Pins & Kneadles

I went to the Doctor on Monday with a cough that I have had for the past month, hoping for some antibiotics or something to make me feel better. He told me that antibiotics can’t fix what I’ve got….exhaustion. I need rest. Snort.

This morning I went and had a massage and then proceeded to have needles placed all over my stomach and chest and legs and EAR as I then promptly fell fast asleep WITH A NEEDLE IN MY EAR. I must be exhausted! Best 30 minute sleep I have had in months.  And I’m just bummed that I have to wait 3 more weeks until I will get another needle power nap.

I know the only thing that will make me better is some rest, a good week of rest, but we all know that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Whilst I’m waiting for that to happen, some needles, some massage and a few things to look forward to are seeing me through. Tonight dinner with some local mates, tomorrow a visit from my Brother and his family before they move down to Melbourne and next weekend…a night away from my CHILDREN. With my husband. For our wedding anniversary. I think we might skip the whole dinner then sex thing and have a bath and tuck ourselves into bed nice and early. Hot hey? If only we knew what we were getting ourselves into 7 years ago…

Hope YOU get some rest this weekend. If you can, take an hour for me won’t you? Ta x


  1. If it’s any consolation several times for our wedding anniversary my hubby and I would get a hotel and go out for a nice dinner (pre kids), we’d eat so much rich food at dinner that we were too tired, full, stuffed to have sex anyway! if only we knew then what we know now!

  2. Have a fabulous weekend, Beth. God knows you and your husband deserve it xx

  3. It’s so hard when you KNOW that the only thing that will make you better is rest and you also KNOW that it ain’t going to happen any time soon! I’m just holding on tight until the school hols in two weeks – Tired and Grumpy (my newly named children) are in that phase that you are at the moment. Coughing. Runny noses. Just need to rest. I also used to fall asleep when I was a pin cushion – put me face down on a massage table and I was out of there.
    Grab a nap whenever you can – remember when you were a new mummy????

  4. I tried this and fainted. Freaky! I guess it was kind of like getting a nap, but the person stressed out a bit.

  5. Oh Beth, I’ve been having acupuncture every month for a good few years now, and it’s the best! Like you, I look so forward to that one hour by myself, channelling a pin cushion..I hope it works for you. Have a great w/end!

  6. Anonymous says

    I think we are moving in similar circles. I had a massage this morning and then trooped off to the Dr’s to be told that I needed to rest, how can the simplest cure in life be so hard to obtain…xo

  7. The good thing is that you will be coming to Melbourne to visit Brother, yes? Do come and say Hi!

  8. I’d opt for the early night too, but my husband is always keen no matter how tired he is.

  9. Oh I know that feeling all too well! But a massage always helps me too. This afternoon when the boys and I were watching Playschool and I could keep my eyes open no more, I fell into a deep sleep for about 5 minutes. I woke up with a start, but I felt refreshed. So here’s to finding more 5-minute kickstarts!

    • I LOVE those 5 min power naps. They always happen to me in Playschool too. That or Barbie as Rapunzel which sends me into a comatose state!

  10. So good to hear you are doing something for you Beth. You need to look after you, so you can be there to look after them 🙂 Enjoy your anniversary, no matter what happens, just enjoy x

  11. i have been reading your posts but not commenting because i can’t really relate because i don’t have kids but your tiredness and sheer exhaustion has been seeping through the screen!

    i’m glad you took some time out to get that massage and the acupuncture and i hope it goes, at least some way, to making you feel refreshed and on the road back to normality!!

    i hope you enjoy your anniversary next weekend, even if that means 8 hours of blissful sleep!!


  12. Good on you, self-loving yourself sick…kind of. Personally I’d cancel the socialising and opt for bed instead. Maybe next week?

    Hope you feel rested soon Beth. xo

    ps…check your email.

  13. Hope your sickness eases, i’ve been fighting mine for the past week and am braving going back to work today *fingers crossed…
    Happy anniversary!

  14. Being sick with kids sucks.

    Hope you are on the mend and that something good comes of it- weight loss? presents? flowers? x

  15. I was in a fab routine of massege and accupuncture, then about 6 months ago I missed an appointment because I was busy and I lost my momentum. I have not been back and man do I need it!

    You have inspired me to make time this week!

  16. Oh ENJOY that night away Lady. I dream of such a night you know… seriously… I dream about it. It’s ironic that the only thing that will make you better, is the only thing you can’t have. Hope it gets better soon xo

  17. I love the needles… I fall asleep within a minute of my acu leaving the room and mysteriously wake up 1 min before he comes back in 58mins of sheer solid gold sleep x

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