Autumn: Inside: Outside

It’s unusually warm down here for this time of year but it still looks like Autumn that’s for sure. I know that once this current warm spell is over that we will be into cooler days and fires on each and every night. My days will be spent making sure the wood pile is in order, collecting kindling, setting and cleaning, sweeping and lighting. I love this stuff, seriously love it.

I went for a walk down our street before with Harper…

To go and visit the cows in the paddock just around the bend. The colours! The reds, the greens so pretty everywhere!

Yesterday my new rug arrived that I had ordered a few weeks ago. On sale at 40% how could I resist? I initially planned for it to go in front of the fire but it was smaller than I thought it would be (maths never was my strong suit) so it’s now in the Entrance way. It’s woollen and warm and colourful and fabulous and it’s like my own Southern Highlands Autumn happening inside, underfoot.

Throw rugs and being washed and ready to be on the couch again, bright colours and lightness replaced with winter cushions with warm textures, lots of books and magazines at the ready for when lounging…yes, we are getting ready for you winter.


  1. damn getting those measurements wrong.
    you just HAVE to go shopping for a different rug.

  2. love! love love! I love the rug! I was thinking of making one for my girls room! Yes, call me crazy….I love winter. I can’t wait to crank the fire. Just beautiful xxx

  3. I hear ya Mrs Mac! Doing the same down here in Albury. Just planted Leeks, Kale and Silverbeet for yummy Potato Gratins, Soups and Stews. Bring on the cold and open fires x

  4. I was thinking yesterday how much I’m loving Autumn and longing for winter. To be cosy, snuggled and peaceful.
    I am NOT looking forward to my washing taking so long to dry, but I’m willing to overlook that for the beauty that is this time of year. xx

  5. i LOVE that rug – and it’s so perfect for autumn! Like Amelia – the washing problem is a downside, but other than that it’s a lovely time of year.

  6. We just had our first rain since about November here in Perth. To say I was excited is a HUGE understatement!!! I simply cannot wait for winter. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

  7. There is something lovely about the anticipation of what comes with each of the seasons. I love the magnolia branches in your vase. Photos gorgeous as always.

  8. Sounds so good. And as much as I’m preparing for winter, my house looks exactly the same afterwards. No winter cushions here, I’m afraid. How I’d love more storage to make that work!

    Love that rug. So warm and inviting! xx

  9. Love the rug, the colours and the shape. Winter is my favourite time of the year too. I love everyone home and snuggled up inside. xT

  10. that rug = divine! where?

  11. oh der – there is a link. i am clever. promise.

  12. Hey there – sadly I didn’t get the chance to meet you last week at Kidspot’s Top 50 Bloggers but I just wanted to say ‘hello’ now! You have a lovely blog and I’m crushing a wee bit on your gorgeous new rug! xx

  13. I was just whining the other day that our seasons aren’t as dramatic as in the USA, they all just melt together….AND THEN…this morning, as I staggered down the stairs in the morning light…I saw dew on the windows & a very cold chill in the breeze….a season shift…yahooo! So I celebrated by bringing out legwarmers for my 4 month old….coz hey, every baby needs funky leg warmers in the cooler days!
    P.S. Love the rug! I’m rug hunting at the moment….

  14. Love this post lady. You make it all sound so darn appealing and it IS. I enjoy experiencing Autumn/Winter through your eyes, because there is nothing quite like the Autumn colour you have going on in your part of the world. The rug is fantastic, lovely weave, lovely colours. I bet it feels so nice to walk on. Enjoy my friend xo

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