Adenoids & Tonsils removed : The Op

It’s done. We are home. She is (kind of) resting. In some pain. Refusing her medicine. Accepting some pretty big bribes to take her medicine. And breaking our heart with her bravery. I know that the hard part of this is ahead of us over the next 10 days but bloody hell, it feels good to have the hospital part over and done with.

Harper took this photo of us just before we went into pre op. That’s what a mothers face looks like when she is shitting herself on the inside but smiling and pretending that this is actually fun! Liar.

My Mum was here to help out. She looked after Daisy after School so Rob could be with his emotional wife. She went shopping for us and made us a lasagne for dinner tonight. She also went to the bakery and got me a neenish tart. You know the really bad ones with the mock cream? They always make me feel better. Thank you Mum.

The pre op was really good. The doctors were amazing and Harper was extraordinarily brave. She was in my arms when she went to sleep so it wasn’t stressful for her at all. All the needles/cannula’s were out in when she was out to it. Thank goodness.

The post op? Awful. I was expecting the worst and it was worse than that. Seeing your child screaming, completely off her face, disorientated, scared, bleeding and vomiting? I wish I could unsee it all. I NEVER want to have to do that again. I hope I don’t have to. She then passed out for a couple of hours waking every now and then in the same state getting a bit more normal as the hours passed. It was distressing and awful for everyone. But it’s done now.

We had a pretty good nights sleep only waking the once for some more pain relief and when she woke this morning she was certainly brighter. Quiet, but a few smiles snuck out.

When Daisy arrived my heart broke watching the sisters reunite. They love each other these two. Harper improved 80% just by seeing her sister. And now we are home. We are taking it very slowly and trying to get her medicine in as often as we can so we keep the pain under control. It’s going to be rough these next few weeks, but I’m kind of ready for it. Thank you all so much for all your support, comments and emails from friends and family members and complete strangers. You certainly have made me feel less alone in the whole ordeal. So thank you.


  1. You must be so proud of your brave girl…

    Poss had her tonsils out/grommets in when she was 3 and her post-op sounds very much like your’s was. Such a terrible thing to have to go through as a mumma and know you can’t make it better…

    Hang in there. You will be amazed at how quickly she bounces back and how much BETTER she is after having it done.

  2. Thinking of you often. Know EXACTLY how you are feeling. I’m here if you need me. Take care xxx

  3. Oh honey. It sounds dreadfully scary. So glad she is home now with you all. If it’s any consolation, I had exactly the same op when I was about 5. All I remember is holding my mum’s hand while going into theatre, having a sore throat but eating toast, and the promise of ice cream. I remember nothing of the operation/waking up etc. She will remember your family’s gorgeous smiling faces. Much love xx

  4. Hang in there – and go the neenish tart as often as needed!

  5. Oh I am so glad the major bit is over…fingers crossed for a speedy recovery x

  6. Nodding (and remembering x 2) all the way.
    I’m so glad your Mum is there and I have to disagree with you – I think the worst part IS over.
    The damn anticipation, the bloody nerve wracking waiting while they’re under, that primal scream that makes your hairs stand on end in recovery, the hospital environment – that was the worst for me.

    Take breaks for yourself during the next few days, do whatever is comfortable for now and worry about the rest later.

    You’ve done an amazing job already.

  7. Good hours and bad hours for the first few days. hang in there lady xx

  8. My son had a tumor removed from his spine when he was 5 months old. I’ll never forget handing his tiny little body to the nurse while every fiber of my body and soul screamed, “TAKE ME!” Being a mother is the hardest damn job ever simply because I never loved anyone so much as I do those kids and I want so badly to do right by them. Hoping everything is smooth sailing for you all!

  9. Oh how bloody awful! There isn’t much worse than seeing your child so ill and hospitals magnify every emotion tenfold… Hope she recovers well and that you get some respite yourself.

  10. Aw. So sad when they are in hospital for anything. Poor you guys. Wishing you guys a speedy return-to-usual. Hoping you are fortifying yourself with wine and comforting snacks. x

  11. What a brave little poppet. I hope you never have to go through that again either. Hugs and more x

  12. Glad she is home now, to rest and recover with everyone who loves her so dearly.

    I hope you have lots of wine and chocolate in your pantry gorgeous!


  13. Much love and hugs to you xx

  14. So pleased your home.

  15. Oh and the best thing about that picture of you and Rob? That Rob looks how you are feeling!

  16. I had mine out when I was 4.

    I remember nothing of it, but my mother tells me that back in the seventies she had to just drop me off at the reception and wasn’t allowed to see me till the next day.

    I am saying this cause it just goes to prove that it is waaaaaaaaaaaay more traumatic for the parents than the kid.

    Glad it is all over for you.


  17. I have been watching all the updates and keeping you guys in my thoughts. Hoping that Harper continues on the mend.

  18. Oh Beth! It is SO hard watching your child in pain. I have been there many times and I just HATE hospitals. They are a reminder of so many sad things we have been through. I pray that she recovers quickly and the best thing is that she is in wonderful loving hands x

  19. Glad to hear that you’re home. There’s nothing like having your own mum around to help out! Fingers crossed that H recovers well! Mx

  20. Reading this post just broke my heart lady. I even have little tears in my eyes. That first pic of you and Rob… I think that’s what did it. I recognise that face, that fear. It’s just terrible and especially when you have to lie to your baby, for their own good. Sending you lots of hugs and a million and one happy thoughts, just to smother all the yucky ones. Good luck with the recovery. Little Harper is just the sweetest thing xoxo

  21. I can’t even imagine the levels of stress surrounding this. I know that soon she’ll be fighting fit and life will be back to normal- thinking of you.

  22. Good work everyone…glad your all home now 🙂

  23. Oh sweet, brave darling. I can’t imagine how hard it has been for all of you, I hope it gets easier day by day and Little Miss makes a speedy recovery. Big hugs and late night twitter hellos if you need it. xo

  24. Poor Harper & poor YOU! It’s so hard being a mum sometimes. Wonderful but fucking hard. My son had this op when he was 3, & he bounced back really quickly. My brave sister went through her 4 yr old AND her 2 yr old having it done at the same time! Yep, same docter, 2 theatres, back to back. I think she regrets that..
    Hugs to you. Drink wine.

  25. Hang in there Beth. Sending you hugs and virtual wine x

  26. Sisters are the best. Hope you are all doing better. Really soon. Bring on the fake cream, and sleep!

  27. So glad she got through ok. x

  28. Oh Beth, my heart goes out to you guys. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been to see your little girl in that pain and to feel.

    Stock up on those neenish tarts, say yes to more of your mum’s help (she sounds like an absolute gem) and hang on.

    Lots of love xox

  29. I felt myself breathing out in relief for you as I read this. She’s home, she’s with you and now she’s on the road to recovery. Thank goodness for our mums xx

  30. Anonymous says

    WaaHoo its done!! It’s bloody horrific to see your kiddies when they come out of anasthetic!!!! Just like they are possessed, they are so out of it, but now it’s over and it’s all good from here on… It was for us and I put money on its the same for you, get ready for more sleep…. Betcha

  31. Anonymous says

    Also how great is your mum!! Gotta love your mumma….

  32. So glad you all got through the operation part, it is the very hardest thing to see, you child post op. It doesn’t matter how old they are – you heart breaks. I hope the next few weeks are actually better than you think. Love to you all, and where would we be without our Mums?? xxx

  33. Oh poor poppet! Poor you! The post op is the worst, they totally freak don’t they? Glad it is all over now. x

  34. I had my tonsils out at 13 and damn I wish I’d had them out at 3. Tonsils that don’t work properly effing suck.
    Well done, honestly, best thing a mum could do.

  35. Oh you brave mamma! Glad the op is all over, hope you both get some rest and feel better soon x

  36. oh bless, I do feel for you, I myself have had tonsilitus over the weekend and I cannot remember being in this amount of pain for a long time! Little buggers bloody hurt. She will be a lot better off without them…x

  37. I’ve been waiting for this update. So glad it’s over. I am still traumatised by our recovery experiences (x 4) with the pixies’ ENT operations – I *get* what you’re saying, Beth. Sending sweet Harper healing vibes from Hobart. J x

  38. All I can say is, May the force be with you. May quality rest and peace be yours in the very near future.

  39. I’ve been following, and have been unable to say any real words of advice, so haven’t been posting {much}. Then, after seeing this, I realised words of advise didn’t matter as much as even words. Words of support.

    “Seeing your child screaming, completely off her face, disorientated, scared, bleeding and vomiting?” gave my goosebumps, goosebumps.

    I feel for you, Beth – so, so much.

    Feel so much better soon, little Harper xxx

  40. So glad this all went well. What a brave little soldier you have on your hands there. Nothing quite sibling love is there? So lovely that she perked up when Daisy came to visit. Hope she mends super fast. x

  41. Very much behind with the news but now I’ve read .. What a time you have had. And will continue. So sorry your baby girl’s been so sick surgery was needed. Hoping for a good recovery for the short & long term for her health. You have an amazing resilience & family & friend support network. Take care. Denyse

  42. How did you get Ryan Gosling to come with you to the hospital?

  43. Oh, it breaks my heart to see your baby in that big hospital bed. They just look like babies again, don’t they?

    A big hug to Harper, and an even bigger one for her mum and dad. xx

  44. Oh man, my 5yo is going to get his adenoids out in a few weeks and I am not looking forward to it!

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