I went to a wedding a few years ago now and after a substantial amount of champagne (What? It was French!) I got up with the band (of course) and belted the shiz out of some tambourine. I played that sucker like there was no tomorrow, bashing it against my hand and hip so hard that Stevie Nicks would have been proud of me.

It wasn’t until we got in the cab on the way home and even through the substantial champagne haze I sensed an injury. A tambourine gusto related injury. The next day a swollen, bruised hand woke me before the headache riddled brain woke me. It took days for that sucker to get back to normal and a lot longer for Rob to stop heckling me about it.

It seems my girls have inherited my shall we say, zest, for the music. If you are going to have a go, it’s best to have a red hot go don’t you think? Hope there is some tambourine bashing in your day today. Yay! It’s FRIDAY!


  1. the oozing of PURE joy in those divine faces MELTS my heart.
    and music….well you know how much I love that stuff.

  2. music makes life FUN! You better teach those girls how to do it right!

  3. I kid you not. Ian Moss was playing at out local pub when I was a wee lass and I spent the entire set playing the tambourine. I KNOW that injury and it hurts!

  4. Sorry Beth. Nice rug, by the way.

  5. Super cute photos ! Happy Friday…..I can practically hear the wine being opened round here !

  6. I had to hide the tambourine from my mother in law at my wedding. She did not rock it.

  7. Following a friends 40th, the exact behaviour resulted in a bruised hand AND a bruised hip!

  8. Love this post! Rock on girls!

  9. As a primary school teacher, I had a little fun moment with a tambourine one afternoon with my class…. to wake the next day with bruised thighs & a broken capillary mark on my palm 🙂
    Whoever knew tambourine playing was so dangerous? 🙂
    LOVING the joys in your girl’s faces here.

  10. I cannot stand how stinkin’ cute your girls are! Looks like they’ve got some good moves too!

  11. Ahh the tambourine…..Love it. Better than a clap lol! x Music…where would we be without it?! gorgeous girls once again xx

  12. They look like they are having so much fun! Makes you want to join in.

    At least you can teach them in advance about the Tambourine injury so they won’t make the same mistake and may pick an alternative instrument for joining in with the band!

  13. Anonymous says

    Your girls are so cute! They look like they are having a ball. Love your blog BabyMac and Mrs Woog rocks too. Amber

  14. oh you took me back, way back to my dear brothers wedding where I too took to the tambourine with my husband, then boyfriend, not long after we disappear on the wedding video prob from the consumption of too much red wine which made us decidedly ill and managing to drop a camera down a drain !!! Thanks so much you made me laugh today…… perhaps thats the lump i have had all these years on my wrist

  15. Yep, I have been on the receiving end of some serious dance injuries in my time too lady. It’s just that once the music starts… JJ can’t stop! Bloody high heels don’t help my cause.
    Your gals are too sweet, they’re having a ball swinging each other around there xo

  16. Such a timely post – We’ve made friends with a family up the road who have two girls the same age as my eldest two. They came for a play yesterday and when mum came to pick them up we were treated to a dance off where one Miss 6 said to the second Miss 6 “can you shuffle it?”. One of lifes great pleasures dancing.

  17. Next time, call me. I can play a mean triangle. Seriously.

  18. Anonymous says

    Such gorgeous girls and I’m a bit envious of your house. Where did you get that cute black and white rug??

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