songs of praise you are receiving all over the blogging world… and you very clearly deserve to be sang about.

    Keep doing what you are doing, because you do it so well…

  25. my nan always said, keep yourself pretty. and i know now that she meant, be kind to yourself, treat others with respect and always, always take a hanky everywhere!

  26. Manners, politeness, courtesy. If anything, these are the things I want to instill in my girls. You can still have an opinion, but don’t be judgemental, be nice. And I also believe in Karma. 🙂

  27. Ive been dealing with this issue at the moment. Why do people feel the need to say nasty things to me about the choices I make? It frustrates and upsets me because trust me I may think some horrible things about their choices and even say them to my husband over a glass at night in the privacy of own home but would never say something to them to deliberately hurt them. Urgh

  28. I’ve been saying be nice to your brother to my 5yr old all school holidays. So I think I’d like to say something nice about her. She is a constant source of happiness, love and amazement.

  29. I struggle to get the whole anon nasty comment thing. I wish it wasn’t allowed on blogs as it does seem to cause angst 🙁 I would love this poster for my little one on the way and am sure I could find some more cool stuff for the nursery to spend Rob’s money on 🙂
    Love your blog – esp love your photos!

  30. Something nice…
    Tumbling down a green, grassy hill, with toddies, todding and rolling every which way.
    Maggies warbling and sunshine shining.

  31. “Be the change you want to see in this world” – as a wise man said! And I truly believe, it starts with us. If we want a world where kindness is freely given, we must also give it freely. We can change the world, one kindness at a time!

  32. Hi Beth – thanks for the chance to win such a lovely print and to spend some of Rob’s hard earned moola! I would like to give thanks to the many many bloggers that I have been reading over the last few months. I can’t remember now which blog was the first I read but over the last little while I have been led from one to another to another I have found amazing writers, women who speak from their hearts about all parts of their lives. Being a current SAHM about to return to work part time I have felt like you are all friends to interact with and help me make sense of my life and my family. I feel truly grateful to be able to read these “conversation” every day and feel part of a large community.

  33. A short and very powerful message. I am nice to people, even when I feel frustrated, because I’m a nice person. And I would expect the same back to me…..I love this post, it’s really nice 🙂

  34. I was going to write this on your post from the other day ” some people just suck” unfortunately.

    You are a super dooper trooper – LOVE your work.

    Every mother freakin’ day 🙂

  35. Our youngest was given some affirmation cards (by a kind friend). One of my favourites is:

    “Rain your kindness equally on all.” Buddha

    I will put my hand up as guilty of screaming at my children “Don’t speak to each other like that!”…I too need to be reminded.

    I enjoyed reading this and your “about me”. Thank you for sharing the “kindness” and you are right…Tessa from DTLL is very kind.

  36. I know quite a few kind people. I don’t know if I ever tell them how kind they are or how much I appreciate their kindness so I’m just gonna list them all here & hope the universe delivers some cosmic message of live to them from me. Ok here goes …

    My boy Isaac is the kindest person I know. I am beyond proud of how kind he is & that it come so naturally to him.

    My friends Lydia, Larissa & Taryn are all kind lovely woman & I’m lucky to have them in my side.

    My GP is kind. She always takes the time to check in & see that we are ok, like really ok. That is good.

    Blogging ladies that seem super kind – Pip, Beth, Nikki, Bianca, Kate, Peggy, Holly. All these lady impress me with the kindness that oozes from their blogs.

    And me. I try to be kind to others all the time. Somedays I fail but I’ll always keep trying.

  37. Dana Cook says

    Today it is raining here in Sydney town,today is also the second week of school holidays’s and today i didn’t have the car BUT was desperate to get out of the house,so i bundled up my 6 year old daughter,put my 2 year old in the pram and decided we just had to get out for a while.

    We were almost at the bus stop (about 15 metre’s away)when the bus came around the corner,so we started running,i didn’t want us to miss it.
    The driver saw us and stopped way before the bus stop to collect us,that was nice,really really nice,it saved us from waiting half an hour in the rain for the next one, with a two year old tantrum more then likely occurring!(and i still hadn’t had my morning coffee,so i probably would have joined her.)
    So today i was reminded how being nice and kind to other’s can simply make someone’s day.
    Dana xx

  38. Hey Beth, love your sassy, smart, funny blog. Love this competition too. You’re husband, he’s nice for offering his hard earned cash. How about I do something nice and give it back to him so you guys can enjoy something from Down That Little Lane too? I’m going to go and check out the site now too. I feel a splurge coming on. Keep this awesomeness going. Alex.x

  39. Nice is my 6yo holding onto me every night and saying ‘I’m never letting you go mum’.
    Nice is my 8yo knowing that the extra cuddle he gives me in the morning gives me my ‘super mum’ strength for the day.
    Nice is when my hubby cleans up kitchen (even after having cooked tea for us all before hand).
    Nice is when the sun is out and the washing can dry on the line and come in smelling of sun.
    Nice is a day on the couch watching a movie when no-one else is home (and I can turn it up loud without having to worry about waking the kids).
    Nice is going out for lunch on a sunny day with hubby and sitting and chatting (which is JUST what we did today).

    Nice is you too Beth .. you are nice, you sound nice and I reckon your would be nice to know in person too.

    Your’s nicely,

  40. There aren’t enough “likes” for that shop/blog. How beautiful. There is a sign on the blog “chaos, panic, disorder. My work is done here”. This is so me right now 🙂 Thank you for sharing your friends x x

  41. I stumbled across DTLL for the first time earlier this week ~ love!
    Thanks for this gorgeous giveaway and for continuing to be awesome.

  42. I have a big thing about teaching my babies (4 & 2) about being Kind and it always amazes me how people can be rude or nasty on blogs – but, then I just remember it’s not about me … it’s about them 🙂

    Your blog is wonderful and funny, so please ignore the crap!


  43. Being Nice is Key.

    I got a snarky email last night from a hater telling me that it was very unattractive and unamusing of me to say that I found it 1000% easier to be at home with my baby than action medical negligence files at the Coalface.

    The delete button is your friend. Thank heavens most people who take the time to comment are not horrible mean bitter or a mix of all of these things.

    How’s the garden travelling? I hope you’ve planted a quince tree.

  44. Anonymous says

    First time ive read your blog and it made me smile … Nice is my special 96 yr old Grandma in my life…Leanne ONEILL

  45. Gosh I am constantly asking my girls to be kind, often screaming it like a wild banshie – what’s with that? Love your blog and I think we can all be kinder to ourselves and always remember that not everyone is perfect like us…

  46. Kindness leads to happiness. Bitterness leads to disappointment and sorrow. I love your blog Beth. Xxx

  47. Kindness leads to happiness. Bitterness leads to disappointment and sorrow. I love your blog Beth. Xxx

  48. You are SO on the money lady, people who think it’s Ok to be rude to others on the their blogs… or anywhere for that matter… are sad individuals. Like yourself, I was pretty naive to the nastiness when I started blogging, I still find it sickening when I hear of someone receiving a horrible comment. I wonder if those people think of the consequences when they do something like that!?
    Gorgeous giveaway and super generous of you (and Rob) too xo

  49. I am new to your blog and to A Baby Called Max….I love them both. A few of my favourite blogs seem to be having trouble with rude people and their comments, I just don’t understand why people do this. So sorry you are all dealing with this, and still manage to have a giveaway!
    Anyway, thanks for continuing to blog and making us happy 🙂

  50. I want to say something nice about Lori from RRSAHM. I’m sure the DPCon would have been a tough time for her but she took the time to make sure I was alright and I was coping. Xx
    Love Diwn

  51. I have read blogs for years… mostly american and all of their dramas… not realising there was this brilliant band of aussie bloggers…. I have been reading for a year, and I know you did not ‘fish’ for compliments but honey…. take it, your blog is real, you say fuck and life is not all dreamy, I love it and so do 100’s of others!!!!ok now to the nitty gritty, I love your house, decoration style and wish it were mine and would love to share a french champers some day soon…. wollow in this week of shittiness but snap out of it, put your big girls pants on and keep blogging!!!!! would love you to stop by my new blog http://leoniecooks.blogspot.com.au

    keep at it and cheers xx

  52. For a beginner blogger these kind of comments scare me.

    Are people really that mean? Eek. You put yourself out there so much but you don’t need judgement from people who don’t even know you.

    I hope it doesn’t happen to you too often Beth. You don’t deserve it.


  53. My (now) teen daughter’s kinder teacher taught her that ‘if you haven’t anything nice to say, say nothing’…she lives by that mantra and I am grateful for that early influence in her life as I wasn’t that insightful to teach her that.

  54. I love reading your blog Beth its so nice to hear that other mums are going through the same life experiences with there kids.
    Nice is when the hubs lets me sleep in till 7:30am, the kids are so excited to see me when i get up they crawl and run over with the biggest smiles…. Im just so lucky to be their mummy!
    I would love to win this prize Thanks Beth (and Rob!)
    [email protected]

  55. What a lovely giveaway… Sorry to hear about you getting a nasty comment.. Not sure what I’d do if I got one, but like you say, rise above it. It says more about them…

  56. Lovely idea! I think you should win it for sharing your fancy chicken recipe with us!

  57. No matter what others say you know in your heart that you are a good person, a good mum and a good wife…stuff them i say, its so easy to judge when they are sitting on a computer and not to your face…gutless i say! ANYWAY…onward and upwards!xxxx

  58. Are you seriously for real?!? Don’t you love it how it’s anonymous too!!! My mother taught me if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. Some people need to learn when NOT to speak! (p.s. so glad I found your blog, I love reading it for what it’s worth).

  59. I always said to my children, “if you wouldn’t like it done/said to you,then don’t say/do it to anyone else.”

  60. I only found your blog this week and read and read and read. Later that evening I told hubby all about you, your sydney housing dilemma (that was us two years ago) and had a little day dream about a move to the country spruiking the fact that your Rob still makes it to the coast to shot film (tried to sell it on the Werri post as hubby is a surfer at heart and hard to get inland). All that lot was well, rather nice.

  61. Please to meet you Beth! Im also a ex-Sydney girl who made the’change’ 12 years ago down here – Shellharbour. I have loved reading your blog and find it so inspiring and comforting knowing someone like myself does exist! I cant get enough of the fresh coastal air and slowness of life now – at times. life with kids is always busy but at least we can stop and ‘smell the roses’ or ‘ walk the beach’now. Thanks for your generous offer to spend money at your freinds shop – have a wish list already!!

  62. I don’t know why anyone would say anything mean to you! x

  63. You are right Beth when you say that when someone is mean it says so much more about them. It is so so true. I truly believe that many people that say mean things consider words as cheap, they throw them around carelessly. They are the ones who are alone and unhappy in the end. It is just so nice to spread the sunshine isn’t it? Your blog helps to do just that for me – actually what it helps me also do is procrastinate just that little more so I can avoid my looming work deadline!!

  64. Im sitting here with my mouth gaping wide wondering how anyone can say something mean about you!
    I mean my goodness, what isn’t there to like? I don’t even know you but I love ya!
    Your honesty, humor and positive look on life is infectious. I love coming in here and reading about your up’s and down’s.

    Some people are just nasty. Plain and simple so try not to let the tosser get you down 😉

  65. Such a great reminder of the impact of our words and actions and how they need to match up.
    For what it is worth I think your blog, your honesty (and thus you) are tops!

    Be kind are the rules in our house and how fantabulous to now be able to have it officially in writing. Thanks for the discovery of this fantastic store!

  66. When we were little our parents ALWAYS reminded us that “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all” So I’m saying thats an awesome looking little message and it just so happens that I INVADED Ikea yesterday and have the perfect frame to house that little guy.

  67. Anonymous says

    If I win, pass the print on to Jo. Her mummy wars post is spot on. We’re all in this together!

  68. I’ve not commented before, I’ve been a silent follower, but I have to say that your words stay with me in those wee hours of the morning when my two year old is begging ‘Mummy, rub, rub’and I think that I’m not alone. Also retromummy and other bloggers have inspired my foray into craft and it has soothed my soul. I had never seen Down that Little Lane before and what a find it is. I think the gorgeous coloured bird feeders would brighten my hubbie’s garden. Thanks for your words and inspiration.

  69. A little quote i read today that really spoke to me….. “The grass is greener where you water it”

    Love your way with words Beth. Keep doing what you do!

  70. I have been surrounded by so much kindness recently of strangers and old friends. It’s been a raft of kindness and makes me feel very fortunate and loved and safe despite the accompanying circumstances. It is strange how some things are out of focus till something difficult makes it very clear what goodness is really out there. The other stuff is not worth sweating!

  71. Start the day by being kind to yourself the rest should just flow on.

  72. I really don’t appreciate nasty comments, particularly when you bother responding and they tell you there’s no need to take offense. You should never assume you know somebody just because you read a blog post.

  73. Thanks for all the work you do to create this fabulous blog- I love your honesty, your quirkiness and love for life. My little motto is ‘Always be nice to others, as you never know what’s happening in their world and you might just make their day.’

  74. I tell my boys everyday to be kind and nice to their brothers because they will best friends when they are all grown up.

  75. to me, today, kind is my lovely neighbour taking my 3 year old clingster out for lunch because she could tell I was losing my cool. In return, she will get eggs, the chicken stock I’m now able to make and wine… well, she will get to share some wine with me, she cant have it all…

  76. You told us not too but pffttt!! you are nice! I like it when I am nice, Just yesterday I went to visit a good friend who is lets say 82+..I hadnt seen her since before Easter with school holidays and such.She was in tears because 2 days ago she found out that her 50+ year old son has the big C. She said it is not right that your kids have to die before you…made me think I need to get my nice on and vitit her more than once a week from now on..if I win will pick something to give to her. thx hon

  77. I agree – it is the the negative comments (that are few and far between) that stick and sting more than the lovely ones. When I was published on News.com.au this week, the comments were brutal – so many anon commenters hiding behind that screen, psycho-analysing me, questioning my celebrity crushes. Thank god I didn’t write a serious post on there!
    Your blog makes me smile, even the mundane like hanging out the washing x

  78. I’m sorry someone was such an ass face to you. I am always baffled as to why someone would go to all that trouble to leave a nasty comment. It takes so much effort to be mean and angry.
    As a new mum I am looking forward to teaching my girl about the entire spectrum of manners, not just please and thankyous but little things like sending a card to remind someone you love them, letting your elders go first when getting on a bus and being quiet and polite in public at all times. I know that one is pretty funny for a small child or even a teenager but by the time she’s grown out of that obnoxious stage she will remember how to have good manners and how nice that warm fuzzy is 🙂

  79. Kelly Easton says

    Agree completely – but you put it on some better words!

    My grandmother has always said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all – something that I find I am trying to teach my 2 girls!!!

  80. Nice… Your post makes me think of my mum. She had twin boys and my sister and I are 13 months apart. To this day she says my sis and I were harder and meaner than the twins. Mum was ALWAYS asking/telling us to be nice to each other. And we did. When we got to our 20’s.
    My sis amazing! She a super mum of 4. And by supermum, I mean the kind of mum you want to have around when you are having your first. Relaxed, helpful and tactful WANTED advice with cupcakes/bubbles on the side. She is an amazing woman.
    *Note* I do not think your kiddies will take as long as we did to be nice to each other 😉

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