Adenoids & Tonsils removed : Recovery

Our Doctor and every single person that had been through this procedure before me who I cried on the phone to or sent frantic messages keep saying to me “It will get better. I promise. Just like *that* she will get better.”

And you know what?

She did.

Yesterday she would not get off me. All day. She slept and whinged and cried and was generally miserable just when I thought we were turning a corner with her. I was frustrated and saddened by the whole thing. And then this morning when she woke up a whole 7 days after her operation, Β a whole 168 hours later, she was better. Not 100%, but a whole lot better than she has been and at last just a bit like her old stuff.

Except she is even better than her old self. She has grown up, I can tell. She is older and a little street wiser. She’s certainly braver. And when she sleeps, well you can’t hear her. And once the very last bit of pain disappears I know, I just know she will sleep soundly. And she will never have pain in her throat in her lifetime. She won’t stop breathing. She’ll just be the little well girl she should be.

And that? Well, it makes up for every single shitty one of those 168 hours we have just been through. It really does. Now, where is my champagne?

I knew she was better the very minute that dress ups and music were called for. This was the song that Harper asked to dance to. I love her. And she’s right…in my life everything is wonderful.


  1. So glad to hear she is feeling better, and that you are all coming out the other side

  2. So glad to hear your little girl is finally feeling better.
    I know from having the same op myself at 19 that is sucks! big time.

    Enjoy your champagne!

  3. Anonymous says

    YES!!!!! Was waiting for this news… So happy for all of you, and guess what it’s Friday!!!!
    Drink Eat and be very Merry!!!!

  4. Yay! Those photos make me smile a lot. πŸ™‚ Wonderful wonderful news.
    Enjoy every drop of that bubbly… You so so deserve it. xx

  5. nothing more to say than yay, and pop the cork sunshine!

  6. Yay!! You made it! Have an awesome weekend, Beth – you’ve all earned it. *hugs*

  7. Oh Beth, I am so happy to hear that!! Hurrah! xx

  8. Hooray….. :-)))) I’m so happy, my Layla took a good 7 days to recover, it took me a little longer from the shock of it all,but that’s what champagne is for :-))))

  9. Oh yay! So glad to hear your beautiful little gal is better! Enjoy your weekend, Marita x

  10. That is ah-mazing! You deserve plentiful glasses of bubbly good πŸ™‚ I’ve really felt for you, sounded like a parents worse nightmare. I hope it’s only up from here
    Loz x

  11. So relieved to hear! She looks so happy in these photos. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. woo hoo!! yay for healing.
    have a great weekend.
    c xox

  13. Sending you champaigne, chocolates and a party popper, then a pillow and a good nights sleep (I may need your address). We had what I thought was a really needy, moody and annoying baby/toddler till she got grometts in. Not quite the same level of pain afterwards, but damn it made a difference and you know it because you start getting sleep. So glad she’s feeling better. you did a brilliant job Mrs Mac xx

  14. Yay! So pleased. And she’s bloody cute too.

  15. Yay! So pleased darling. She looks like she is gaining her spark. x

  16. You deserve that drink after the last week. Yay for Harper!

  17. Has anyone ever told you just how much she is the spitting-image of yourself!? NO? I didn’t think so. (Really, why would they?) xx

    I’m happy for you – been following, rarely posting, but overall – very happy for you both. For you all. xx

  18. Tears prickling behind my eyes, from this post. So so happy that the mofo corner is turned!


  19. Fantastic new!!

  20. Hellloooooooo weekend,glad that it is finally over for all of you…bring on the sleep.

  21. Yay!

  22. I am so very glad to hear this good news. Seeing her dancing in her pretty fairy dress is just magic. x


  24. Yay! Now I want to dance in a rainbow tutu as well……whilst sipping champagne !

  25. hurrah!!!!!! truly wonderful news x

  26. Wonderful news Beth!!!!!

  27. Wonderful news!!

  28. This has made me so happy.

  29. Brilliant – so glad she’s feeling better. And my god she looks cute in that fairy costume!

  30. Woo hoo! You got there, Beth. It’s such a horrid path to have to take but Harper won’t look back now. Good for you, mama! J x

  31. so glad she’s turned that corner…it must be such a relief! The absolute silence is still kind of freaky for me still but the depth of sleep and lack of ‘been hit by a truck’ look in the morning is fantastic. enjoy your weekend. Tatum xx

  32. That’s fabulous news! I have been coming here every day to see how Harper and you are doing. Great to hear she is better. πŸ™‚ xo

  33. YAY!

  34. Yay, yay, frickin’ yay!!!!
    Happy weekend.
    πŸ™‚ x

  35. I would’ve gone with a little “imma survivor” by Destiny’sChild – but that’s just me.

    Welcome back bigger, braver, better Harper.

    Gab xo

  36. Oh could she be any more adorable? So glad she has turned the corner and just in time for the weekend…

  37. Yay! So glad this story has a happy ending!!!

  38. Glad she is feeling better! Those photos make me happy too – she is gorgeous! Hope you all get that good nights sleep soon. x

  39. I’m smiling so hard for you right now x

  40. So glad she’s feeling better! What a ride!
    Enjoy that champers!

  41. Wow ….what a terrible journey you have been on. Just like everyone one else who has been following your blog, I couldn’t be happier for you. Hopefully you have now turned the corner and there will be no looking back. Enjoy some sleep!

  42. I am so so glad she’s feeling better! And she’s so gorgeous!
    Just a note on the codeine (I’m only just catching up on my blog reading). I had the same reaction when I was younger. Spoke to the doctor and apparently I’m one of those people who have an adverse reaction to codeine. Made me loopy, climbing the walls and everything. I’m sorry to say that Harper will probably never be able to have codeine. It’s just not safe, unfortunately.
    Another thing to look out for is I have a similar but not as strong reaction to psuedoephedrine. Mostly found in cold and flu medicine. Luckily there is starting to be a lot more natural c&f tablets that work or the new PE ones. She may not have the same issue but it’s an idea to keep an idea on it.

    I’ve been thinking of you all for the past week. So glad she came through it ok xxxx

  43. Oh that is so goOd to hear, I am so happy for you.. I bet you thought it would never end and now it has!

  44. Hooray! So happy for your lovely fam πŸ™‚

  45. Wunderbar Lady! Just sensational lovely news to read. I am so glad for you and little Harper that everything is ok. Here’s to some restful, sleep heavy nights ahead.
    The photos are gorgeous, I can see her little twirls in there, all decked out in her fairy costume, adorable xo

  46. I was going to say that she looks bigger and older, but the main thing I thought was, Oh my GOD, she looks ‘clearer’. Less snuffly. Does that even make sense? And look, look at you. You did it too.

  47. Oh wow, big ordeal & serious show & tell mileage for the years to come. Just catching you at the end of all this, i’ve had my own wrist operations & time in hospital, only growing up to 37, love Posie

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