Let the games begin {again}

It’s been about 6 or so weeks since our littlest has been sleeping like shit. Before this? Well we could put her in bed at 6.30pm without any fuss and then be sure to see her sometime after 6.30am the next day. No waking. No fuss. Brilliant. And of course, not to last. We decided to take the easy {and now painful} route of letting her hop into bed with us. She went back to sleep, I got sleep, Rob got sleep, and her bigger sister wasn’t woken and got sleep. Win. Win. Win. WIN. We also knew that Christmas and a holiday was looming with lots of visitors and a trip away so there was no point in playing hard cop, getting progress to be back to square one when she was sharing a room with us for 2 weeks while we were away. Clearly, any excuse would do if it meant that I got a good night’s sleep.

We are now home and the waking happens earlier and earlier each night. Sometimes after just 3 hours and the co sleeping thing just isn’t working anymore. A mattress on the floor doesn’t work either, she just gets up and climbs between the two warm comfort of her parent’s bodies. I have been dreading getting home because I knew it meant sleepless nights. Again. Sigh. It meant me teaching her all over again how to sleep, how to get back to sleep, and how to stay asleep. It meant tears {from both of us} it meant hard yards on the cold bedroom floor again. But it will be worth it, because I will have my bed back, and that’s important to us again.

So. Last night was first night that she slept in a big girl bed. The cot has been packed away, most likely forever, and I now have two children that sleep in beds. How did that happen? Daisy has moved into bunk beds in her room {sleeping up the top of course} which Harper will eventually move into when she figures out the whole bed thing. Last night was night one. Daisy went to sleep all by herself for the first time in almost 5 years. She did it. I didn’t have to sit and wait for sleep to come. If this manages to happen again, it will be a MOFO breakthrough for us. Well me at least. Harper went to bed, and managed to get up approximately 14 times or more. I lost count. Thud and then possum feet running down the hallway to get another book, or tell us something. Again. Sleep eventually came after almost 2 hours but she got there. When she woke at midnight and again and 3 I did my time, like mothers do, getting her to stay in her bed until we heard at 5.45am this morning – thud and then possum feet into our bedroom.

I’m tired. I’m hoping that today will be a little easier. I’m committed. I’m sad that I officially have no more babies. I’m excited to be in this whole new phase of our family. And I need a coffee…


  1. Christ.

    You dint just need a coffee, you need the almightiest of medals.

    Max does sleep {at the moment}, but I do understand what sleep deprivation does to your mind, & because Dave & I can be weak at times, your marriage.

    I work night shift, so I work all night, & then come home & look after Max.

    For 12 months, this has {sort of} worked. But, now I’m broken, & just need some fucking sleep. So much to my MIL’s disgust & obvious disapproval, we’re looking at day care.

    It’s going to be an epic battle … Dave & I versus the child care facility loathing in laws.

    But enough is enough.

    Mama needs her sleep πŸ™‚

    Good luck Beth! I hope there aren’t too many cold, hard floor nights for you!


  2. I have been following this “adventure” with Harper and her sleep and admiring your humour throughout. It is the pits! The only thing worse than sleep deprivation with a baby is sleep deprivation with a toddler who has previously slept well & allowed you to get accustomed to sleeping well. I so hope that tonight is an improvement and every night henceforth too! Wish I could send you some baked goodies through the interwebs to go with that coffee!

  3. I could have easily written this exact post. Our two year olds always seem to be on the same sleep cycle.

    After months of good sleeping we are also back where we started. And about to have to make the move to a big bed. I’m dreading this, but I know it will be worth it.

    Thinking of you. Get some caffeine into you, stay positive and surely they will start sleeping properly again soon?! Please! πŸ™‚

    Big tired Mummy hugs for you xx

  4. Best of luck lady. I hope Harper cotton ons to sleeping in a big bed all.the.way.through quickly.

    We’re about to go away and I’m sure that all sleep is going to go out the window for all three. x

  5. Last night it was the two smalls and I in our bed. Mr P was relegated to Miss 4’s single bed – there’s no room!

    I am dreading getting the small guy out of our bed. He just loves it. He snuggles right up next to me, basically giving me no rooms. It’s love / hate.

    Eventually, I’m going to have to grow some balls and get him to sleep in his OWN bed ALL night. I feel you, man.

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  7. I’m no expert by any means (I only have one 2 year old) but I think you are doing a great job with this even though it is a huge battle. Good call on waiting till things have settled down again before trying to make these changes!
    Skye has recently stopped being a model sleeper and we are clueless about how to fix it because it was a never an issue before now.
    I hope the new bed helps Harper stay asleep very soon x

  8. Oh good luck with that..kids and sleep, kids and sleep, its all about the sleep…I do know what you mean by the thud and tiny possum feet…’bad dreams’ have been occuring in my house, even if they haven’t…nice to know you are not alone…)

  9. Having purchased my ticket on the bed-merry-go-round I certainly got plenty of use out of it, beats Dreamworld for value but not on the fun……pick a pretty pony

  10. Oh I hear you πŸ™‚ My almost 4 yr old is a SHOCKING sleeper & always has been! We play musical beds most nights here at our place πŸ™‚ I keep telling myself it wont last forever πŸ™‚ And….with baby number 2 here, I’m hoping he’ll be a better sleeper πŸ™‚ Enjoy that coffee! It’s my silver-lining every morning lol. x

  11. You’ve got is sorted, Beth.
    Obviously you haven’t got IT sorted – but you’re head is in the perfect place from the sound of this.
    I will tag this and revisit it every time I need a reminder.

    Keep up the good work – the reward is imminent. Or else we’re all being fed a load of bullshit and should give up now!!!

  12. Good luck. You know you’re not alone. Broken sleep is a killer.

  13. I totally feel your pain! Have just been writing a (unpublished) blog post about moving toddler in to big boy bed.

    All was going well for us over the past week until last night we were happily sat watching TV and a little head poked round the door. Took us around two hours to get him back to sleep. Aaarrrgh! He kept sneaking along the corridor like a little thief!

    Not looking forward to a repeat tonight. Good luck & stay strong.

  14. hello, i would be very interested to hear how you get on, i have a 2 year old who has never slept through the night and is now in our bed. i have another arriving in 2 months and im freaking out as i have to get it sorted. do you let her cry it out when you first put her to bed or just constantly go backwards and forwards all night reassuring her???

  15. There is nothing worse than sleep deprivation! Been there!! But fixed it, 2 words…sleep clinic! The best thing I have ever done! My little guy was 10 months when I went, and after 3 nights, I came home with a new child! They had a few 3yo there when I was there, so they cater to the bigger kids too. The support that you get from the women there is amazing! I highly recommend it if what you are trying now gets too much.
    All the best with your possum problems!!

  16. Good luck Beth, hope tonight is a better night for you. Tonight is our first night without dummies for both kiddies and I think were headed the same way. Thank god for caffeine.

  17. Hello. Found your blog recently. I live in fear of the transition from cot to bed (x2) looming in my near future. Send some of that coffee my way! Good luck for some good zzzzz tonight x

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