Snowy Mountains Sojourn

We left Monday morning to a drizzly, misty Highlands morning only to get past Canberra and get some glimpses of sunshine that lead to 4 days of pure sunshine and blue skies as soon as we hit the Snowy Mountains.

There was some fishing, some reading, some swimming, some drinking, some fire gazing, some sightseeing, some mountain climbing, plenty of driving, lots of laughter, plenty of whinging and fighting and shouting and some memories that we will have forever.

I seriously fell in love with that part of the world. The big sky. The mountains. The clear air and the beautiful vistas around each corner. We drove over the mountains, through the mountains up and down them and I have to say that the babbling brooks and streams, yellow grasses, silver gum trees are some of the prettiest I have seen in this country of ours. It was a great place to spend Australia Day, a wonderful time for me to disconnect from the outside world and a chance for the kids to just be. Play. Make stuff up because there wasn’t much else to do.

Now, back to reality.


  1. Bless.
    I’ve been fawning over the website all weekend trying to convince Steve we should go but alas he has something different in mind for our getaway. I’m so glad you enjoyed yours, loved the photos x

  2. at the start of the post i was mentally packing up the house, halfway through, the for sale sign was up in front of our house in my mind and by the end i was instructing Guv to scout out locations over there to move to the pictures are that enticing – our current heat wave isn’t not helping my mindset!

    *love* it, looks like a truly relaxing holiday, thanks for sharing.


  3. Magic, so glad the weather was kind to you….not so much up North here 🙂

  4. I love the Snowys in Summer. So many people think of them as a purely winter destination but you’ve captured their summer beauty so well. Great shots!

  5. I’ve always wanted to visit the snowy mountains in Summer. You’ve just made it extra-enticing! Great last shot too. x

  6. The Snowy Mountains are truly breathtaking aren’t they? Definitely one of my favourite places to visit. I know that stretch of road in your first pic. Not too far off from where we are. And yep, it’s been blue skies here lately. For almost a month. Fingers crossed for some of that rain to head south.

  7. Looks like it was a very relaxing break. I am trying to convince my hubby we should go on a holiday to sydney to see family and have a get away to the blue mountains..

  8. Amazing. Looks truly beautiful. I love getting away and just being with my family. x

  9. These photos look exactly like my family Christmas photos of 2010! I hate Jindabyne with a passion until I get there, & then I love it. Did you go on the toboggan?

  10. Oh lady, what perfect serenity. Your photos do the snowy mountains so much justice, just beautiful. Love the one of the girls standing on the jetty, Dawson’s Creek style :o) Good to have you back xo

  11. Lovely photos, looks like a swell time had by all! Beautiful

  12. I grew up in Cooma and your photos took me back to what summers were like for me! We live in Hong Kong now and I miss home with such an ache sometimes. It was lovely to see you and your kids enjoying it and I can’t wait to take my little ones back again soon.

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