I am woman

Today, for me, being a woman means…

: Waking up bleary eyed and exhausted
: Discussing septic tanks issues and concerns with my husband
: Getting the fire on before my family woke up so they were warm
: Doing maths homework with my oldest even though we both didn’t want to
: Putting the same clothes on for the 5th day in a row
: Not brushing my hair again
: Not paying attention to the fact that I smell like the cross between a cab driver & kebab
: Holding my daughter on my lap for hours and hours at a time
: Comforting, soothing, lying and hoping things will get better soon

It’s not glamorous. It’s not about pushing myself in a corporate environment. It’s not about fabulous achievements. It’s not about being creative.  But it’s a reminder of one of the most powerful things we can do as women. Be mothers. And just be. And be OK with that too.

Happy International Women’s Day. I hope to celebrate by having a shower and brushing my hair.


  1. Hi Beth, just checking on you and your little baby,wanted to let you know I think you’re doing a great job. Have been through surgeries with my little ones and just cuddles all day is a great recovery process. You’ll get there, baby steps. If you get a shower in today it’s a bonus! What is it they say? If you’re going through hell, keep going. Take care.

    • Thanks Kell, She IS getting better, slowly, slowly but I can tell she is. We can go longer and longer in between cuddles and instead of being in shock sick mode, it’s changed to whingy, sooky sick mode which tells me she is getting there. A few more days and we’ll have this nailed. Thank you x

    • Great to hear xx

  2. Funny isn’t it. How we view ourselves by what we achieve and how much we get done when others just want, just need our presence – and that that is more powerful than anything.

    • That is EXACTLY it. While I have considered myself so much more valuable in terms of bringing in money, achieving so much more career wise and otherwise than what I am right now, THIS is actually the most powerful thing I can be. And I need to remember that simple as it is, it’s OK. And it’s something.

      Motherhood kicks my arse all the time.

  3. Hi Beth, so sorry to hear that you are all going through this. My hugs and prayers to you all. It will all be for the best in the long run, not much help to you right now I know 🙁

    Hang in there – things can only get better. All the hot soup, cuddles and pain killers in the world, Amba

  4. Being a mum is the best job in the world don’t you think?! Challenging…but the reward is great xxx

  5. being a mother is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. i have my arse kicked by it on a regular basis.
    you’re doing such a great job beth. onwards and upwards! xo

  6. And when you see photos like this you can never really tell who is being comforted the most. Our babies do give us so much in return. Sometimes it sure don’t feel that way.

    Good to see the end is closer than it was yesterday.

  7. i like your words, your face and the fact that i can’t smell your stench 😉

    xo em

  8. your Cool and Sweet and I bet a great mother. Get better little one. Happy International Women’s day —> from one mother who is still in her pjs at 2.08pm (no shower or hair brushing as well) but has changed a few nappies, made pasta with tomato sauce for lunch for her kids, picked up a lot of clothes, cleaned the house, done 2 loads of washing, has a 22 month old who still wants a bf every time i sit my bum down on a chair, has made a chicken curry for dinner and is trying to entertain her kids in the house before going to work tonight to teach at 6pm….


  9. Actually mate that there is ALL about fabulous achievements……you better believe it sister.

  10. YOU are a fabulous achievement, you are a mother. Thank you for sharing the “real” side of that with all of us.

  11. You are fabulous. Treat yourself Beth and whack on some deoderant x

  12. I think you are lovely!

  13. What a tough run. But it will end. Eventually.

    Thinking of you all.

  14. that is just beautiful. I know I need to learn to ‘just be’ I’m working on it.

  15. Nurturing 2 beautiful girls to grow and be strong independent women? HUGE achievement! And keep these photos so you can remind them of the sacrifices you made when they’re choosing your nursing home!

  16. Anonymous says

    I totally relate… International women’s day used to be about fancy corporate breakfasts for me… Instead today i battled pre school drop off in the flooding rain, cleaned the house and desperately tried to look after my 2 year old whilst suffering non stop morning sickness… Not very glamorous but in some respects incredibly “womanly “.
    Soon to be mum of 3

  17. You are one of the best women I know (even though I don’t really know you but I wish I did!!)

  18. Anonymous says

    You are doing a wonderful job Beth. It is great you are making the time for writing the blog and keeping us informed and as a record for your beautiful girls. Anna x

  19. I hear you roar beautiful woman.
    🙂 xx

  20. You rock, Beth x

  21. Am so glad the little one is getting better day by day. It’s tough on a normal day, then when spanners are thrown into the works like this, it makes you stronger as a family. Enjoy your shower!
    Nattie x

  22. Beautifully said (as always) lady. You’re spot on too, this is precisely how I feel most days. It so ain’t glamorous, but so so so important. You’re a great Mama Beth and you’re running that home of yours brilliantly xoxo

  23. As mothers, the job of preparing the next generation for survival and ensuring the continuance of the human race is so very much more important than being paid a squillian for wearing a fancy suit and pushing papers around. Your a legend.

  24. Anonymous says

    Thanks Beth, I really needed to read that today. Essence and perspective – you don’t find those out there in your other roles as much as you do with your kids. This made my day.

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