Oh weekend! Come to Mama…

So, yesterday Daisy woke up with a wee cold. Nothing too sinister, a runny nose, a few sneezels and a sore throat but it took me all of 2.3 seconds to declare it a DAY OFF SCHOOL! She was excited, Harper was beside herself and I was thrilled that I could potentially stay in my pj’s all day. Everyone was a winner baby that’s the truth! We stayed inside as it was miserable, misty and wet out. I lit the fire, we watched a gazillion movies, I made chicken wonton soup for lunch and then at the tail end of the day we went out for dinner to the local pizza place. That was what I would call a successful mental health day. A rest, a relax – I must remember to do this more often – sure you could do it on a weekend but it doesn’t have the same level of cheekiness about it does it?

My mental health well being is being boosted even further today. My bestie is coming down from Sydney for the night with only one of her kids (she has 3). Not that I don’t love her other kids – but she is bringing the chubby baby one, and they tend to give a little less attitude than anyone over 18 months. Yes, a baby being dressed in a wonder suit tonight in front of my fire followed by a gazillion wines and uninterrupted conversations with my mate will give me just the boost I need!

Tomorrow? IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER! A stay in the big smoke tomorrow night with my dirty big spunk of a husband in a hotel, sans kids. Oh yes! I don’t know where we are staying, or going out for dinner, but I know we will have a well earned, lovely time together. My little sis has the same Wedding anni as us so we might even catch up with them for a drink post dinner somewhere. Fun times! I have those little excited butterflies in my tummy when I think about all the fun stuff just about to happen…and there ain’t nothing better for your mental well being than those feelings I think.

I hope you all have a great weekend doing something fun with people that you love. See you on the flip side…


  1. have a great time

  2. I’m in need of a few “mental health” days right now too.

    Sounds like yesterday was just what everyone needed, I hope Daisy gets better soon.

    Your weekend sounds super. Enjoy your dinner and sleep in a big hotel bed, nothing better really!

    No plans yet for my weekend but I’m hoping it will involve dumplings, cuddles, sunshine, fresh air, exercise and a cheeky beer or 2.


  3. Mental health days are essential in primary school…I have 4 children who go to school, and we rarely attend school 5 days a week…staying home to learn/play/rest is sooo soooo important when there little… plus it’s so nice for me :-)…have a spectacular weekend…go wild… 🙂

  4. Girls Weekend!!!! Kiama!!!!! Spa!!!!! Drinks!!!!! Food!!!!!!!

    and I am not even caring that I have a cold. not caring at all.

  5. All kinds of awesome right there Beth! I don’t want to see you on FB ALLLLLL weekend because I want you to be too busy having fun, drinks or sex OK???

  6. Have a lovely anniversary, Beth and Rob. Make sure you get some sleep! x

  7. Enjoy!!! you deserve it. Good on you xxxx

  8. Now that sounds like a GREAT weekend! And I just remembered that you and Rob got married a week before Clint and I. Our 7 year anni is next week. No hotel room for us, but hopefully a nice dinner.

    Enjoy every second! x

  9. It is SO true that having a mental health day during the week is a million times better than doing the exact same thing on a weekend. Enjoy your weekend – especially tomorrow night in the city – you really, really, really, truly deserve it xxx

  10. Gosh even I’m excited for you Beth! Enjoy:-) x

  11. Something must be in the air, my bestie is coming up for the weekend. Day Spa. Day Spa. Day Spa. I’d like to drink a vat of wine but I guess it will have to wait. Enjoy the weekend, you deserve it!

  12. Happy Anniversary and happy health day.

    Also, I know I don’t need to tell you, but have an awesome weekend!


  13. All that you have planned sounds wonderful, enjoy! x

  14. Mental health day sounds awesome. I don’t have kids…but I am governess to twins on an outback station in western Queensland. With the new curriculum in Qld this year we have been doing school SIX DAYS A WEEK (sometimes seven!!!) to try and catch up. As you can imagine the poor kids are drained, exhausted, disheartened with school and as for me, well, mental health for the teacher is just as important right?!

    Have a bloody fantastic time with your hubby in Sydney, and that baby by the fire sounds blissfull. J e a l o u s (I miss my Victorian winter…strange!)

  15. Lucky lucky lady! It looks like old Sydney town is putting on a stunning show for you today with the weather too. Hope you have a lovely ‘freaky’ time with your spunky hubby! xo

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