Over the back fence {Episode 1}

Welcome to the first episode of my Podcast “Over the Back Fence”. It’s a 25 minute show discussing the mundane (well not to us anyway) with my neighbour.

I’m currently waiting for the show to be approved through Itunes so until then you can listen to it here, OR if you want to download it so you can listen to my dulcet tones on the trot via your ipod/MP3 player you can do the following:

1. Open itunes
2. Under the advanced tab up the top (6th tab across) go to the second drop down option: SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST
3. It will bring up a box to enter in html code. Copy & paste this in: feed://otbfpodcast.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
4. You will then be subscribed!

Although these steps above are clunky, as soon as it gets approved I will have the “proper” links in here. A new episode will be uploaded each week.

I hope you enjoy it!

And a HUGE thank you to our show producer…Rob x


  1. you can bung it all in! (just chop chicken first!)
    T x

  2. (I just went back to last Autumn and had a look at the recipe…I dont cook the risoni seperately anymore, I just chuck it in at the end. Im going to revise it. Ugh Thumbs down!! makes me sad!! plus a nasty case of Mondayitis)

  3. yay! bung away! now, where do I get me a Jenny Kee jumper?

  4. Ahh yep what a marvelous way to start Monday
    Thanks Bev! x

  5. I must confess I put my teatowels and undies together in the same wash too. That part made me LOL a lot!

    This was fun, Beth. And kudos to your neighbour too; she was great!

  6. I never wash our undies in with teatowels.Krinny

  7. Fabulous segment Beth 🙂 I wish I had neighbours I could chat to over the fence!

  8. Gold! I can’t wait for the next episode. Have a great day 🙂

  9. Loved this Beth! Best thing to listen to on a Monday at work when I really don’t want to be here, gave me a chuckle.. can’t wait for ep 2!

  10. the freaking pony factor, love it. i don’t think i am the best person to speak to about washing because i am quite pony factor about it. captain sensible, not even allowed to touch the washing machine, let alone sort the loads!! heaven forbid! needless to say, smalls and towels NOT in the same load. i like the cut of neighbour’s jib!

  11. Beth,
    Just sat down and a had a listen. Loved it, brought back memories of Expo 88, drinking at Darling Harbour, and generally life before children. On to the important issues of hunting and gathering food stuffs for the fam. enjoyed the tet a tet regarding culinary prowess. On a sour note, horrified at myself for not knowing the tea towel undie rule, my whole house keeping is in question now, lol.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the whole segment. Was wondering in the future if you and neighbour may take questions from the gallery, really important ones like peg etiquette, should we colour match or not, lol.
    Thanks to you, Neighbour and Rob. Best wishes from Belinda.

  12. skinnyflatwhite says

    Fond memories of the monorail. And drinking at Darling Harbour. I still have shot glasses from that bar, stolen before a Prince concert circa 1990.
    Best book some flights to take my kids on the monorail before the end of an era!!

  13. “It’s done” “Neigh!”

    This made me snort my tea.


  14. Sitting here with a cuppa looking at my filthy skirting boards. It’s raining here so can’t take the 3 yr old out maybe I should give him a bucket of bleach..

  15. Bot Bot!!! hahaah! love it!

  16. Confession…I am a skirting board bleacher…(isn’t everyone?)

  17. Great fun!!! x

  18. Great work Beth, can’t wait to add it to my list of podcasts. Had a little giggle over the tea towels and undies. Kx

  19. I have just downloaded this and intend to listen as I run in the morning. I do not love running – I hope your podcast helps me to like it. The pressure is on! Oh, but I hope it’s not too funny – I have had 2 kids you know!

  20. Fabulous! Looking forward to the next episode 🙂

  21. thats pod was funny…crackups

  22. You leave no stone unturned. One episode down and I’m hooked.
    Let’s get one thing straight. Undies and teatowels – never the two shall mix.
    We have a family friend that must use the same colour pegs per item. That’s weird. I do have certain ways things should be hung on the line. Also I don’t like to collect the top newspaper.

  23. Oh Beth that was just the best! Your neighbour is also the best too… I want to live next to her! I was imagining you sneaking into her laundry and popping some smalls in with the tea towels just to see her face while she is hanging them outside! He he!

    Keep them coming!xx

  24. HELLO????? – its about your boots, hardcore mofo HOT boots man. THat is all. As you were….

  25. Brilliant. Love love loved it!
    Keeping tea towels and knickers separate… Who’d have thunk it?!
    I’m now off to wipe my skirting boards with bleach… I shall leave no nesting stone unturned. My house will sparkle arkle god dammit!!
    Can’t wait for episode 2. xx
    (love the little jingles too!)

  26. That was fabulous! thanks so much for the giggle! I am not a skirting board bleacher but I do wipe them down and vac them if they are dusty. lol. Tho I do like my smalls and tea towels separate.
    thanks again looking forward to the next installment! x

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