An interview with one Miss H. Macdonald 2 yrs, 4 months


  1. How do you get anything done with the cuteness that is Harper with you all the time?

    I hope all goes well on Friday.

  2. She’s so freaking cool!

    Gosh I remember when she was born. Seems like yesterday…
    And now I sound like a grandma.

  3. Oh that is so cute x

  4. Big hugs Harper, I hope they have ice cream and jelly in all your favourite flavours and I’m sure there will be lots of treats when you get home too.

    Big hug for you too Beth,

  5. I wish I vlogged Max’s reaction to this clip ๐Ÿ™‚

    Harper is RIDICULOUSLY cute!

    You’ve done a beautiful job MummyMummy & DaddyDaddy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. So cute Beth. Good luck on Friday! x

  7. Best of luck for Friday, will be waiting to see how she goes as my 19 month old son is having his out next month. I understand the worry!

  8. She is one beauty. Clever formulation you’ve made there parents xx

  9. The part where she says Daisy is her friend? *swoon*
    I love it when siblings think/talk of one another as friends.

    She is ADORABLE. Gosh, just when Sawhole had me thinking “Yep I’m ok with not having anymore kids” today you pull this one out!

  10. All kinds of adorable that one lady friend. My goodness, she looks like her Daddy daddy. Hope all goes very well on Friday, lots of icecream on the ready I’m thinking xo

  11. So um, Harper is making my ovaries ACHE! She is one cutie patootie! Friday is one step closer to sleep my friend, I’m pretty sure the ice cream and jelly pay off will make the operation seem not so bad! xx

  12. Go Mummy Mummy, you and Daddy Daddy will be OK on Friday too, talk up the positives and the icecream and dont be upset if Miss H wakes up a bit possessed by the devil…VERY normal for that age after an operation…I love how she knows her adenoids are going too…lol… Sweet little one will be fine, tell her would love a song when she is better from her tonsils and adenoids coming out xx for you all

  13. Daisy Maisie, my friend. Bless. Gosh doesn’t she look like her DaddyDaddy. Beautiful thing. Thinking of you all on Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. She is adorable!! such a sweet heart. x

  15. Oh mate I am NOT showing my husband this, he longs for a daughter. And of course I am too old to grant that wish.

    All the best for Friday, I remember all the ice-cream I got to devour when I had my tonsils out at aged 6. I spent the nights lurking the hospital corridors (I wasn’t a good sleeper) and got ushered back to bed by the nursing staff. I hope Harper gets some good sleep soon. xo

  16. Oh no you dit-ten! x

  17. AAaaawwwwwwwww.
    What a seriously cute little lady.
    Those nurses don’t stand a chance.
    Will be thinking of you on Friday.
    Was a turning point for us, that op – not to get your hopes up or anything!!!!!

  18. What a beautiful little slice of heaven she is Beth. ‘Tonsilsadenoids’. Gorgeous and she’s making my ovaries hurt also. All the best for Friday, I hope that EVERY SINGLE one of the hopes you have for that op are realized, for you and the whole family’s sake xx

  19. Bless her cotton socks. I hope her op on Friday goes well & she is back to her beautiful, smiley self asap (preferably with good sleeping thrown in!). xxx

  20. She could not be any cuter. Love how kids just NEVER stop moving. Ever. Good luck for the op.

  21. Only just catching up so only just saw this. She is so damn fugging cute! I can’t believe she is only 3 months older than my Lily. I’d love to get the two of them together, I think they’d have a blast!

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