Adenoids & Tonsils removed : My Facts

: What? She’s still not done with this thing yet? No, no I am not. It’s consuming me at the moment and it’s all I have to offer. Next week I’m sure there will be something a little more interesting. It better be anyway! I wasn’t going to keep writing about it, but then I keep getting emails from Mothers about to go through this operation saying how valuable the information is, so it’s like community service and therapy all rolled into one.

: Time seems to be in slow motion at the moment. Taking it hour by hour for over 5 days will seem like that. I can’t help but remember when I was first home with Daisy as newborn and I was trying to find my feet with feeding and sleeping and settling and mastitis and crazy hormones. Hour by hour, in 4 hourly cycles, except that having a newborn was a shitload cuter and nicer than this is.

: Harper is still in huge amounts of pain. Each and every hour she cries about her pain and gets about 20 minutes and sometimes if we are lucky 1 hour of relief where she will be OK and normal even. Except she is so not normal. She doesn’t talk. She is so quiet.

: I manage to beat myself up approximately every 2.4 minutes. I know that this is just a standard procedure but I tell you it’s been the most stressful part of parenting I’ve been through. I also manage to get disappointed that some kids have bounced back so well and all those lovely emails from so many people telling me it would be OK and she would be great and well, she’s not. See? Beating myself up. This drives my husband crazy, and me to tears. It’s unproductive and ridiculous and yet? I’ll keep doing it. I am a flawed person that’s for sure. See what I did there? See? I am unable to stop.

: The night times have been the worst. THE WORST. And I thought the night times were pretty bad. I had no idea. These win times a gazillion. She is unable to sleep, so we are awake all night every 30 to 40 minutes trying to settle her and then inevitably giving her medicine again as another 4 hours is up. These have been my biggest stress and I feel physically sick until relief comes when I see the sun. That’s done. It’s over. We are closer to the end.

: Painstop (for us) is the work of the devil. The codeine in it makes Harper act like a crazed, manic junkie. And that look is no good for anyone, let alone an adorable 2 year old. Firstly the doses are ridiculously large. 7 mls is a lot of mls for someone who will NOT open her mouth. Then I have to mix with lemonade or juice to make it taste better? I don’t think so Painstop you mother fucker. Then the taste? Tutti Frutti? You are an insult to all taste buds ever. Why not just make the thing extra strong 2 mls of yuk that can be whacked down in no time? The night time is better, but just slightly. A better taste (of course I tried it) and just 4 mls. Only thing was it made her manic and awake for hours scratching at imaginary things on her skin and generally being off her face. Needless to say, we aren’t using Painstop and only have panadol to use instead. I guess that’s why this has been so miserable for everyone – less relief = more pain = more misery = prolonged fuckedupness of the situation.

: Endless Wiggles and Peppa Pig have helped enormously. I have spent more money on Itunes in the last 5 days then I have ever. She takes my phone and watched you tube for hours and hours. It’s small and makes her feel like she can control something. Stickers and tattoos and lollies and juice have also been good. She won’t even eat ice blocks which I thought would have been a hit. Nothing ever goes to plan does it?

: The smell that is coming out of her mouth at the moment is vile. I was not prepared for this smell of dead rat coming from the mouth of my baby. Apparently it goes away with she will apparently get better in a few days time. It better.

: The Doctors tell you that she will get better (hello Monday you MOFO) and then get worst, every minute since then and just when you think it can’t go on, it gets better. I knew this. I talked myself through this, focused on it and tried to suck it up, but when she got worse? And then worse? I couldn’t help but have my arse kicked by it. See point above about beating myself up. Like I had something to do with it, somehow I had done this. I am mental. Loving and worried and mental. Perhaps just a Mum.

: It has been all hands on deck here. Thank goodness that Daisy is at School and that I am lucky enough to have a husband working just out the back. The middle of the day has been OK but afternoons until morning are pretty revolting so I’m glad that I have had Rob around who has been amazing. Daisy has rolled her eyes more times than I care to admit but the promise of some special things just for her as soon as this is done has done the trick. And why yes, I did pay her $2 to sit and watch a Wiggles DVD with Harper because Harper only wanted Daisy to hold her hand and it was the only way I could get her to have her medicine. I thought I got out of it pretty lightly.

: The secretary’s that work for specialists are hard core bitches. I wonder if it’s somehow part of the interview process? Refusing any contact to the main man or woman and providing no comfort to frazzled mothers. Telling me she will bounce back in no time and that I’m lucky she is so young doesn’t really help my question about her being cray cray on the codeine.

: The mantra of “whatever it takes” is a good one to have. If the only thing she has eaten has been snakes & yoghurt since Friday then that’s OK. If I keep shovelling bad food down my throat to stop the pain and stress, then that’s OK. If I have to bribe Daisy will all sorts of ridiculous stuff to get her to stay away from us and stop being a little brat, that’s OK. This is a period of non normal time where anything goes.

Um. That’s it. For the moment. I know there will be more, but that’s what I’ve got right now. As soon as I got up, cried, said to Rob for the 20 millionth time “I can’t keep doing this” I had to get on here and get this out. Blogging will always be my therapy and right now I can use all the therapy I can get. And then once this is done, wine, there will not be enough wine in the world for Rob and I. A toast to recovery?To recovery being closer! RECOVERY!!


  1. I don’t want to add to your worries, but it might be an idea to get her checked out by a doctor (even a GP). I had my tonsils out when I was 20 and I was ok for a day or so and then went really downhill. I went back to the doctor and it turned out I had a pretty bad infection. I had some hardcore antibiotics which cleared it up, but I felt AWFUL before they kicked in, especially at night. I hope young Harper is back to herself really soon. xx

  2. No advice. Just thoughts and prayers that things improve quickly!

  3. Oh Beth, it sounds like Harper is allergic to the Painstop. I’ve had similar reactions (itching, sweating, hallucinating) to several morphine-based painkillers. I can’t believe the Doctor’s Specialist won’t let you speak to them because surely there is something else they can prescribe/recommend. Panadol alone doesn’t seem enough.

  4. * The smell does go. It really does. I’d forgotten about that until you just wrote it.
    * Lucy ate rubbish for two weeks straight. Whatever it takes.
    * I was lucky I had a kind ENT who gave me her mobile no. (crazy lady or what?!) and I did call her, though it wasn’t much help.
    * Is there any other type of (stronger) pain killer you can try? You’ve probably already checked but worth asking.
    * I know it doesn’t help right now, but in a few weeks when she’s sleeping without snoring or gasping. And during the day you have a bright-eyed girl who is generally happier and nicer it will feel worth it. But that means nothing now, I know.

    Take care. Sending bucketloads of strength. xxxx

  5. Just a drug suggestion and a hug … Have you given Nurofen a go? It has the tube thing to shoot it into their mouth and probably best taste. Xxx

  6. Oh god, love, that sounds like the worst kind of hell and I hate that you’re all having to go through it. I’ve got nothing for you – but support and love. And I will join you in the massive flash mob fist pumping session we’ll all have when you have your girl back again, cuter and better than ever. xx

  7. Oh. My. God. I had no idea how horrific this type of operation was. I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t gotten any better. Hang in there somehow…good luck!

  8. Hi Beth, poor love…both of you….you can give neurofen and panadol to the kids at the same time, very safe different actions and good pain relief lasts longer too. Its the phenergen in the night time pain stop that sends them off…not pretty. Agree maybe a quick check up with the GP today just to check no infection…its really hard to get kids to rinse their mouths with salty water…which would help the smell. Big hugs to you xx

  9. Nothing is sadder than watching a child suffer. I live in your street at No 12 and there are some good GPs in the area who might be able to help. (Also some not so good)
    As to food maybe you could try egg custard it has a bit of protein so is more nourishing than yoghurt.
    I hope today is a better day.

  10. It is absolute hell for the child and the parents. Maybe the best professional to talk to ALWAYS is you pharmacist. They know the best painkiller for each situation. Not the staff, go to the head honcho. Certain pain killers make me itch like hell.

    As Jo wrote, maybe see your GP just for reassurance that all is progressing to healing. It took our 15 yr old 2 weeks to show signs of improvement. She is a bit of a sook though. Were you advised to give her toast to keep her throat scraped, for want of a better word? Sending good vibes. xo

  11. I know it’s not much but I’m reading and thinking of you all and hoping that it gets better very soon.

  12. Oof. Having not gone through this situation (yet), I have no words of wisdom for you. But keep venting as long as you need – I can’t be there in person, but I’m listening. Sending virtual hugs. It’s bollocks and I hope things improve for you all, like yesterday.

  13. What a “special” kind of hell you’re all going through. I HATE those receptionists. So hope this therapy is helping you a little. Thinking of you all and sending you virtual bubbly stuff with an orange label attached for now and actual bubbly stuff with an orange label when you make your road trip. Xxxxx

  14. Anonymous says

    OH MY, Ok My kiddies had this but Beth nothing like this…. Far out, poor you .. all of you!! I would go back to Dr, she surely should be feeling better now.. nurofen & panadol together work well here. We gave our kiddies toast, thats what our ent recommended. I really dont know what else to say.. I am thinking of you guys hang in there .

  15. i cannot fathom just how fucked up this situation is. start sinking a therapeutic wine now my friend, who cares that it is before 9 in the morning, sounds like you need it.

  16. Beth, I think it is worth seeing a GP just to be sure. At least they could look in her throat and see if she has a bad infection or anything. They will also be able to get past the doctors reception if they think the surgeon needs to be contacted…

    Farmgirl had her tonsils out – the whole thing was made worse by the fact that I had to stay in the city for 2 weeks because of the bleeding risk. I stayed in my parents house but they were away so I had two weeks with myself, Farmgirl and Farmboy with The Farmer only there on weekends. I have never watched so many DVDs in my life…. It does end though. I hope it is soon for you.

  17. You’re doing an amazing job Beth. Amazing. xx

  18. We had adenoids removed last year. The docter refused to do tonsils as well, guess where we are heading next week – for the tonsils!!!! You have scared the shit out of me with this post. The kids having them removed, yes I said kids as we are going for the bulk discount approach are already painful, and now this is what I’m looking forward too. Thanks for the community service, but don’t ever go into retail – your sales pitch needs some work!! 😉 You sound like you need a drink or five, at least it will make the wiggles more bearable!!!

  19. Oh man, this sucks.
    When you do finally become privileged enough to be granted a word with your specialist, maybe ask for his email address?
    I was able to fire emails to mine anytime, avoid the gatekeepers and usually get a fairly quick response.
    Harper’s situation and recovery (because they are ALL different) sounds horrendous.
    Drink up.

  20. Like Harper getting Eliza to open her mouth was a nightmare so we opted for the syringe method of getting medicine & fluid down her throat – held in the corner of her mouth she was able to administer it herself to a degree – which was helpful as she seemed to like having some control over what was happening. Still hurt like shit to swallow but a quick squirt or 2 an it’s done.
    Only 17yrs to go Beth and it’ll be a distant memory. x

  21. Our 3 year old is two weeks post-surgery today. And honestly, she got better just in the last few days. We had a good ten days of her having bad nights. But now, she’s fantastic, hope Harper is the same x

  22. Anonymous says

    Have you tried nurofen? I know they say it may increase the risk of bleeding, but as a paeds nurse in a large tertiary paeds hospital we do frequently give it to post surgery kids it has a different action to panadol, as an inti-inflammatory and often does the trick. I’m sure you’ve called the dr but you might try the ward where surgery took place and ask for advice often the nursing staff can be more than helpful. I’d ask specifically about the possibility of nurofen. It doesn’t seem like it now, but it will end. You’re doing all the right things.
    Best of luck

  23. Wow, now I really am scared shitless about my sons surgery on the 27th. But I like to know hard core facts so thanks so much for sharing Beth. I have also heard its a solid 10 days recovery. I’m massively worried about the smell being pregnant and already wretching at any and every smell. But most of all I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the guilt of watching my baby of only 19 months old deal with unbearable pain 🙁 sending lots of healing, sanity vibes your way. Keep the info coming!

  24. I have no words of comfort or advice, beth. just love, and sending it your way. I hope this hell you are in passes soon, even with the slightest improvement. we are waiting on a specialist appointment with an ENT for our 2.5yr old because he has been snoring the last twelve months too and having disturbed sleep. I am hoping I am making it up in my head though after reading what everyone involved has to go through with the surgery! much love xx

  25. My thoughts are also to get to your GP who may just prescribe a different painkiller or even a suppository. It also sounds to me like she may be allergic to the codeine, I have used plenty of painstop with all my kids over the years- with the codeine- and never had a reaction other than, “This tastes like shit mum!”

  26. Oh lady. Reading this seriously saddens me. I feel so bad for you guys. What a shitty shitty shitty time. Thoughts and fingers crossed that tomorrow brings improvement, even of the slightest kind. You’ll get there love, you’re made of the tough stuff xoxo

  27. hard. hard. hard. there is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. HUGE HUGS to all of you xxx

  28. wow, sounds terrible. I know every kid is different, but I would get someone to look in her throat. My eldest was 23 months when she had the same op and we didn’t use pain relief after 48 hours.

  29. My husband likes to think of himself as the toughest man in the universe,

    But then he had this surgery.

    And I’ve never seen a man break in such a fashion.

    Of all the football injury related surgeries I’ve had to nurse him through, it was this surgery that I remember the most.

    For it’s … disgusting recovery.

    So I do (& absolutely don’t) know what you’re going through.

    Do because my man child went through this.
    Don’t because my child hasn’t.

    Stay strong, go cray cray as much as you want, buy her a bell that she can ring (, & stock up on the sav blanc to celebrate her impending recovery!

    All the love to you Beth xxx

  30. Oh Beth – so sorry this is turning into such an ordeal! Try and keep your spirits up and just keep doing what you’re doing. Hour by hour. It will end. It really will. Thinking of you xx

  31. Beth we had the same issues with Painstop with our wee boy and it was hellish but it does eventually pass, I used Panadol and Nurofen 1 hour apart to cover the wearing off and it worked a treat -good luck you good thing xxxx

  32. A big fat full bosomed n bellied smothering mama hug from me to you.

    Love, Gab xo


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