Kings with Wings

When I was pregnant with Daisy, Rob was working on a documentary following a friend of his who was dared to become a Sprint car driver. You know sprint cars? The ones that go around on dirt out at Parramatta Speedway where the guy that promotes them on the ad says “BE THERE!”. Yep, those cars. His mate, Marty, thought that he would give it a try, for a laugh, and so Rob followed him on his journey. This meant that most Saturday nights over the summer Rob was out at the Speedway and I was stuck at home eating and being hot and heavily pregnant. I went out one time and the vibrations, noise and stress of watching Marty was enough to make that my last trip.

Daisy was born and as you know just celebrated her 5th Birthday and this week, another baby is born into the big, bad world….THE DOCUMENTARY! Yes, that’s right, 5, maybe even 6 years after this started, it is finally getting air time. Oh how the creative industry can be a slow one…

Kings with Wings premieres on Foxtel/Austar on SPEED TV (Channel 505) this Thursday night 1st March 2012 at 10pm. Finally.

It’s most definitely been a labour of love. A silly idea that took a lot of time and let’s not mention money to put together (it’s been called the world’s most expensive home movie). Like anything to do with film or TV things take time, and in this case quite some time, and the amount of love and effort put into projects will never be fully understood or appreciated by the normal person sitting down to watch it.

But I know. And I want to say BRAVO to Rob and his ex business partner Dave and to Marty and Matt and all the people that worked on it. And if you want to have a laugh, or know someone that would like this kind of thing, well be sure to tune in and watch it and let the boys know what you thought. It’s quite hilarious. Any day that a creative project gets on TV is a good day for people like Rob and these good days can come few and far between. So Rob, well done, take the time to enjoy your hard work, have a laugh, and a toast to your creative endeavours. Bravo my love x. Well done Dave, and thank GOD you didn’t get killed Martin.

Kings With Wings Trailer from Robert Macdonald on Vimeo.

Kings with Wings
Premieres on Speed TV Channel 505 (Austar/Foxtel)
Thursday 1st March 2012 10pm


  1. Man! That is so cool! Go you guys!

  2. I’ll be setting the IQ as it’s past my bedtime. I reckon Skip will like it too, he had a ball going out to Parra speedway a couple of years ago.

  3. Wendy mathers says

    Wow … Cheers to Rob cos its a hard rough life cousin is Robbie Farr and its go hard or go home …well
    done Rob xx

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