Cows in the mist

The mists rolled in Monday morning and they haven’t left since. It’s summer here, but you wouldn’t know. My husband went out for a few hours yesterday and came back and made this little film. I love it. I love how it’s eerie and the cows seem so strong and powerful and like they know something that we don’t. I love how it shows exactly what my home is like. I just love it, and thought you might too.

COWS IN THE MIST from Robert Macdonald on Vimeo.

For best viewing watch in Vimeo at full screen


  1. Lov cows, such curious beast…you can almost hear them talking whilst being filmed! How eerie having mist this time of year and so glad no cows appeared on the road in the mist :0

  2. Oh Beth, this is fantastic. I love everything about this video, Robert really captured the eeriness of it all. Fabulous, love it, wish I was there.
    P.s Were in your hometown on the weekend, had a bit of a look see at the vintage stores. I love the countryside.

    • Thanks Maryanne, if there’s one thing we’ve got down here, it’s vintage stores. Rob has put a ban on me buying any more single chairs or stools. I’m a little obsessed.

    • Too funny, each time I said stop the car, hubby looks at me, rolls the eyes and continues the lecture he just gave me at the previous store.
      Loving the kids chairs at Robertson Vintage too.

  3. I adore this. It’s like food for the soul. He’s a bit of a clever chook that husband of yours.

  4. That was really beautiful. What an amazing place to call home.

  5. your little part of the world is simply beautiful. I love the last part when the music stops and all you can hear is the rain. x

  6. this video makes me want to bawl my eyes out. i don’t know why. but it is beautiful. and just a little bit haunting. xx

    • That’s why I’ve always liked the cut of your jib – we think the same. Makes me a little sad too. Cows! Who knew? The music if from Sigur Ros – have you ever heard of him? Icelandic or something and ALL his music is like that – haunting and touching and rousing at the same time.

  7. Yes that is a beautiful video. My favourite parts the shots of the rain on the water and the lake. Breathtaking

  8. I agree with vancybec – it is a bit haunting, and so so beautiful. Clever Rob!

    Hard to believe it’s summer, huh?!

  9. Beautiful and emotive.
    I can only imagine how much more for you.

  10. I think it’s wonderful that your kids get the best of all worlds, frowing up in the country is great and having that link to the city so your not leading a completely sheltered life is also great. What beautiful country you live in πŸ™‚

  11. Cool video!
    I especially liked the cow that picked his nose with his tongue…twice!
    Cows are ace, I love living in the country with animals all around. Thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the country with us!

    Rach x

  12. As I watched this, I was interested to see what your husband had put together. After about a minute of watching my body let out the biggest exhale. Very relaxing. I hope you get to exhale like that in your life there. Love the soundtrack too. x

  13. Kudos to hubby. It was beautiful. Can’t wait to share with my Aspie boy after school, guarantee it will be watched repeatedly-just his thing…may even put in on during dinner aka “witching hour”…. Thank you…now to check out Sigur Ros!

    Jen. … (new to blogging world…. my first comment) really enjoy baby-mac πŸ™‚

  14. Bravo! That deserves an Oscar, or a Troppie, or something. Even if those cows where a little bit freaky deaky.

  15. beautiful beth. very eerie with all that mist, but it’s kind of like a relaxation clip. i may just fall asleep now…

    cows are my most favourite of animals. my family own a dairy farm so i’ve been around them since i was born!! i love how inquisitive they are and like the fact they are never in a hurry – i think i need to take note.

    i still can’t believe you guys have your fire lit..where the hell did summer go??


  16. I agree, that was really emotive and beautiful. Being married to a Dutch dairy farmer’s son, we’re all about the cows round here. Am trying not to think about where they’re headed next with their little tagged ears, will just imagine them camping in their misty paddocks for all time! Well done to your creative husband.

  17. That is just awesome, clever Rob. My Mama would LOVE that video, she is mad about cows. Such beautiful scenery, I really like the way he captured the droplets of rain on the water… magic! :o) xo

  18. Beautiful

  19. “Blue Steel” from cows……love it

  20. That last cow was saying ” I know you bitches had rib on the bone last weekend…” I swear.

  21. I know cows and I know they are thinking- What is he doing? Is he going to run at us or feed us! They are just waiting to either run at him or run away from him! lol. Very nice vid, cows are happy chewing the grass or cud, very content.

  22. I haven’t watched the cow video (yet) I just wanted to say my spidey senses have been tingling and I’ve been thinking of you all week.

    One day you will read that blog post above and shudder and say, oh my god remember how bullshit that time was?

    And it will be a distant memory.


  23. Wow … love it, and who would think that was filmed somewhere in Australia in the middle of summer! πŸ™‚

  24. Late to the party – story of my life!

    Well done Rob. If the key item in next years Tropfest is cows, he’s a shoe in!

    The drops on the lake and the nose licker are my favourite bits too.

    Gabs x

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