Show on the road {Spy Kids 4D}

Did you know there are still 2 weeks left of School Holidays? Yep. 2. I know, because I have asked every single mother I know including Kylie who works behind the bar at the Pub, that most kids have been a little revolting post Christmas. Demanding, needy, whinging, and in desperate need of some routine again. I don’t have the answers to make it better, but what I do have is a DVD or (4!) from Roadshow that I can give to you so that you have a guaranteed 89 minutes to do something else besides put out fights. Or scream at your kids.

Now, the lovely peeps at Roadshow have sent me 4 of these bad boys to give to you. And they look exactly like this one below which means (from what I can gather) that they are for BLU RAY PLAYERS ONLY. So, if you don’t have one of these (like me) there’s no point in entering unless of course you are going to give it away to someone who does.

It’s in 4D which means that you can watch it in 3D and then it has these scratch and sniff bits that you scratch and well, sniff, along the way with the film. Sounds like fun right? So, want one? Leave a comment below and I’ll choose 4(!) winners on Sunday night 22nd January 2012 at 8pm AEST. I’ll announce the winners, the winners send me their addresses and I send them off. Easy!

Good luck.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to MOFO Day 4 of swimming School camp.


  1. Throw me a bone here- a life raft- anything to get to the end. There are five of them and they have me cornered in the kitchen in a pile of school books and labels. A 3D movie could buy me some time.

  2. Not so sure about smellovision, but the kids would love to watch this. Thank you for thinking of us. Goodluck with the final 2 weeks.

  3. OK .. I’ll enter.
    Do I have to leave a witty comment?



  4. My oldest 2 (12 and 14)brought me to tears with their fighting the other day! But most of the time, I divide and conquer, luckily DAD can take kids to work with him most of the time- cos he owns the show!
    Gotta looove those ones that have different forms of DVDs in them, I have blu-ray (PS3) but not 3D.

  5. My boys would love this, aromascope how cool… might even tempt the 15 year old to actually get off his computer and leave his room! Great giveaway and bring on term one!

  6. I like to think there is technically LESS than 2 weeks of school holidays left, 12 days here to be precise. I am literally putting out a fight as I type (multi-tasking at its motherly best). So before I go and make myself ANOTHER coffee to get me through the day I thought it best I enter this competition as I need all the entertainment help I can get. Cheers!

  7. Ummm, yes please we have just driven from Sydney to Cooktown with a 16yr old & a 12yr old…..
    Would we do it again… mark that one off the bucket list…..
    By the way, love your blog….

  8. This would also amuse my husband for 89 minutes and leave me 89 minutes of uninterrupted Facebooking, tweeting, pinning, instagraming without the guilts. Maybe all at the same time. Maybe not. Pick me babymac!

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  10. Oh Beth, please enter me in your Giveaway, my Grandchildren just love Spy Kids – it would be a big surprise to them if I had my own copy to play when they come to visit…Now you are probably thinking what’s this old bag entering for, what would she know about 3D/4D/Blu-Ray…well this old Nana is up with the latest technology and loves it all!!!!

    (I think I would possibly be your oldest follower).

  11. pick me me meeee!

    If anything, I can use it for my nephews bday.

    I have a new appreciation of holiday hell now that I am mother of 2. When I was childless, holidays were friggin awesome, being a teacher. now… not so much. Give me school any day!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is the first I have heard of the scratch and sniff. I’m game. I know some munchkins who would love to watch SPYKIDS in Aroma-Scope.


  13. Me please, I know one 3y/o who turns 4 tomorrow who would love this movie & as for school hols, in Tas kidlets can’t start kindy unless they turned 4 by the 1st Jan! So my button misses out by 19 days so another WHOLE year at home sob sob sniff….
    [email protected]

  14. I would love one of those for a grandson. I used to love school holidays and once the initial first few days was over, we were on a roll.

  15. Chloe would love this – mind you it would probably give me a chance to keep pumping this milk out for the baby! In like flynn:)

  16. I love the comment on the bottom right of this dvd…”saving the world is their idea of family time”. I think that my family caption would be “please save the world from this family”….yes, my children have been ANNOYING to say the least these holidays…and this dvd would save ME from them for at least one hour 🙂 Ill enter. thanks.

  17. My crew are driving me insane (8, 7, 6 & 4 3/4) and they don’t go back to school til early Feb. An additional distraction would be brilliant since hubby went back to work this week and he does 12 hour night shift (from 6pm – 6am) and keeping the crew quiet while he’s sleeping is interesting to say the least!

  18. i’ll have you know that i read this post and the one below whilst driving.


  19. No witty comment sorry. I have four kids, it’s been a long 8 weeks, I’m weary.

  20. Hi Beth, I’ve been through all the school holidays and now watch my niece with her kid lets and know just how she feels – she loves every minute of it (I did). I would love to pass on the blue ray – i know my niece has one.. Thanks Beth, I love reading your blog and wish you were around 20 years ago!

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