Kid in the kitchen

Each and every day a gourmet treat will be delivered to me and my laptop by a small person. A piece of plastic cauliflower on a plate. A tea cup filled with a plastic prawn. You know the stuff.

It’s important business.

And I don’t blame them. I’d be cooking over there too with a view like that too. Actually. I do have a view like that from my kitchen. Because we’re greedy like that.

What do you have planned for the kitchen today? May I suggest trotting out this Roast chook? I did it again a few nights ago and holy SHIZ it’s the boss. Perfect Saturday night fine dining and or Autumn Sunday lunch. This could be nice for a long boozy lunch too. Nothing better than a weekend stretched out in front of you with endless possibilities…hope you get some time to cook (or just eat) something tasty. It’s guaranteed around these parts.

Because we’re greedy like that.


  1. yes yes. Ill give it a whirl tonight me thinks!

  2. I get a lot of lovely meals delivered to me like that.
    I’m escaping the kitchen (and the kids) today to sit in the sun at the races. Have a good one. x

  3. A gazillion bikkies in preparation for school on Monday will begin after I post this AND I’m making your supremo chook for lunch tomorrow can. not. wait!

    Happy weekend Bev, Beth et al.

  4. Skinnyflatwhite says

    Pork belly is on the menu here in Perth. Which I hate. The things we do for the love of a good man and little ones….

  5. Heidi Fitz says

    hey .. great reminder re: sexy chook – i did love that reco!on the shopping list .. Thanks as always! Hx

  6. I’m going to try to convince the husband to make it for me… it’s 7.30am so I’ve got plenty of time for ‘suggestions’…

  7. Planned for the kitchen today- Tacos/burritos for tea. Tomorrow- Roast chook and some Subway style cookies using up Easter eggs!

  8. Now that, is the sweetest mini kitchen I’ve ever seen. How lucky your little ladies are to have that baby in their home… and that view, just lovely xo

  9. Soooo.. It only took about 6 days and I did work 3 of those days (which didn’t fully stop me).. But, it was fun to read your blog from start to finish. I’ve properly gotten back into blogging now too! Yaayyy

  10. That kitchen is MUCH tidier than mine…

  11. Lady, finally made your Chicken Quesadillas the other night. Husband and I were very happy indeed 🙂 Thank you!

  12. the kettle! It’s amazing (of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from you) x

  13. I want their kitchen! Nothing really exciting in my kitchen today except baking this weeks worth of snacks

  14. Gorgeous kitchen. I think I need to buy my boys a play kitchen, so I can play in it. Thats ok isnt it?

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