Ladies who lunch

My Mum arrived yesterday afternoon for a few days down here much to the excitement of the girls (and me). When Mum visits it’s an excuse to pop a bottle of Prosecco earlier than usual, an excuse to hit the shops and today and excuse to head out to lunch, just the two of us. Rob took Daisy and Harper off to swimming this morning so Mum and I headed into town to shop, shop (I may or may not own 4 new tops!), rehydrate with coffee, shop and then eat a loooong leisurely lunch…my very favourite kind of lunch.

We ate a local place that has just been hit up with a hat and that specialises in an amazing market garden that is used in every dish. We ate at the tapas/lounge section, opened with a Prosecco and had a selection of the most delicious, seasonal sharing plates.

A salad of homemade ricotta and heirloom tomatoes.

Some chilli whole fried School prawns. You just ate those bad boys whole.

Pea, mint and persian fetta salad. Shut. UP.

A selection of three desserts my favourite being a choc semi freddo with salted caramel POPCORN.

Some coffees and honeycomb to finish.

Looking out into the beautiful gardens with all this amazing food, my Mum and a few crisp wines, well that’s about as good as a Wednesday afternoon gets.

Get there if you can. Seriously. Go.

Biota Dining
Kangaloon Rd Bowral
4862 2005


  1. oh yum! that food all looks and smells amazing! that’s a good excuse to pop down to the southern highlands for the day!


  2. OMG serious Cafe envy!!

  3. What a fabulous day. One day we will dine together and you will put photos of it on your blog, while I drink xx

  4. Oh that looks sensational!! Perfect Wednesday indeed! X

  5. Now, that’s a hump day.

  6. Sounds like my days out with my mum. Lots of me treats!

  7. Yum – I want to eat all of that!

  8. aaah what a perfect day! sounds awesome and i too love days like this with my mum…altho dad usually comes along too and then groans because we keep wanting to go into every shop and then he pisses of and comes back stating he has eaten 3 giant spring rolls and doesn’t want to eat lunch anymore and can we go home now…well that is what happened last time! your day looks perfect.

  9. my mouth is watering…what a great cafe menue xo

  10. My mother never does that with me. You’re just so lucky. Count your blessings every day that you have a mother like you do. Cause I don’t.

    Mr Anonymous.

  11. Had a kind of similar experience…..out shopping with my mum… outfits….but she INSISTED on McDonalds fries for lunch, yuck….I am ready for adoption….will sign my own papers.

  12. What a gorgeous day it sounds like you had with your Mum!!
    I definitely plan on checking out that restaurant next tie I’m in the Soutern Highlands – I live in Wollongong, so it’s not much of a drive, and I love visiting Bowral just for the shopping anyway!!
    Thanks for sharing ur lovely dining experience with us!

  13. Magnificent. Just goes to show you don’t need to be city slickers to have great food. Enjoy

  14. I want a Mum like yours!
    Sounds like a brilliant day. And that lunch just looks AMAZING!

  15. Happiness! It’s gorgeous how your Ma instilled a foodiness in you that you can both share. Brilliant. x

  16. You ate the prawns whole???….brave woman you are Beth, or am I just a sulk?….p.s that pea salad looked divine.. X πŸ™‚

  17. I think I just drooled a little. Whatta lunch! The salted caramel popcorn… oh stop IT! Sounds like a glorious day on all counts lady friend xo

  18. Oh i bet you can replicate some of that deliciousness at home too. How lovely, i miss my mummy, love Posie

  19. That’s doing Wednesday in style! That lunch looks seriously yum, but did you really eat the prawns whole? I come from a long line of prawn eaters & I have never eaten a prawn head, what was it like?

  20. What a great day with your Mum! Envious? Yes somewhat!!

  21. Yum !
    Mum and Inare off to lunch today to party plan and tell each other how fabulous we are….. With wine of course x

  22. Every single photo is drool worthy.

    Sounds like a perfect day with your Mum. Lucky gal!


  23. Yumbo! Thanks for the recommendation.

  24. That food looks amazing, what a lovely girly day!

    Nicky Singh

  25. Geez Beth. You just had to go and post this didn’t you. Couldn’t just keep all that goodness to yourself.

    I’m jealous. And hungry.

    And now have Bowral on my ‘let’s go see’ list x

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