Summer lovin’

You know when you have one of those perfect days? Sun shining, breeze a blowing, surrounded by people that you love dearly, doing things that make you happy like chatting, and laughing and eating and drinking with no where to be other than in the moment? Yesterday was one of those days.

It was just what I needed.


  1. perfection x

  2. Looks like a sensational day.

  3. j e a l o u s !!!!!!

  4. Holy cow. Looks like a tres wonderful day. Y to the UM! x

  5. Good on you Beth, magic, you needed that big time xx

  6. Looks like a fantastic day…i LOVE that wine…good on you for making me want a glass right now! Awesome sunset!!!

  7. love your adirondack chairs, have some just like them.

    and yay for wine and sunsets!

  8. AMAZING weekend – thanks Betty. Did the blog title come from the unwanted soundtrack that kept on playing??!! haha. x

  9. Looks lovely Beth!
    Also I made you’re chicken noodle soup tonight for dinner – it was delicious!!

  10. I have been wanting some of those adirondack chairs for such a long time. APPARENTLY my husband is going to make me some… so he told me four years ago!

    Looks like a beautiful summer day – beautifully captured.

  11. What a magical weekend Bev!

    My weekend away was average at best, which was a shame. Here I am, home, sunburnt and exhausted. Oh, and tomorrow is Monday. BLERGH!!!!

  12. Love those day too! Yours looks perfect! x

  13. Oh more fab pics. It all looks magnificent. The colour of that sky… magic. And your white deck chairs on the lawn, stunning. Harper is such a doll xo

  14. Beeee-ewtiful.
    🙂 x

  15. Ah Rolling, always what I drink at weddings it seems!
    Gorgeous photos as usual x

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