Family shoot: The Wellington-Taylor-Smythes

Just so you know that things are never too serious around these parts, I had to share with you something Rob got up to late Sunday afternoon when Daisy and I went out for some ice cream. We came back, and he was plugging away in Lightroom to come up with…this. He even put it up on Facebook in an album. People must think he is a little strange. I happen to think he is a little, well, fabulous.

Tim, watch out, there is a new Family photographer on the circuit, capturing those “special” family moments. The Wellington-Taylor-Smythes had quite the fancy house too.

The fact that he set up the dollhouse so nicely, when it usually looks like it has been ransacked, then took the photos, edited them and whacked them into an album only makes me love him all the more. Weirdo.


  1. Too cute…at least your Weirdo can make you smile xx

  2. toilet shot= G O L D

  3. Love it!!!

  4. Your weirdo takes awesome photos!! Go rob!

  5. I love the bunny sitting on the toilet reading the paper. Thanks for the laugh Rob!

  6. I like the decor, can I get the name of the interior designer? Nice work Rob. Beth you could slap a few words on this and publish as a book? Cath

  7. I love this so so so so much, especially the toilet shot!

  8. Lil just looked over my shoulder and said: “That’s so beautiful!”
    Love it!

  9. he..he…he…he. love it.

  10. Just. Plain. Awesome.

  11. i needed that this morning – thanks!!

  12. Best photo shoot EVER.

  13. I’m thinking that Rob needs a blog of his own…

  14. These are GOLD!!! Made my morning. I think the whole Wellington-Taylor-Smythe family need their own blog.

  15. Just made my day.

  16. Ha ha!!
    He just captured the mood so beautifully!!
    The loo shot is classic!
    πŸ™‚ x

  17. This was gorgeous! I am having a little girl in July and I am excited at the thought of getting her a dolls house to play in πŸ™‚

  18. TORLET!

  19. Yes. Officially, the cutest, ever.

  20. you guys are too cool. You can write like there is no tomorrow and your beau takes great photos and videos. Very creative couple. Keep it up. Love it!!!

  21. I love that he knows how to make you smile through all the crap you have been going through! The one on the toilet is a cracker! Yes Rob is brilliant!

  22. Awesome. My little miss would go crazy over this. She loves a good Sylvannian family house!

  23. I LOVE Sylvanian families. I had a big collection when I was little and intend to dig them out for my little girl and purchase her (me) a whole lot of new ones!

    Very cute idea by the Hub!

  24. SO weird. SO good. Love it!

  25. Bless, that’s hilarious. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall watching him put that all together. Sylvanian families was my favourite when I was little. Just bought a load for my niece for Xmas too. x

  26. I have no idea who the Wellington-Taylor-Smythes are… but those photos are adorable. Not weirdo at all, very creative!

  27. That is the cutest! love the toilet. I did something similar once with Christmas figurines and those tiny lit houses and stores πŸ™‚

  28. I love it. What type of camera does he have?

  29. Triple barrelled – wow I am suitably impressed. Such a shame they were not the Wellington-Taylor-Finch’s – then they could have been the WTF

  30. Gorgeous

  31. Ba ha ha…. Same house as us… Pic of ours is on my blog today… Also tidy but only as never played sad…..

  32. Ahh .. you gotta love him.

  33. Clever, funny and absolutely beautiful. I used to have a collection of Sylvanian Family characters, alot like these little guys. I loved them.
    Been nice catching up on your posts lady, been out of action for a bit.

  34. This is flat out AWESOME!

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