Ghost Town

Edited to add 12.18pm:
Ladies/Gents, let’s keep it nice and keep our manners in check. I didn’t want this post to be a vigilante attack on Julietta, far from it. I wanted to say sorry to the people I hurt. The words in the article were indeed MINE (albeit taken out of context). I wanted my disappointment be known at the angle she took. I appreciate all your support and wonderful comments, but let’s keep it nice ladies. It doesn’t do bloggers reputations any good and I believe drives us further apart from traditional media further if we behave like a pack of crazy women when one of us is attacked. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Do you know what I mean?Are we OK then? Yes? OK, as you were….

Saturday night I had dreams about some ex boyfriends. It was like the ghost of Christmas past – in and out they came one here and there – it was quite exhausting seeing them and working out what I would say to them and all the time looking for my family who didn’t seem to be anywhere at all. I woke Sunday morning with a strange sense of nostalgia, but not good nostalgia, a type of dredging up old stuff, emotions, baggage that I would really like to kept where it should be. In the past.

Sunday morning I wanted to get out of home. On a picnic. Away from my computer and hopefully mobile reception so we headed to an old abandoned ghost town not far from where we live. We packed the picnic basket, loaded the kids in the car, cranked some music and headed into the countryside. We drove and drove following signs and terrible windy, bumpy dirt roads until we almost got to the town only to be confronted with signs “PRIVATE PROPERTY. KEEP OUT” and one little lone road headed into the ghost town. Rob stopped. Should we go in? Daisy panicked and said she most definitely did NOT want to go in and we decided after 10 mins, that we would turn around. No one was wanted in that ghost town. You could take the road if you wanted, at your own risk.

Yesterday an article was published about blogger’s. When I was asked to take part in it in January I was excited, and of course flattered. My ego was boosted – someone in a BIG paper wanted to know about me! About my blog! About what I do! I had an existing relationship with the author through a meeting in my book club last year and then over twitter. She said she read my blog and I believed her. The article was positioned in a way that it would talk about my chicken soup. You know the noodle soup one? Plenty of people made it and she wanted to talk about that, about the sharing community of blogging, about the strength of blogger’s who put it out there into the big bad world. We spoke for almost 40 minutes, about plenty of things and a small section about my past, which I over shared with her (because I am a blogger and that’s what we do) and always expect the best in people, and I was shocked and embarrassed that that 2 minute part of my interview was ALL that was covered. My words, in inverted commas, mocked me on the page and I felt instantly sick thinking of the ramifications of her putting them there. Those words. Those were people, real people. With feelings, and privacy and they MOCKED me and my blog and what I do. Each and every time I write on my blog, especially when I am writing about other stories, I ensure 100% that I tell MY story. About how a particular event affected ME and my words are carefully chosen. They are considered, pondered on. I hope I am getting better at this and I know in the past that I too have made those mistakes. But I’m getting better with my words, trying each and every day with new posts. Those words were not. They were are a drama! A journo’s dream I suppose and I was ashamed that my picture even sat next to them. They make me sick. I hate those stupid words.

Those words hurt real people in my family who I love. People I have worked REALLY hard at having a relationship with over the past 18 years despite many obstacles. Those words have probably changed my standing with people forever and for that I am deeply ashamed and apologetic. I would NEVER, not ever, intentionally hurt people in that way. I am a good person, and despite my different ways to most people, of talking about most things, well, I do have tact. I do know right from wrong and that was wrong. I am angry with the author for using a cheap angle to sell my story to many people, more people than I could ever dream of having read my blog. My blog is more than that. It’s about life and love and simple joys. Of recipes and photos and colour and light. Not drama, and old wounds for the sake of a story. It’s just not. It’s more than that and it IS something. It deserved more than that.

So, today I’ll try and pick up the pieces and come back down that road that no one really wants to revisit. The past. I’ll say I’m sorry, keep doing what I do, and learn from my mistakes. Today will be better, next week more so and hopefully in a few months time it will be a bad memory. I truly hope so, although I fear it’s not as easy as just waking up from a bad dream and starting a new day. If only it were that simple.


  1. Massive hugs to you Beth. I think because I regularly read your blog and “know” you and where you are coming from, I didn’t interpret the article in that way. I definitely didnt think it was a good, accurate or enlightening article but I felt that said more about the journalist than you or the other 3 fabulous women.

    I hope you can feel better about it all soon.xoxo

    • I couldn’t agree more with this.

      Beth, while I probably know you least out of the bloggers who were featured, I read each piece about each blogger and thought what terrible “reporting” it was. I don’t know the journalist at all – I don’t even care to know – but I was pretty miffed that she could get you all so very wrong. The agenda of the writer came through loud and clear and, honestly, I think it speaks more to an underlying tall poppy syndrome-style sledge-fest.

      But I could be wrong…

      I’m really sorry you were placed in that position, in such a widely circulated newspaper.

  2. Oh Beth – how awful. Just hold your chin up, you have a lot of admirerers. I hope that Journo has trouble sleeping…

    Trish xx

  3. Bev,
    Its so disappointing when you can’t help but be nothing but yourself be free and open and people take advantage

  4. Oh Beth. When I read that “article” it was so incredibly apparent that none of you would have agreed to be interviewed had you known the tone and point it would try to make. I’m so upset for you, the fall out must be horrific for you and your family. I’m sorry if it’s not much comfort but if anyone comes through to your blog anew from this, they will very quickly learn the truth. Those of us already here know xx

  5. I know exactly how this article was pitched, it was pitched to me in a similar fashion, & of course I believed its author.

    However Dave said no, as his only issue was with the fact that my photo would be published. And he didn’t want people who only barely knew me, flocking to my blog out of being nosy, as opposed to more genuine reasons.

    I can’t believe he made the right call.

    But I know how this BULLSHIT article was pitched, & I was devastated to learn about all of this last night.

    I woke Dave up after my night shift last night (3am), & said, ‘fuck babe, you were right’.

    I just couldn’t actually believe the angle, & felt nauseous on behalf of you all.

    I am still angry, & if anyone is reading this comment, believe me when I say this …

    The author of this article pitched this interview as a CELEBRATION of ‘Mummy bloggers’ who wear their hearts on their blog. I too was told that my blog was read, & enjoyed, & of course that’s flattering.

    I was also flattered that she seemed to appreciate my blogs honesty. I had no idea that was what she wanted to make a mockery of.

    Be proud of your blog!

    People flock to it daily, & leave feeling positively happier than when they arrived.

    Don’t change a single thing!

    Your past, present, or your future x

    • Nicely said Cherie. I have only recently gotten to know (& love) Beth and so many wonderful bloggers out there. Although I haven’t seen the article you’ve appeared in Beth, I believe, like most of your readers, that your true nature – of kindness and goodness – that you display on your blog is genuine. I have recently noticed the difference in journalistic styles & sensationalism. I watched an international news story on two different networks. One reported the news, with facts and unbiased (& positive) but informative overtones. The other was full on scary, negative, fearful, less factual & informative with lots of bright shouty adjectives. I actually couldn’t believe they were reporting the same piece of news. I refuse to watch one of those network news broadcasts now – unless I’m feeling all stabby and looking for a reason to be annoyed! I’m so sorry your trust was abused and mistreated. I have often thought it would be fun to be famous & well known…now I’m certain it’s not for me. I’ll be a quiet achiever thank you. The media take kind, loving & sensitive people – like you – and use & abuse for their own agenda. It’s wrong. I hope those that know you, and read all of our comments will see that. Much love to you. It will pass. Xx

  6. Hey, I read that. I didn’t pick up on all that and I’m sorry you’ve come away from that feeling exposed. It’ll take some time and talk, I guess, but it’ll be fixed.

  7. Like everyone else above, anyone who’s met you for more than 30 minutes or who’ve read more than three of your blog posts will have glanced askance after reading that article and said “Whaaa?” Those who know you, and love you, will know that OF COURSE you would have put many, many words clarifying those few that were published.

    You’re honest, you’re open and you share. That’s what everyone loves about you and your blog.

    Those that don’t get it never will get it.

    I pity them.

    Many hugs beautiful girl xx

  8. honeybegentle says

    Beth – I lurk, usually don’t post, but – KNOW THIS – to those that read your words, and no doubt those who know and love you – will know better than to proportion depth to that article. It was cheap, sell out “journalism” (and I use the word loosely). Tells more about the journalist who possesses a flimsy grasp on those qualities that make you, you, Beth. She has no integrity, no consideration, no honesty. You have these in buckets. Your words, here on this blog, reasonate to whole lot more people than those of the journalist. Can’t say don’t worry. But for each worrisome thought, read through these comments and hopefully, “that” feeling will pass.

  9. Beth you have always been agreat inspiration to me! I have written that soooo many times. You are fabulous and anyone that says less than that is a fool and needs a smack! You are a fantastic blogger, mum, wife, person and we all think you are pretty cool xxx

  10. I’ve never read your blog before, but I’ve read Edenland for a few years and I know what a cheap misrepresentation that article was of her and all that she is and does. I’m so sorry that you have been treated this way. Your readers know the depth of your work and it is a terrible shame that it was reduced to a few tidbits of sensationalistic gossip.

  11. Beth, I only discovered your blog last week and you know what it’s like when you find one that speaks to your heart that reminds you that hey I’m doing a great job as a mother, wife, decorator, champagne o’clock gal, that you read back through the posts and think hey that woman is living my life (in a none weird way!)? I love your honesty. I didn’t read the article on the weekend, I’m glad I didn’t – I agree that it says so much more about that Journalist than it does about you. I am sure those that love you and know of the situation will see the article for what it really is.

  12. Beth, I come to your blog every day as it’s a little slice of sunshine. I always feel the warmth of your posts and love the beauty of your photos. The story tried to take cheap shots for sensationalism but those who really know you, who who are part of the blogosphere saw straight through it. We know that you and the other three ladies are amazing, strong and beautiful people. All my love to you xx

  13. Beth. BabyMac. I was so worried yesterday, that you would never blog again. Utterly fist pumping that you wrote this, for yourself as much as the people you love. And the people who love you.

    Still awkward and squeamish about this whole thing myself … the school run just got a WHOLE lot more interesting. And my sons daycare teachers .. ugh. That’s the one thing that worried me the most yesterday – that people would think I was an unfit mother. That’s dangerous territory. I believe the tone in this article was spiteful, small, mean, and dark. On purpose.

    Cherie from A Baby Called Max called it, and so did my own sister Linda … even the photos are trying to make a point, that the bloggers are the only ones in colour and the rest of our family fades into black and white. MISS REPRESENT. My family brings me colour … without them I would be a dreary faded thing.

    This day has just started but it feels just that bit better. Hopefully.


    Love the chicken soup feeding the community idea. Let’s run with that.

  14. Juliette, if you are reading this, you really fucked up. Big time.

  15. Oh Beth…

    When I read the article yesterday, I knew it wasn’t you. Yes, it was your story, but not how you would tell it.

    I am sorry to hear how much trouble and hurt yesterdays words caused.

    But you are so much stronger than this. Your family will come round, I’m sure of it. They know the real you. And you would never do anything to hurt anybody.

    Today’s post is one of your best if you ask me. Honest and caring and raw. THIS is why I love you. THIS is why SO MANY PEOPLE love you.

    Hang in there kitty.


  16. Dear BabyMac

    You write a beautiful blog. Your family are always lovingly represented here. The Sunday mag article was trashy and unpleasant (and that is a shame) but it really doesn’t reflect you or your blog. This space is clean and truthful and safe. Having a past hurt that you have had to learn to live with broadcast to a wide readership is a massive headspin, but you didn’t say anything untruthful and what happened…happened.

    Please know you are very loved.


  17. Dear Beth

    Hi. I feel sad that this has happened. I say things all the time that come back to haunt me- not necessarily on my blog because my entire office reads it and I have to be circumspect, but in real life, and I hate that feeling of regret. It is awful, because like getting sun burnt, you know you could have stopped it.

    During life’s awful times, I like to ask “will this matter in 6 hours? 6 weeks? 6 months? 6 years?” That helps because as always the answer is probably No.

    Chin Up Girlfriend. These things are sent to try us. Throw yourself into some hardcore aggressive pruning or poach some quinces.

    It’s going to be ok.

    Added you to my blog list so prepare to be inundated by the mature age gardeners of Southern California (my biggest demographic and it must be said a lovely bunch of women)

    Love FF x

  18. Oh Beth … feeling for you. Makes me glad I left all that behind x

  19. Julietta Jameson is a a tip rat. You could see that she picked apart what you wrote (for her own sakes) and shat all over you in the process. It clearly made no sense. No one in their right mind would believe that when you were asked to “Tell me about your background” that those words would have come out in that way!

  20. As my blogging has dropped off over the last few months- there are only really 2 or 3 blogs I read every day. First up EVERY-SINGLE-DAY is yours. I have no idea what the numbnut wrote – but if you can try and get past it .. and keep going with everything you write just like you have been – I KNOW that everyone else who comes here EVERY-SINGLE-DAY will be happier for it.

    As the main man Clint Eastwood says ‘GO AHEAD .. MAKE MY DAY’ ..

  21. I’ve only recently discovered your blog. How did I not even know about it?? Anyway… I just wanted to say that *this* ^^ up there, the comments from your readers… Juliette doesn’t get that. You do. Check mate.

  22. awwww beth I’m so sorry! I had to go and reread both you and eden because I grabbed the paper, skim read and told you! It’s always hard when someone else controls what is published about us. I remember a that’s life story last year I had done and thankfully they ring you up and read the article to you BEFORE it’s published, and as she was reading the story I was correcting this and that thinking to myself that’s not what I said. wish you had that opportunity as well as eden. I had to ask her to remove stuff about my parents because my mum wasn’t even alive and it wasn’t fair

    oh beth I had no idea of the misquotes and how bad it was till last night. big hugs and hope you didn’t think I was insensitive.

    love your blog as does everyone else who has commented here.


  23. I have half a mind to report them to Media Watch but then it would just be repeating Eden’s relapse, this time on tv.

  24. I didn’t read the article, so no idea what was said & how words were unfairly twisted. But I do read your blog daily & LOVE it. I get an excited buzz when I see you’ve posted! I voted for you in the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers this year because you rock! Your writing, your honesty, your beauty, your look on life, your willingness to share & help & justify…it all rocks!!!! Keep blogging! Keep loving! Keep sharing!

  25. Hi,
    I am one of your regular lurkers who visit you often and enjoy what you have to say – and I logged in just now to check out what I needed for that chicken noodle soup (!) and got the latest update. I saw the article and I follow some of the other bloggers too and thought it was a shame that the journo chose to frame each of you with some sensational quotes rather than the good *stuff*. But don’t worry, apart from your family feeling stung and the much (unfair) grovelling you might have to do, the impression given by the article won’t remain in the public consciousness for long. Since you have so much on your blog that contradicts the mean little waspy oneliners. I won’t be going away anywhere soon and I doubt anyone else will either.
    Hang in there.

  26. You’re right, it was a scandalous article and didn’t represent any of the beautiful bloggers I know and love… online and in person. Part of me thinks it was written in that manner to aggravate, to bring the blogosphere up in arms, for us to share the link, to rage about it… ironically, to boost their stats.

    I think people will be drawn in and when they get here they will see all that you are and fall in love… just like we all have xx

    PS: I’ll be in SUNDAY Magazine in the Telegraph soon and I’m in total panic mode.

  27. Kirsty Miller says

    Hi Beth

    Long time lurker, first time poster on your blog. I just wanted to say that the article yesterday did not sound like YOU at all. I read your blog every day and I love it. It’s so honest and well written.

  28. Karma bites arses.

    Big love Beth xx

  29. I notice that her twitter stream got really quiet really freaking fast.

    I hope she is ripped a new arse for this… alas she wont. She will get accolades for the extra hits on the website, the controversy she has caused and she will sit there smugly while you, Eden and Naomi have to run around and try to set the record straight.

    But as she inferred in her article, we are bloggers and we overshare and we deserve everything we get.

    Hope the bitch runs into one of us in the street. She wont be so smug when we give her a piece of our minds.

    Hold you held up, be proud of the space you have made here and direct those that question you to these comments.


  30. Oh Beth, I wish I could give you a hug xT

  31. Oh Beth, like the others that have commented, feel so sad for you all that it turned out this way. Having been on the end of sensationalist journalism (front page of the Herald Sun with a big arse picture of my face), I have learnt that little good ever comes of it. But it’s a lesson I wouldn’t have learnt, had I not lived it.

    It’s completely shit for it to happen, but trust me, you will all take something from this negative experience. It will make you better bloggers, with more integrity and honesty and more importantly, better mothers, wives and friends, who express their love and shield their families.

  32. I am from Qld could someone please point me in the right direction as to where I can read this article online, is that possible? (leave me a comment on my blog if you like that I won’t publish)
    This sounds like a very cheap attempt to grab readers basing the article on what she perceives as the darker dirty side of your lives with no focus on the sunny side whatsoever. A story without balance. Gutter journalism that is sensationalized and so very unprofessional. Methinks you are all owed a written apology given what you were promised.

  33. There is so much wrong with what happened, and so much wrong with the fact I’m totally and utterly not surprised. I know how it works, I’ve been pressured to take angles myself, and the writing just to to be scandalous and salacious makes me sick to my very core. No wonder I didn’t even last a year in the industry. I am so, so sorry that innocent, trusting people get so fucked over in the race to dig the most dirt.

    Best part is you get the last word. Kick that ass, girl x

  34. Ive been reading your blog since october 2010, use your receipes regularly, and love to check in. I think this is the second comment I have ever left on any blog. I think that as the power of the blog community becomes increasingly mainstream, then there is bound to be some form of criticism from current mainstream media, advertising on blogs is costing mainstream media market share, Best form of defence is attack. I still buy magazines for ideas on food, fashion, design, but more and more I’m looking online and following your (& other bloggers)recommendations and finding that you(bloggers)speak to me in an honest and personal way. Real power.

  35. Do you think she’s related to Sally? Hold your head high, Beth, this too shall pass x

  36. Beth I want to cry for you, my heart is so sore for you and for your family. My husband has suggested contacting Media Watch because it seems like this journalist has used deliberately deceptive tactics in her approach to this article. Maybe that’s normal – a large number of journos commenting on all this seem to think it is – it makes me sick. Sending love. x

  37. Beth, so sorry you and the other amazing bloggers have been put in this position. I love to read your blog, your life and your journey. Keep rockin’ it xxxxx

  38. Beth I just want to let you know that I love, love, love your blog and your honesty and I knew when I read that article that it was complete bullshit and just not you. I have been following your blog for about a year now and opening my email to see that you have posted a new blog post is always a highlight of my day. Please don’t stop doing what you do so well and don’t stop your amazing honesty either. Hang in there, those people who matter will know that it’s sensationalism at its worst. Sending you hugs. xx

  39. Fuck her Beth! You have more admirers than she ever will. I didn’t even bother to read her name at the end of the article because what she had to say was total rubbish. If she had half a brain she would have written an article that actually celebrated bloggers and all that they do for the community. But she’s pissed that she sat her dumb arse through all those uni lectures to complete a journalism degree and her writing doesn’t earn her half the attention that yours does. Chin up, I’ve read BabyMac long enough to know you will come out the other side. x

  40. I am an over-sharer, and often have my words come back to bite me (and then I hold on to and stew over the feelings that come from that for far too long) – but I can’t even imagine how you must be feeling right now. To have your words taken out of context, to have words that made up so little of an interview put in the spotlight like that.

    That journalist is an asshat. The tone of the article is all wrong, it made me cringe. It was mean-spirited. I was so confused I had to read it twice.

    The people that love you know that you’re a good person and that you mean no harm. Anybody that actually reads your blog knows that, lovey.

  41. I haven’t read the article and I don;t want to.
    I know enough already – that I love you, your honesty and pretty much every thing about you.
    Hope today is better than you thought x

  42. As I just wrote on Nomie’s blog, it’s a shame that what should have been a wonderful experience for all of you was spoilt for the sake of sensationalism.

    I also mentioned to N that perhaps the writer is not the one, or at least the only one, at fault here? What she submitted vs what the editor approved/used and printed could be two different things. Just putting that out there.

    In any case, it was a misrepresentation and I know it has caused pain, and I’m sorry for that.

  43. Media has a bad habit of attempting to turn great things to shallow drama.

    As I said in a e-mail to Eden last night.

    “Beautiful fucking thing about a blog is – you can instantly kick ass and have your say and really stand your Sacred ground.”

    The power of a blog.

    Your truth sits here for all to read. x

  44. I’ve only discovered your blog in the last few months but already I am a fan. Everything you write is real. I love how you write about your family, your recipes, your thoughts and feelings.

    What I’m trying to say (not very eloquently) is that in the short time that I have been reading your blog, even I knew the BabyMac that was presented in that article was NOT the person I’ve come to ‘know’ by coming here.

    I hope you can take some comfort in that, hon, because we all care about you and the other bloggers mentioned in that article. As Bruce Springsteen says, we take care of our own!


  45. The whole thing was just horrible and and disgusting. Obviously she is threatened by the popularity of blogging, and considers us all the be over sharing amateurs with skeletons in the closet.

    I’ll be honest, and say I never read your blog before today, but after having met you at DPCON I had to. (It’s just I only got around to it now; slap on the wrist!) You are more than what that lame report made you to be, and only one post is needed for proof of that. Xxx

  46. I hate Hate HATE that YOU feel like you have to apologise. That your words were twisted and edited by someone else, and yet you’ll suffer the fall out.

    I hate that they didn’t have the balls to allow feedback and comments on the article, so we could at once tell them what jackasses they were for not even getting the facts right, let alone the tone.

  47. Hi Beth, am adding to the chorus of feeling sad for you that you were so patronised and mis-represented with the other 3 bloggers. Wish the article made you feel good about yourself instead of sick with worry. However, as you can see here you are a very loved blogger and this article will be forgotten very quickly and will be lining the budgie cages soon enough!I hope your week inmproves and you continue to enjoy your beautiful family and keep blogging. This too will pass, as they say. Take good care of yourself x

  48. I’m so sorry that this shit has happened to you. I’m only a little old blogger and I choose my words very carefully too, but people will always take out of your words what they want to hear….and it sucks. xxx

  49. Anonymous says

    Hi Beth – sending you big love from New York City. Had just told Joda I had begun reading your blog! I love it and there are a number of others in the city that never sleeps reading along. Take a big breath, dig deep and continue living life the way you do and each day will be a little easier. Trish daley

  50. I’m usually a lurker (except for sending a yay for that fabulosu chicken soup- yum) I love your blog. Just wanted to echo all of the above. The article had a nasty undertone and just didn’t ‘get’ the blogging community at all. I hope the ripples are small for you and your loved ones, and for the others featured in the small minded article.

  51. I am sorry too what should have been a showcase of blogging talent turned into something portraying you lovely ladies in a horrible misrepresented light.
    The support shown you ladies goes to prove how much the real blogging community cares about her sisters.

  52. i’ll say nothing more than this lady, people are arseholes.

  53. Her whole article reeks of envy. Hold your head up Beth, you have worked hard at those relationships and I’m sure those you love will/should understand that. But…Learn from this, nothing said to a journo is ever off the record. Take care x

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  55. So sorry that you have had to go through this. As i said to Eden last night, those that matter know who you are. It will be ok. it will.

  56. Oh Dear Beth…incase you didnt catch my comment I left for you all yesterday on Edens Post, here it is …
    Like I just said on Twitter A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions,and the roots spring up and make new trees (Amelia Earhart).
    You wonderful Bloggers in todays article throw out roots of kindness by helping others with your blogs Every Time You Write.
    So please dont let that article discourage you from writing or put a shadow over the goodness in what you do.We love you all because of the way you write.We dont expect you to reveal all.It is your place.We are your visitors.
    So thankyou for all you do and please dont let the words of one writer stop your words from flowing as beautifully as they do.With much love and respect for you all .xxx

  57. Cheering on you ladies from over here! x

  58. Everything I am thinking has been said here before. I feel really upset for you. I have a past too that is better left there, I like to think it brings us to where we are now but that is all.
    thinking of you.

  59. Ok, so I have not made your noodle soup yet. Can you link in the recipe.
    I did a quick search and can’t seem to find it. Might be the fact my 3.5 year old is HOUNDING me for lunch.

  60. Hi Beth, I started reading your blog regularly a few months ago and it has quickly become one of my favourites in my reader. I haven’t ever commented before but just wanted to add my words of support today. I read the article yesterday and was disturbed by it. I feel very sad that what could have been celebrating what wonderful writers you ladies are and the amazing community of blogging was such an incorrect mean spirited piece of shite. I’m so sorry that it has affected you and your family. Your writing is lovely, honest and real, and the love you have for your family and that they are lovely people shines it it. I hope the dust settles from this soon for you all

  61. girlfriend you rock and so does Blogland…and they know it 🙂

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  63. Beth! You’re fabulous and honest and funny and you share parts of your world here that we all love to read about! Keep telling your stories your way and we’ll all keep listening.

    I’ve known for a long time that the press can manipulate and pull out quotes from their context left, right and centre – thinking that the world is none the wiser. In this case for all of you fab bloggers, I’m thrilled you have the voices to put that context back in and correct the errors.

    Look forward to reading lots more here!

  64. Shit! Just remembered I wasn’t suppose to say anything mean! Sorry sorry sorry. I’ll delete that as soon as I get home from work or if I can figure out how to delete it on my phone I will. If you beat me too it, even better.. Terrible situation though, fucking frustrating, gah! I don’t know how to behave appropriately!
    Sorry again

  65. Holy crap, I read the article yesterday and hardly picked up on any of this! Like a few others have said, I think the fact that I know your blog, your tone and YOU already meant that I didn’t read the article as hurtful and shallow. BUT, having just dug yesterday’s paper out of the recycling and re-read it, I do understand why you’re feeling so ripped off and hurt. There is SO much more to your blog than what has been said in that article! Don’t change a thing. Coming here to read your posts every day just makes me smile – chicken noodle soup, lamps, shiny bins and all! Love your work, Beth xxx

  66. Hi Beth,

    I had no idea you blogged until I read the mentioned article, even though I know you in person. I am excited to now find a blogger that people so love and will look forward to reading your posts from now on.

    Just so you know, the impression the article left on me – someone who barely knows you – was not a bad one, even though I can now see how you would be upset about it. It did make me look you up though, and maybe that is a good thing?

    Media is such a mixed blessing, and the best we can hope for is to work it to our advantage, or ignore the bad press and know that the ones we love know us well enough to ignore it as well.

    I hope this experience doesn’t dim your honesty – there is far too much blah in the world.

  67. First time I’ve made a comment here. Just to say – sad for you that this has happened. Love your blog. Go girl!!!!!

  68. Oh Beth, I’m really late to this whole debacle.

    I just read the article.

    As someone who has worked on weekly mags, I’m sadly not surprised. It’s why I choose not to go back and am pursuing other avenues.

    As a woman, it disappoints me because it’s another bloody story about how mothers pursue their own lives at the expense of their husbands and kids. Enough already!

    As a blogger, it disappoints me as blogging is so much more than what was portrayed.

    As a friend, I’m sad that you were misrepresented and that you and your family were hurt.

    I’m sad this has all been dredged up for you. I hope it passes by quickly. xxx

  69. Anonymous says

    Beth, I haven’t read the article, (& don’t think I want too), but just wanted to let you know of another heart that is feeling for you today. Your TRUE words are on your posts, they are what make us love you & ache for you; they are what make us open each post to hear what you share & what makes us feel like a close friend even when we don’t comment much. Sharing is what makes up this community, where we feel less alone & more understood some days. Joining in with the shared love being sent to you, Eden & the others today. Jo Joseph

  70. Beth, your family love you and will know this isn’t how you wanted things portrayed. To be honest I only read the article after you mentioned it, with a 3 year old and a 3 week old I have a choice to either read favourite blogs or the Sunday paper. blogs like yours keep me sane (or make me realise I am not the only one going mad). What’s the saying ‘Today’s news is tomorrows history’, it will blow over and your family will/does understand xxx

  71. Anonymous says

    Hang in there Beth! As an outsider I can tell that wasn’t the context you were discussing your past in as I’ve read how you talk about your step mother so wonderfully!

    It is easier for me as there isn’t the hurt involved for me… your family will also realise this once the hurt subsides.

    You write beautifully so please don’t stop!
    d xx

  72. Heidi Fitz says

    This weekend – while all this was a-brewin'(seriously had no idea .. and here’s why ..) – I made your Mum’s gorgeous lemonade scones and then your (ok .. Bill’s) very sexy chilli chook … and enjoyed very much your beautiful daughters view from her kitchen .. giggling at the tokens of ‘ma cooking’ my 3 year old brings me (more dirt than plastic I’m afraid!) that you reminded me about … this is the warmth, gorgeousness, girlfriend-y hug your writing delivers to me. Ms Beth, your generosity in sharing and trust in those you share with shines thru. Criticise you for trusting? Nup. Criticise the author for missing the best bits in your story? Yep … and sadly she will collect a paypacket at the end of the day! Go easy on yourself.Hx

  73. Oh Beth, I haven’t read the article, but I am sorry you had to experience all this. I hope it soon becomes a distant memory for you. xx

  74. So not on. Not fair, but Beth…it will be okay xxx

  75. Hugs x Hold your head high, you are inspiring x

  76. I’m a new reader Beth. I didn’t read the article. I have followed over here from my daily catch up on blogging news – which over the last 6 years I’ve found a much more trustworthy source of information. I’m subscribed and really looking forward to reading more. Brilliant response.

  77. Beth if it’s any consolation, I was so peeved by the angle of the article I stopped reading before I got through all the profiles, I could tell it was just a bunch of dribble and that she was out to try and be controversial! I did just go back and read it to see why you were so hurt and it makes total sense, and I hope that things are ok, that your family understands and that the current and future success of your blog makes her weep with embarrassment at trying to be so underhanded! The pictures totally disturbed me too 🙁

  78. Hey Beth,
    The tone of the article just didn’t sit right with me. I was really hoping for a smart article on the power, fun and support that the blogging community has. The author certainly should have had enough inspiration for that kind of piece with the talented women she interviewed.
    Instead we got yet another demeaning take on bloggers and women and what irritates the most is that it was written BY a woman !
    Feeling for you and hoping it doesn’t stop you doing what you do so well.
    Also hope there’s a cold bottle of bubbles in your fridge.

  79. Oh Beth, I’ve just read it. Chin up doll….. moving on, we love you, I don’t even subscribe to your blog you are the only blog that I can check daily without a prompt, your not on my blogger roll, I just check up on you every other day with my coffee and have a great time. Keep up the great work.

  80. I don’t think I can add much to the great comments above. It is terrible that you think you may have hurt people with your taken out of context words. It is just the worst feeling, I know.

    I wasn’t bothered hugely by the article frankly because I always take these kinds of articles with massive truckload of salt. The assumptions and slant of it always say more about the author than the subjects, in many ways. I kind of just thought ‘that’s typical’.

    But it does sound like there has been a breach of trust, and that is really shameful. I am a big fan of Complaint Letters. I would be sending one off to the editor at least for the record.


  81. I’m sorry this has happened to you. An exciting moment turned into something awful. Be proud of the great, honest writing that you do and keep on keeping on.

  82. Its such a shame that you all have had to go to such lengths to correct such inaccuracies – so unprofessional on the journo’s part… I think the least the paper could do is print links to each of these posts so the readers get to see the real facts, not just the cut and past sensational ones x

  83. Hugs from Perth, please keep on blogging, just as you are, you are one of only a couple of blogs that are on my top sites screen on my Mac, I love when the little white star appears to so me you have blogged.

    The real shame is that they pitch it one way and tell it another, whether that is the journo or the editor, doesn’t matter, still is petty journalism to me.


  84. I was shocked at how the feature misrepresented all of you wonderful women, writers and mothers. It sucks that you were badly let down, but I hope you can see by the chorus of comments here that you are loved and valued, and that no one who reads your blog and who knows you, will believe this meanspirited, inaccurate article. You rock babe. Keep blogging, because too many people would miss you. xo

  85. Oh Beth, so sad for you. What a shame they went with the wrong angle. I hope anyone & everyone who visits your blog, will see in an instance, you are all that you believe you are, we know & adore you, love Posie

  86. For all sorts of reasons I’m so glad I found your blog. Sorry that you were misrepresented.

    I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve just read on your blog, so you have another reader to add to the thousands!!


  87. Shit lady, what happened?? Are you ok??? I saw your photo on facebook, obviously from the article, but to be honest I don’t buy the papers and haven’t had time to go online to read it. Sounds like someone has done a very nasty, cold hearted thing to you and I’m so sorry love. Man, it never ceases to amaze me how utterly crude some people’s manners are… in fact I don’t think some people have any sense of right or wrong. In this wonderful world of blogging, with SO MANY good things and good people and fabulous opportunities, it’s such a shame it has to be tarnished by a couple of crappy incidents. It’s just important not to let the bad apples ruin the rest of it. Hugs to you lady friend xoxo

  88. I think you’re fabulous and I’m sure your fam know you didn’t mean for any of this to happen. Onwards & upwards I say! Mx

  89. Kind of just proves why I’d rather be a blogger than a ‘respected journalist’ any fucking day of the week.


  90. good that it has now been taken down online.

    It reminds me of when my brother was wrongfully charged with a fairly serious crime, went to court and it was reported on the local evening news. The way they slanted it, worded it, and it made the images of him standing outside court seem sinister and evil. If I was just watching it and didn’t know the facts, I would have thought he was guilty too! thankfully the judge had half a brain and as soon as it began, he threw it out. But I was so angry at the media and how they reported it. And of course when he was totally acquitted and the judge even apologised for it even happening, did they report that? no.

    my motto for you in all this is “will I think of this on my dying day?” When shit happens I usually think of that, and it makes it a bit better.

    chin up Beth!

  91. Beth, your work is one of the reasons I started blogging just recently, so thank you for that.
    Seriously, this was a very cheap shot and was so uncalled for. Yes, it probably sold papers/increased hits to the news website, but morally I felt the whole article was so slimey.
    You’re only human, as we all are xx

  92. You have all handled this with such dignity. Well done for staying strong. Hope today was a better day for you. Keep blogging, keep being yourself. I hate that you’ve all felt the need to apologise to your families and to your readers.
    I wish you the absolute best from here, and will be back to read what you write next.
    PS – you are SO Sia’s twin xx

  93. Kinda glad I missed that article. I don’t buy the paper, it’s full of shite, and this proves that more than ever.

    I did try and google it, of course, but I see it’s not available on SMH or The Age anymore. Is that a thing they do regularly, or have they realised that they’ve made a mistake? I wonder…

    So sad to see you and others misrepresented that way. I love your work, keep doing what you do.

  94. Lady, lovely, lovely lady. You are a major girl crush for me. You see the world in a similar way to me. When I read the article yesterday I knew what was said about Eden wasn’t correct but it was actually the tone used in quoting you that I knew it was wrong in so many ways. I just knew it wasn’t your voice at all even if it was your words that she quoted. I’m so very sorry this happened at all and that you were duped. You are amazing and I will be here cheering for you forever more. Xxx

  95. Beth, bravely and beautifully written. Keep doing what you do so well xx

  96. I hear ya, Beth. But, shit mate, did you have to say Doodah!?!?!?!?


  97. I’m sure your loved ones will realise (after the initial hurt) that it’s better to trust the Beth they know, rather than a misrepresented version of you in a cheap newspaper article.

    But it sucks that you’ve all taken this hit.

    I love your blog and will keep reading. Hope you keep writing, bravely.

  98. Hi Beth, I didn’t see the article but am giving it the ‘up yours’. Your posts are funny, you make me smile every day. And you put yourself out there. It is brave. So don’t worry about it. Next time that journo asks you for a quote, you can tell her where to go. x

  99. Unfortunately, many journos feel they have to lie and sensationalize to get recognized and published. I used to work in news media and I couldn’t handle the negativity and manipulation that went on anymore.

    In saying that though, not all journalists are like this – yes, they have a bad reputation, but many are credible and want to tell wonderful stories.

    You and the other mummy bloggers do such a great job of brightening our days and keepin’ it real … Please keep up the great work … Cheers, Tracey XXX

  100. Heard about this through blogland and just wanted say how sorry I was that this happened to you. Haters gotta hate but they own no part of you.

  101. Beth,
    I haven’t read the article, and don’t even want to, but I just wanted to let you know that I love reading every single post that you do. Love your honesty and your real-ness. I can’t believe that anyone could go out of their way to try and bring down some beautiful bloggers. Thinking of you. I know you’ll rise above it and become a better person because of this xx

  102. Beth,
    Just found you today and have been loving your work. Haven’t read the afore mentioned article… don’t want to. Just look on this episode as a life lesson, baby girl. My daughter had her own ‘life lesson’ about some journalist’s & their personal agenda’s just recently, despite all my warnings. My own ‘life lesson’ was in 1967. All I can say is ‘Beware the Hack’… Oh and love your blog. Looking forward to reading you in the future.

  103. Hi Beth,
    I did read the article, I remember. All it prompted me to do was come on over and check out your blog! Not for any of the gory details, I don’t recall the particulars at all. All i took away post-breakfast read was: oooh! another few cool mumma bloggers to check out in my nightly leisure time. So ,for what it is worth, the article brought me to your blog (still here!!), not because of any spin, but just a keen interest to read more FROM you not ABOUT you….hope that helps, perhaps the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ sums up my approach here….sending the same message to Eden too.
    Keep it up! I read blogs as i sit in the dark accompanying one of my children to sleep. Lifeline!!

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