Where the heart is

9 month old babies are possibly the sweetest babies in the world. Actually, strike that. 9 month old babies that you can give back and don’t have to wake to in the middle of the night but can enjoy all the cute parts of, are possibly the sweetest babies in the world. Georgie, who visited us on Friday night was no exception. We were all a bit smitten with her. And why wouldn’t you be?

Saturday morning we woke up and headed off to Daisy’s first hockey game. It was awesome. They lost 4-1 but she had the best time playing and when her mate Finn scored the only goal and all the parents were cheering like crazies and she went and gave him a pat on the back to congratulate him? Well, it was   just plain wonderful. I feel like such a Mum now, with this grown up kid at School, who plays sport, it blows my mind.

We got to Mum’s place and Daisy’s cold caught up with her. We had to give Jack’s party a miss which was a shame but there was no way I was going to let a sick kid get in the way of my night off. I tucked her up and ran away as quickly as I could without looking back! I got a text from my husband when I got into town and he was already settled into our hotel. It was like a treasure hunt – with all the reminders of all the places where we first met, or first kissed, or had our first date. It was awesome, he is awesome and it was just so nice to be us again, a chance to remember that we really are fabulous together, have a laugh, and just be.

This is where we had our first kiss almost 9 years ago now. I felt like I was in The Amazing Race when I got there waiting for my next clue!

The room was alright, I suppose…KIDDING! It was ridiculous.  As was the sunny afternoon that Sydney put on for us. She was in all her glory and it was nice to be back.

We had some champagne. I had a bath. We had no where to be. No one asking for anything. It was pure heaven.

We got dressed and went to meet my little sis & her husband who was celebrating their 1st Wedding Anni as well. Stop taking photos of yourself you fucking tossbag…

Not a bad spot for an early evening cocktail now was it?

Then we headed out to dinner to the place we had our first “proper” date. It was SO fun to be back there. A cheap and cheerful Asian place in Darlo that serves wine in tumblers and pork buns some kick arse duck pancakes. We laughed. And talked, properly talked. And maybe kissed a little as well. We even got to sit in the same table – serendipity!

I slept in a king size bed for 9, that’s right, 9 hours without being interrupted. Then when I woke I read the Sunday papers and ordered a club sandwich, with yes, chips and ate it all before 10.30am. It doesn’t get much better than that.

We got back to Mum’s to discover that Harper had come down with a vomiting bug (of course she had) and poor Mum had to deal with that in the middle of the night. I felt terrible for 2 minutes, then just immensely grateful that someone else got to deal with those two vomits while I slept, all the while unknowingly. Ignorance is bliss sometimes is it not? We got home, dealt with some more vomit, hung out with the kids and enjoyed being back home. Fancy is wonderful, trips down memory lanes are fun, but home, with kids and my husband and sleepless nights and vomit are where my heart truly is. I’m glad I got reminded of that this weekend.


  1. Love the text. Love the hotel. Love the 9 hours sleep. Nice one.

  2. Best post for a Monday morning… EVER!

    Club sandwiches are the BUSINESS!!

  3. Oh man, I SO wish we could do that for our anni this weekend. Darn those breastfeeding babies.
    Looks 100% perfect and well deserved.

    I’m sure you enjoyed every moment xx

  4. Just LOVED reading this post. So well deserved xx awesome!! Xx

  5. Heaven on a goddamn stick. Rob is a keeper. And so are you.


    My god I want that club sandwich.

  6. I nearly cried when I read your post – you SO deserve it!(and yes I am very sleep deprived myself at the moment) I hope we might have a simmilar experience some time soon. Still haven’t had a night away from our 3 together… one day.. surely…soon!

  7. Love this. All of it. Everything sounds perfect- especially your breakfast 🙂

  8. Oh I love that Rob sent you on a treasure hunt! Pure romance gold!

  9. What an amazing weekend! you totally deserve it. And how sweet is Rob!? Love it!

  10. You looked gorgeous.Love your hair!!

  11. WOW Beth!

    You, out of anyone I know, DESERVED that weekend!

    But actually, I have anniversary envy 🙂

    And honestly, you are just gorgeous! I can just imagine how proud Rob felt to be able to say, ‘she’s all mine’ 🙂

    Happy anniversary xx

  12. What a great weekend lady! Glad you were able to live it up a little before being catapulted back into reality. There always seems to be a trade off, doesn’t there!? Lovely pics too, you look hot! xo

  13. Just brilliant (well, except the vomit).
    What a perfect refresher.
    🙂 x

  14. “Fancy is wonderful, trips down memory lanes are fun, but home, with kids and my husband and sleepless nights and vomit are where my heart truly is. I’m glad I got reminded of that this weekend.” love that end to this post! Awesome weekend, awesome couple, awesome post….basically a bunch of awesomeness!! xx

  15. so glad you got an awesome weekend away and a MUCH needed 9 hour sleep!!!

    you’ve given me some inspiration for our anniversary this year in november, so thanks!!


  16. Oh my god. Lets clone him, bottle him and sell him to all the ladies in the land.

  17. oh beth, this one made me smile so much some tears *almost* fell out.. almost. especially the last paragraph. I am so glad you are feeling human again after two nights of fabulous, uninterrupted sleep, I really hope it continues for you all x

  18. It’s important to remember but never regret… You did just that and looks like you had a fab time x

  19. Oh that sky bar looked fantastic. I’m so home sick now!!!! Glad you had a great time…

  20. oh I’m so jealous! A night away from the kids is totally on my ‘to do’ list….plus you used my fav word ever….serendipity!

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