Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Feel the difference

I know right? A strange post. For the Kidspot Top 50 bloggers. An entry if you will {shudder}. To show that I would like a chance to win a trip to Blogher. And the use of a car for a year. And stuff. It all makes me a little awkward and nervous and embarrassed rolled into one. But here it is nonetheless.

Let’s go back. 6 years back. Riiiiight back, to when I looked like this.

DEAR GOD WOMAN! Won’t someone think of the poor peoples on the interwebs having to see this?

I lived in a terrace in Newtown with my husband Rob and I worked 5 days a week in a Financial planning office in the suburbs. I didn’t drive or have my licence. I thought I was doing an amazing job, you know, being pregnant and all, sipping my skim lattes in takeaway cups, going to the Art Gallery on weekends, eating at restaurants and having friends over to dinner in our little house. I spent my time in the office reading blogs – American blogs – because it didn’t seem that there were any Australian ones to read. One day I decided that we should have a blog – Rob and I and the baby to be – and so I called Rob to ask him to set me one up. And he did. And there is was. Facebook didn’t exist. Twitter not even thought of. Times were different. People actually called each other up to catch up rather than pressing a like button to check in. You waited for a text message when a baby was born, not seeing a status update minutes after the actual event. What seemed like a very strange thing at the time for friends and family, “A blog? What’s a blog?!” I started writing stuff down. Taking pictures. Remembering funny things along the way. BabyMac was born. Even before the real BabyMac was born.

After Daisy was born the blog became a place to record my time at home with my newborn. To remember the pain of a breast abscess, or to take a picture of my precious baby. I wrote, kept writing, not sure for who really, but it became part of my normal life as a stay at home mother. When I went back to work it changed a little, became a little more about me, my struggles with work and being a Mother, about finding my place back in the big bad world. I wrote, kept writing, because it was my place to do so. Then, somewhere along the way, some people started to read. People who weren’t my family. It was liberating and frightening all at the same time. I got retrenched. I got a new job. I got pregnant again, I wrote, kept writing, and the issues became more complex – working and being a mother and being pregnant. Harper was born and too quickly I was back at work. People kept reading, while what I had to say wasn’t any more important to the next woman, I felt like whatever I had to say was being listened to. And enjoyed. I had this amazing community of people who got me, understood me, supported me each and every time I opened up my laptop. They cheered for me, consoled me, and so I wrote, kept writing, as we made some huge life decisions for our small family. We packed up and moved down to the country where we knew not a soul, to start a new life for us all. But…I knew that each time I felt lonely I only had to open my laptop and there they all were – supporting me all the same just as before. I would never have made that decision without having my blog. Never. Fancy that!

Since we moved down here almost 2 years ago the blog has transformed from a place of memory keeping for my children to something quite different. As each year of my life brings changes, so does my blog. It evolves and grows just like my children, just like my husband and I. While before it was about babies and breastfeeding, juggling work and the rest, today it might be about recipes, and good design and purchases of silly (but fabulous) bins. It’s a celebration of all the bits of my life. Life has dealt me some pretty good cards and right now, I am soaking them up, enjoying them and sharing them, each and every day.  I don’t think anything much sets me apart from the next blogger out there. I might have been at it for a little longer, but my story is the same. The struggles. The endless joys and frustrations. I don’t know what is around the corner for me, or for the family, or for technology for that matter, but I do know that each and every day I’ll come into my little space of the web, open up a browser and hit NEW POST. There will be silliness, excitement, sadness, lots of fun in between but always honestly. Complete honesty.

That’s me.

And that is the story of BabyMac. So far…

Now go listen to this song, really loudly. Come on Ford, you know you want me…

And go on, head on over for me and have a vote. You could win $5000 just for chucking in an email address!


  1. And still I am BAFFLED as to how we have only known one another for a year. Quite frankly I feel JIBBED that we haven’t known each other longer.

    So much lost time to catch up on, so much more to look forward to.

    I’m ever so glad you started blogging and have kept writing because you and your little slice of the world? Are now an intrinsic part of mine.

    Love ya guts.

  2. Beth, you are amazing! I nearly always click over as soon as I see you have posted (thank goodness Facebook exists now, I think), and am always enamoured with you and your writing. I love this post, I love you (in a completely non-stalker way).
    Also, couldn’t help smiling at your silly but fabulous bin!

  3. I am just checking out how HOT you are and how babies and treechanges have really suited you, you spunk xx

  4. This was such a great recap of your blogging world! As someone who has only stumbled across your blog in the last 12 months I just loved this retracing of steps. You do have a divine little slice of cyber space x

  5. Great post Beth, I love reading your blog and gazing enviously at your home and garden. Good luck with the top 50!

  6. Good luck, I’m cheering you on! 2012 is the year of BabyMac!

  7. You rock Beth. Rock. Today I shocked my readers with a photo of me preggers as well. Wearing leggings as pants. With socks over the top. And boat shoes.

  8. Gorgeous!!!!! I’m so glad you blog all about life where you live because it’s one if my favourite places and one day I’m going to live outside Sydney:)

    You also just reminded me I need to do a blog post for the competition!!!!!!

  9. I’ve already voted. And I love your blog. Mostly because you’re so honest, but mostly because you and I have been blogging for FOREVER! The same time, roundabout.

    We’re the ones who’ve stuck at it.

    Good on you honey! And c’mon Ford, you know you want to give this chick a Terror.


  10. voted. done. good luck. go beth (-:

  11. Voted. Go girl!


  12. Love it.
    The story.
    The blog.
    The fabulous bin.
    The power of one fabulous bin.
    All of it.
    Good luck.
    🙂 xx

  13. I voted for you the moment the voting lines were open dude.
    Love your work 🙂

  14. I haven’t read many (any) top fifty blog posts yet and I don’t think I shall read many (probably any) more. I’ve only recently discovered your blog too but I love your honesty and cooking and taste in music xx

  15. Love it Beth.
    I remember being asked from a PR guy last year that what would we do once our kids grew up as we can’t just keep popping out babies forever, so we have a shelf life as “Mummy Bloggers”. I almost decked him. I will ALWAYS be a mother, I will always have a story regardless of my children’s ages. I am still a mum when they’re 30 and beyond, just as I am now. My role, it changes, but it gives me new stories.

  16. This is beautiful Beth!!! warmest congrats on your wonderful nomination and congrats too on this lovely, lovely post. xxx

  17. Ohhhh I love it lady. I know Ford will too! This blog is responsible for SO many great things… YOU and your world are responsible for so many great things. I’ll keep reading, as long as you keep writing my friend. Good luck with the entry xoxo

  18. Let’s make out.

  19. Go you good thing – you know that car is so yours!!! I already posted a pic on Instagram after the Kidspot night saying Beth’s car and everyone thinks you won it anyway. Cough it up Ford, she’s earned it! xx

  20. You’ve got my vote Beth! Feel like I owe it to you as I’ve been visiting your site for the past month. You and your words, make me smile everyday 🙂

  21. Love Love Love your blog! Just voted – good luck!
    Marita x

  22. You rite good and stuff. x

  23. What a great post. And it’s all so you. I love having been on the BabyMac train since nearish the beginning (I think I started reading a few months before you got pregnant with baby 2?).

    Good luck for the competition.

  24. Ahh, so I searched twitter first before I started to write mine to get a glimpse. And yeah, now I feel like perhaps I should just concede defeat. Man, amazing. I love this. I love that (we had this convo last year) but I love that you guys found what makes you happy and went for it. I admire it and I think it shows what kind of cool you own.

    Bern xx

    • Bern, as IIIIF! Thanks so much – coming from a blogging veteran such as yourself that means alot. Now, go write the shit out of that post and I’ll see you in the Top 5 x

  25. hi there..i’m a new reader and i really enjoyed this post, it was like a friend telling me what your blog is/was all about. i look forward to reading more (and reading back, too.)

  26. So great to hear about how your blog has evolved. What a great story. I just love what you do here Beth. Keep it coming and don’t ever stop! x

  27. What a great way to describe a blog ‘evolving and growing’, so true. Loving following your journey Beth x

  28. Thanks for writing Beth, your blog is full of honesty but also a good dose of fantasy. It’s fun to get a taste of living where you do in that beautiful part of oz. x
    Emma @

  29. You have my vote, too. I’m fairly new to your blog, but reading your recap here, I’m struck by the parallels in our lives – inner city groovers once upon a time, first daughter six years ago, then a second, then packing up and moving somewhere far away with no friends or family around. All very familiar, except the great blog part – you win on that count 🙂

  30. Don’t ever stop!


    I’m just so glad I stumbled upon this incredible place while going through the maze that is reading blogs, & deciding which ones to add to your reader.

    I read you after breakfast every day. And I adore you.

    It took all my strength to pretend to be cool, & not gush this kind of bullshit out to you in Sydney.

    But there is seriously something special about you!

    Keep at it, for me, & for Nanna Maureen xx

  31. You are fantastic, and I think even moreso now I’ve actually met you. I shall stop gushing.
    But you so deserve this.
    BlogHer and Beth are meant to be. xx

  32. I voted before but I’d vote again if I could cause I just LUV YA!! Your the type of gal I rekon I’d be friends with in real life. Your my kind of person xx

  33. Ditto! Reannon I agree-so weird to totally relate to someone that you’ve never met you don’t know me but I know you thingo going on lol Beth I LOVE reading your blog-keep the good coming!! Big VOTE for you love! Kate

  34. i did it, i was always going to. you and blogher will be HILARIOUS! i have everything crossed for you, which might make things a little awkward but i’m doing it for you!

  35. You got my vote Beth. I love how you write and that post is just beautiful. I love how honest you are and just how the written word is just so natural for you. That is a gift to be able to write so effortlessly. Good on you. I look forward to many more heartfelt posts! x

  36. I luuurve the world of BabyMac. Good luck Beth!

  37. Loved reading this! Good luck. I’ve voted.

  38. I had to mention you and your awesomeness in my post x

  39. Voted! Good luck

  40. I very happily have voted for you – good luck!

  41. all over it lady! I loved reading about your journey into blogging. Ace x

  42. You have just convinced me that blog evolution is good. Mostly blogs are for ourselves anyway right…

  43. Congratulations on getting into the top 5! xxx

  44. Congratulations on making the Top 5! Best of luck xx

  45. Congratulations on making the top 5!

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