VLOG: The Internationalist

Or just the one I filmed in front of the world map in my daughter’s bedroom. Whichever takes your fancy.


  1. say bye.
    no *shakes head*
    L O V E

  2. Hello love. How awesome is two good nights sleep!! Woo!

  3. Harper is gorgeous, so glad she is all better! xx

  4. Loved this, Beth, especially seeing ‘Princess’ Harper. Have a fab time at DPC – hopefully I’ll get there next year. I also love the world map – any tips as to where I could source one? Oh, and I’m so happy you’ve had a little sleep! J x

  5. Oh lady, so good to ‘see’ you, looking the goods for your fancy schmancy newspaper interview and international flavoured VLOG. Harper is so gorgeous and she is looking well despite her tummy bug. Hooray for the sleep, it is scary how unstoppable we Mama’s can be on a good night’s sleep xo

  6. haha!! loved it! even the last ‘mole’ line LOL!!!! *****too funny*****. Have a great time away!! xxx yay to a FULL nights sleep. Pray I get some tonight! vomit bug has hit here. πŸ™

  7. you are so funny :-)…so freakin amazing you’ve had sleep…between you and me, my little “I HATE SLEEPING” Clover slept all night last night, from 8pm to 7:50am… I checked her twice to see if she was breathing…but other than that…dude…I slept like a rock…
    hAPPY as larry today I was..even managed to go for a walk…which never happens as I to bloody tired to walk…
    fingers crossed for another awesome sleep for us both…

  8. I love it! You look totally refreshed after two nights of sleep, long may it last! See you in Melbourne!

  9. I have developed an unnatural interest in Pitball and today I was listening to his song Internationalist and I came here and was all, BETH LIKES PITBALL TOO!

    But no, you were in reporter mode. I like it.

    I love how you let your balls sway in the gentle breeze, on your blog. Love.


  10. Waves back!!! Well hello to you too!! You do indeed look refreshed hun xx Harper is just too cute for freaking words man xx

  11. looking FINEEEEEE woman. must be ALL THAT SLEEPPPP!

    xo em

    see you wed xx LIKE IN REAL LIFE!

  12. your VLOGs never fail to crack me up… nice to see you {and oh my, what a difference a nights sleep makes – wanna send one my way?} x

  13. So nice to see you looking rested and happier…Yay…and Miss Harper looks so healthy πŸ™‚ xx

  14. You never fail to make me laugh. And seeing Princess Harper looking so amazing and CUTE has made my morning. Have fun in Melbourne! xxx

  15. Oh I could listen to you rabbit on for days! Harper is delicious and Sandra is a mole xx

  16. Oh I so wish I could see you in Melbs but alas we have also caught the vomitous bug on the lounge, the bed and the spare bed. You are looking freaking awesome after your sexy date weekend in the city and that extra night’s sleep. Have fun in Melbs oh, and I reckon you should get a t-shirt that says SANDRA IS A MOLE. We would also all buy one.

  17. Love the hair, love your sleep…I need to get me summa both of them!! xx

  18. Hilar!
    LOVE that you had 2 nights good sleep. Massive win.
    Look forward to seeing you on Friday! xx

  19. LOVED this !! Harper is too cute for words and the mention of Sandra – oh so funny !!

  20. Yay for sleep!! Harper is such a little possum, gorgeous. Keep the vlogs coming…..and just quietly, I love your hair!

  21. Love the vlog and especially your reference to the mole… probably best she left anyhow!

    Harper is so so cute! As I say to my little man who doesn’t let me sleep… Luckily you are so cute!

    You look great hang in there xx

  22. Anonymous says


  23. I know I am a bit of a silent stalker and dont say much around here (usually cause I am in awe of your awesomeness) I just wanted to say thanks for getting me and my hubs hooked on Bon Iver and looking forward to meeting you tonight at the Kid Spot do. Ill be the weird one approaching you to say hi. πŸ™‚ xx

  24. Woo Hoo! S-L-E-E-P!

    And where did you get that map? I love it! Tell me, tell me

    • It’s from fao schwarz in NYC (my brother got it). I think you can get them online though..google world map from them and it should show up. Good luck!

  25. Oh, you crack me up! Look what happens when you get two nights’ sleep? You’re like on speed. Imagine how it will be when that’s a normal thing. You’re not going to know yourself!

    Have a wonderful time in Sydney AND Melbourne. Don’t show your tits too many times. I’m sorry we won’t meet this time. But next time. I PROMISE!

    Harper is so cute, by the way. xx

  26. I freaking love you. That is all.
    Anon~ No one asked you to comment, if you don’t like it no one is asking you to comment.

  27. Bahaha!! This is hilarious – I just came across your blog for the first time & sat here watching this & laughing to myself! Your blog looks great – so thanks for that πŸ™‚ x

  28. Could you be any more hilarious? “some
    Moles named Sandra” ha! Almost choked on my toast. X

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