Flying Penguin Giveaway: Get the FLIP out!

When I was in the newborn haze of the first few weeks with Daisy I remember having a strong desire to get out of the house. If I had a plan to get out, go to the shops, anywhere, it would give me purpose and a sense of accomplishment for the day. So I did. I went out. I went and walked the length and breadth of King Street Newtown where we lived at the time. Hours were passed walking in and out of shops, buying a few bits and pieces whilst keeping my sanity in tact.

A few years later when we lived in Camperdown and I had two kids to entertain we used to spend hours in a local toy shop around the corner. The girls would go in and we would just walk around, making wish lists, playing and inevitably buying some small toy. Being in a remote(ish) area now I have taken to online shopping with a gusto that Rob can attest to, but nothing brings me more pleasure than walking into a shop, picking actual stuff up, and buying it! And toy shops? Well, they have a special place in my heart. Anyone’s heart’s right? It plays right to the inner child inside us all!

Last week I was contacted by some fab ladies (Vicki & Jac) who own an amazing Toy Shop in my Old Stomping Ground Newtown, The Flying Penguin. The shop was established to provide quality educational toys & games to sustain young people, the local community AND the planet. Win. WIN! There’s so much to like about this shop – the ladies running it, the quality products, the philosophy behind the shop and (for me) the online shopping ability!

And you know what’s great about it for YOU? Let me tell you. They want one lucky BabyMac reader to win one of their most popular and FABULOUS toys. The Wishbone Flip! SHUT THE FLIP UP! As Vicki said to me “it’s one of most outstanding products made by a couple in New Zealand who have the very best intentions and design nous.” If there’s one thing I like, it’s nous. And, I also like giving away such a fabulous prize to you guys worth $150. Yuh huh.

What the FLIP?  Well, it’s a rocker…

 That turns into a bike…

 That I would be more than happy to see scooting around my lounge room!

Got your attention? Mine too! Want one? Easy. All you have to do is like the lovely ladies at Flying Penguin’s Facebook page so you can stay up to date with all their fabulous products and do a little spot of occasional online shopping, like the BabyMac Facebook page because everyone needs a little bit more BabyMac in their online lives AND leave a comment below.
Competition is open until 8pm AEST Monday 30th April 2012. Open to Australian residents only. One comment and entry per person. If you leave a comment under anonymous please make sure you include your name in the comment. Winner will be chosen by and  I’ll announce the winner Monday night (or as soon as I remember to do so).
Not bad hey? Go on then, off you go. Good luck!


  1. How cool is that!!!! Loves it

  2. Awesome giveaway! Have liked and love you already! thanks Beth! xx

  3. Great prize, little Eli would love it….

  4. Love it, How come I do not know about these?

  5. kelwoodford says

    These look fantastic. My girls are too old for it but I would have loved to have won and donated it to our local special school. Sadly I deactivated my facebook account months ago. Keep up the good work Beth. xx

  6. Ed has just learnt how to actually make things like this move forwards so I am sure he would love (flip out over?) this!

  7. Flippin ‘ell thats awesome!

  8. How funky and fabulous would this be! A fantastic prize!

  9. This so totally awesome. I have a son who has just started cruising and he would go nuts for this!

  10. freaking awesome!

  11. My boys would love that!

  12. James would flipping love this! Fingers crossed big time, Ruth Mason

  13. My Millie would love this so. Love your blog xxx jenelle coote

  14. To funky!

  15. Wow!! That is super cute!
    Already love you, now love them! xx

  16. My daughter would zoom around the house on that!

  17. ….I love it…I think my little blossom baby clover would love to scoot around on this thing :-)… If I don’t win it, I may have to buy one 🙂 x….

  18. Already like you on FB and now Flying Penguin – far too cute! Perhaps my lad is a little too big for it, but there is a new niece/nephew on the way! May just have to go and investigate the shop!

  19. Liked & Liked! My twins will be fighting over this toy, its a beauty!

  20. Loving this babe! my two terrors would LOVE to win this little beauty.
    Thanks ladies 🙂

  21. I may just have to buy one of these beauties – love it!

  22. What a fabulous toy, my little mates at playgroup would love it!
    Julie B

  23. How sweet.

    This is not the giveaway I was hoping for (it not being the full night’s sleep I had requested) but it is absolutely excellent nevertheless.

    Hope you got your mitts on some Schiap by Nars. It is a pink I swear by.x

  24. Ooh gorgeous! Pick me please!

  25. wow what a fantastic prize – i hope that it can skid around my lounge room have two boys that would love it .

  26. Pick me! Pick me!

    I totally know what you mean about online vs actual shopping…nothing beats walking into a shop and picking stuff up, even if you can’t go these in your pyjamas!

  27. New here Beth and loving I arrived in time for such a cool giveaway!
    I can just imagine my kids scooting around on this!

  28. Natalie Hill says

    Ohhh, like you I live in the middle of nowheresville (20 mins to the nearest store of any kind) but I do work in newtown twice a week so completely have to go visit! Love toys, and 3rd child would adore a special toy that’s not a hand me down!!

  29. Wow wow. What a fab prize!!!!!

  30. tennille lindsay says

    wow! liked the page and love it! now to rub my budda pregnant belly for good luck 😉

  31. Anonymous says

    Wow! That is so brilliant! Have liked both pages. Thank you. Chelsea de luca

  32. That’s a beauty, Beth!
    Love it!
    A bit too much, really.
    🙂 xx

  33. Ahh on line retail therapy, very expensive habit forming during late night breast feeding sessions! Less guilt when buying for the kids, now where is that website??? 🙂

  34. Is it wrong to be salivating?? lol, love it!

  35. Oh wow!! What an AH-MAZING giveaway! This toy is so ‘flippin’ cool. My little man would LURVE it!!!
    Thank you. x

  36. Yes please! That toy is too flippin cute.

  37. Such a funky looking toy! And what I love about mutlifunctional toys – it means less room for storage! Would love one… Georgina Clark

  38. I love the Flying Penguin. I’ve bought many a birthday present from there.

  39. Would love to win one for my little bear!

  40. What a fantastic idea, I love multi function toys! Jenelle Newton

  41. Um … YES PLEASE!

    Pretty please? 🙂

    Max doesn’t know how to say please yet, but he did say “ta?”

    🙂 xx

  42. What a generous Giveaway…..I would love to win for my Grandchildren.
    I “like” Flying Penguin and also “Like” BabyMac.

  43. Sarah bettinsoli says

    I have liked on your Facebook page and the toy page and are crossing my fingers an toes!

  44. Love this – and the Flying Penguin!

  45. Flippin’ awesome. Love it! Liked you both on FB – don’t know why I hadn’t earlier! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  46. Thx for the chance Beth, my 2 new tottie foster kids and grandkids would have fun on that. Flying penguin is tops!

  47. What a brilliant invention….thanks to all for the opportunity. Living in the country and online shopping go hand in hand don’t they? I’ve been in the country 5 months and the postie and I are on first name basis 🙂 Good old Ron x

  48. This is kismet. My Heidi asked Santa for a rocking horse and Santa (the tight arse) only bought her a hobby horse. Then she just had her birthday and again she asked for a rocking horse but I used to think they were ugly. Now I feel guilty that I have not come across something like this.

    Rocking (pardon the pun) give away Beth.

  49. Wow my twins would love to fight over this

  50. …and it’s RED!

  51. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wishbone flip! My Little Strudel almost got one for her birthday but the $ got a bit tight. But it’s still on my lust list. She would LOVE it.

  52. Do you think they could make me a big adult sized one? Cos that would totally make me the bomb!

  53. What a cool toy!

  54. Ooh, fab fab fab! Yes please….

  55. done. done. and done! this is a fabulous giveaway!

  56. I follow both on FB. Such a great giveaway, thank you!

  57. How cool, Would love to win 🙂

  58. OMG my pair would have a fab time running this all over the timber floors here!! How cool!!

  59. I can’t believe the things people come up with! This is fabulous. Would be perfect for my soon to be mobile bubby!

  60. Done…. my little guy would go crazy for this!!!

  61. Awesome giveaway Beth. This would go down a treat at our place 🙂

  62. I would LOVE one of these 🙂

  63. Fantastic, I will find a friend with a babe as my own are too big for this, why didn’t they have them 16 years ago?

  64. Oh wow! Yes please, my son would absolutely love this! x o

  65. Thanks for the chance to win. It is a great design!

  66. Awesome rocker/bike. My boys would fight over this one for sure.

  67. My son would love this, thanks for the opportunity.

  68. This looks so much fun! Finlay will love it if he can ever be bothered moving around. I think he’s too laid back to care. Still love reading about what you’re up to, congrats on the top 5. Julia Ferguson xxxooo

  69. How fabulous! I know a little 9 month old who is pulling herself around (developing great pecs!) that would love this rocker/ bike. Her favorite colour is red too! X (great blog by the way!!!)

  70. Tash Sherriffs says

    My girls would love this one !! Their website looks great as well !

  71. Looks like fun. I also spent my first newborn daze plodding up and down king street and praying the sirens and charity collectors wouldn’t wake the baby.

  72. How fabulous…Love it!

  73. OH MY GOODNESS That is the best looking toy in the world. baby number three is about to turn two, and the wheelie bugs have had too much use to be fun for young lad. Just about to go look at their website.

  74. We definitely need one of those!

  75. THE BEST thing I have ever seen!!! Hells yes!

  76. josy adames says

    Love this – have two little girls that would love it too…another awesome giveaway Beth x

  77. What a supper awesome prize!

  78. Wendy Blackshaw says

    Way to cute, absolutely love it!!! Off to check out Flying penguins website now 🙂

  79. Awesome awesome awesome!! Jimmy (and mama) would love this. Hope you’re well Betty. Kate dean xoxo

  80. Brilliant idea and does not take up to much space, Ollie would look flippin cool cruising the streets of Surry Hills. Hope you are all well and Beth i thank you for all the advice on motherhood and all things baby in your blogs, it has been a greta help.
    Tash Ward

  81. Annella Wheatley says

    Grandson number 2 on the way – of course I want to be Super-Lella and arrive with this in the boot. Love it love it love it.


  82. Anonymous says

    I am such a HUGE fan of The Flying Penguin it is my favourite shop in Newtown to get special gifts. I have admired the Wishbone Flip for sometime now & I am now sitting with my legs crossed with hands in a yoga pose visualizing it in my home with my little one’s eyes wide open and smile from ear to ear. Thank you for this great opportunity to win it. I am now one of your newest and greatest FANS I’m looking forward to following your fabulous blog.
    Lisa Scope

  83. god yes my twins would love to fight over this :o)

  84. Our little Henri would absolutely love it for his 1 year old birthday coming soon 🙂

  85. Our little Henri would absolutely love it for his 1 year old birthday coming soon 🙂

  86. This is an awesome giveaway! My little Eliza would love scooting around on Flip

  87. Lily would love this! The Flying Penguin sounds great. I never get down the St Peters end of King St so didn’t know it was there. Plus they have a fantastic name! 🙂

  88. Oh my baby girl would love that!

  89. I think my little girl would be slightly too old for this, but my 18 month old nephew would love it!!! Love the wooden magnetic letters on the flying penguin facebook page. Thanks for the opportunity.

  90. I can think of a little one that would love this :)Thank you Beth

  91. Anonymous says

    WOW! Do they have these in adult sizes too please? Alex Sewell

  92. hooley dooley, fancy!

  93. Deanna Buckley says

    That looks AWESOME and heaps of fun to be had… will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed 🙂

    Deanna Buckley

  94. Count me in please!! Love it.

  95. Fantastic Giveaway! Will keep my fingers and toes crossed

  96. Gah! This is so insanely rad.

    I’ve been a fan on FB since Day 1. You know it girl!


  97. That is just gorgeous! Think I might have to get one if I dont win1 Fingers crossed

  98. This is one pretty cool giveaway! xx

  99. Gorgeous and awesome! Looks perfect for our little boy Elliot’s first birthday. Fingers crossed!!

  100. You know what, my friend would love this – but I might just keep it for myself (literally – work transport)
    T x

  101. What an awesome idea! Our Little Miss would love this – I think her father would appreciate the engineering of it as well!!

  102. I love the red. I’m sure my daughter would enJOY it and I’m sure I’d fit, do you think? Way cool 🙂

  103. That is awesome, I love it!!!

  104. I think Louie would like something that didn’t come from the op shop! xx

  105. that is the coolest and rad-est thing ever!!! Would love to win this for little Avalon xx

  106. perfect for a cool auntie to buy… my kids are too big but my nephew is the perfect size!!!!

  107. Anonymous says

    Fab giveaway! I know my little guy would love this – just sprouted his first tooth today so will be on the move before I know it!
    Love your blog Beth.
    Eliza C-M

  108. Why not, I’m in! x

  109. Anonymous says

    We’d love as a family to welcome the flip into our home and our hearts. Hours of fun and a few tears, but what an amazing toy!!!

    Rosalie Bernacki
    [email protected]

  110. I can see Ruby driving that willy nilly into our walls/furniture/ankles/dog… Every house should have one.

  111. Anonymous says

    Let my little man FLIP OUT!!!!! PLEASE

    Randall Barnett
    [email protected]

  112. Anonymous says


    Jill Smith
    [email protected]

  113. Anonymous says

    What a super amazing toy that would bring so much joy to our little man’s heart. Spoil us please!

    Michael Bernacki
    [email protected]

  114. Anonymous says

    AMAZING!!!! That’s all you can say about the FLIP OUT

    Melissa B
    [email protected]

  115. Anonymous says


    [email protected]

  116. Anonymous says

    Awesome prize. Love the colour! @theresaboyce

  117. So very cool

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